Are Environmental Risks Worth Taking

By Laura Olson,2014-06-25 18:20
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Are Environmental Risks Worth Taking

Are Environmental Risks Worth Taking?

    Only 100 years ago man lived in harmony with nature. Today this harmonious relationship is threatened by man’s lack of foresight and planning, and by his carelessness and greed, for man is slowly poisoning his environment.

    It is commonly accepted that there is a close relationship between economic development and environment protection. On one hand, without a harmonious environment, it would be hard to develop our economy well. On the other hand, with the rapid development of our economy, there would be enough funds to improve the environment. So economic development and environmental protection are interdependent to each other.

    However, in real practice, people often neglect environmental cost. In order to make big profits, some factories pour the waste into the river, and a few farmers cut lots of trees. To some extent, the faster the economy develops, the worse the environment becomes.

    Indeed, unless we reach across borders and face threats to the environment together, the earth may be confronted with an ecological crisis, with half of all species gone, and our grand children enduring deadly floods, droughts and disease brought on by global warming.

    All in all, the environmental risks we are taking today are not worth taking in the long run. The short-term gains can’t outweigh the long-term pains and


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