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Return to a balanced capsule rabbits Pharmacodynamic study of precocious puberty_206

    Return to a balanced capsule rabbits Pharmacodynamic study of precocious puberty

     Abstract Objective To explore the nature of an animal model of premature return to balance the capsule preparation and observation of sexual precocity in rabbits the role of the

    pharmacodynamics. Methods feeding big ears, white chicken embryo powder prepared by immature rabbits precocious puberty model; regression balancing capsule for precocious puberty young rabbits to gavage a month later, check the return to

    balance the capsule on immature rabbit serum sex hormone E2, PROG, TESTO , LH, FSH and so the impact of significant difference between groups comparison. Results of the sex hormone levels in treatment group than the control group significantly reduced. Conclusion restoring balance capsule for precocious puberty rabbits there is a genuine therapeutic effect.

     Key words return to a balanced capsule pharmacodynamics precocious puberty rabbits

     Study on Pharmacodynamics of Huigui Pingheng Capsules in

    the Therapy of Sexual Precocity of Special Rabbits

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo study the model of the sexual precocious animal and to observe the pharmacodynamics of Huigui Pingheng capsules in sexual precocity of special rabbits. MethodsThe experimental sexual precocious model of special rabbits was made by feeding in stomach with chick embryo powder. These special rabbits in the experimental group were given with Huigui Pingheng capsules for one month. To check changes of the blood biochemical criterion of infant

    rabbits such as levels of hormone E2, PROG, TESTO, LH, FSH and compare with the normal control group. ResultsMost of the

    levels of blood hormone histology criterions of sexual precocity of special rabbits in the experimental groups were

    significantly reduced. ConclusionSexual precocity of special rabbits can be effectively treated with Huigui Pingheng capsules.

     Key words: Huigui Pingheng capsules; Pharmacodynamics; Sexual precocity; Special rabbits

     Return to a balanced capsule is experienced by the Wuhan

    Children's Hospital developed a prescription made, Fang Treats, gentian, Eclipta, Anemarrhena, Rehmannia and so has the heat to Reduce Pathogenic Fire, nourish kidney yin; clinic for children Yin Huo-wang card precocious puberty due to Yin,

    armpit hair ahead of growth, breast development, bone age advance embolism, the clinical effect is significant. In this paper, experimental point of view on the return to a balanced treatment of precocious puberty pharmacodynamics of capsule

    carried out a preliminary study, provide a theoretical basis for clinical application.

     1 Materials

     0.9% saline injection (040319-213, Wuhan Binhu Double-

    Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.); estradiol (E2) RIA Kit, progesterone (PROG) RIA Kit, serum testosterone (TESTO) RIA

    Kit, promote progesterone hormone (LH) radioimmunoassay box, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) radioimmunoassay box [the box by radioimmunoassay of Medical and Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jiuding available].

     Preparation of chicken embryo powder: Select AE breeder eggs (Wuhan East Lake Higashiyama kinds of farms) 14 d after hatching, cooked, peeled, drying, grinding, over No. 4 sieve, spare. Chicken embryo powder suspension: Prior to each fed to animals would be made from chicken embryo powder plus 10 ml distilled water suspension. Distilled water for re-distilled

    water; return to a balance capsule (040,823, Wuhan Children's Hospital of drug research).

     Instrument: Elecsys 2010 electrochemiluminescence

    immunoassay instrument (Roche product, apparatus, Number :1537-27);

     LDZ4-0.8A centrifuge (Beijing Medical Centrifuge Factory). Animals: Japanese white rabbits, rabbits age of 45 ~ 60 d, weight 725 ~ 1 005 g, by the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, animal ID :19-009-348.

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 The control group animals, group animals, the number of 12: ? 6 Zhi, ? 6 Zhi. High concentrations of chicken

    embryo powder in model animals, the number 36: ? 18 Zhi, ?

    18 Zhi. Low concentrations in model animals, the number of chicken embryo powder 12: ? 6 Zhi, ? 6 Zhi. Treatment group

    animals, the number of 36: ? 18 Zhi, ? 18 Zhi. Saline

    control group animals, the number of 12: ? 6 Zhi, ? 6 Zhi.

    Number of high-dose treatment group 12: ? 6 Zhi, ? 6 Zhi.

    Number of low-dose treatment group 12: ? 6 Zhi, ? 6 Zhi.

     2.2 Determination of sex hormones by radioimmunoassay (RIA): take whole blood samples, home Centrifuge Centrifuge (3 500 r / min) 20 min, isolated from serum (severe hemolytic specimen can not be used); take serum samples, tagging objects, antibodies, double-pipe parallel Kayo Kayo France,

    full mixing, according to the requirements of the different RIA box: each of their home under certain temperature a certain incubation time, join the separation agent, full mixing, the home 4 ?, 3 600 r / min centrifugation 20 min,

    taking some sediment with a γ-counter measurement part of the

    radiation intensity of precipitation, which measure the serum levels of each hormone value. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2.3 Experiment and Results

     2.3.1 modeling experiments will be designed according to experimental animals, males and females separately, according to animal groups were randomly divided into high concentrations of chicken embryo powder-made modules, low-

    concentration modules made chicken powder, saline control group. Each animal were gavage for 1 month. High concentrations of chicken embryo powder-made module before 15

    d, irrigation per day rabbit embryo powder 1.5 g, day 15 d after irrigation 2.5 g, were fed with distilled water before

    dubbed in the Suspension 10 ml gavage ; low concentration of chick embryo powder-made module before 15 d, irrigation per

    day rabbit embryo powder 0.7 g, day 15 d after irrigation 1.3 g, were fed with distilled water in 10 ml pre-dubbed

    Suspension fed to the medicine; saline control group rabbits fed per day to 10 ml normal saline.

     In the modeling process is complete, take rabbit ear vein blood, 3 ml was PCA tube; each rabbit blood taken three consecutive times, twice before and after the blood sampling

    interval of time 2 h, this would reduce the limitation caused by hormonal dynamics the level of difference, whichever is the average of three determinations; made between the control module results in Table 1 ~ 2. Table 1 ? made between the

    control module experimental results (slightly) Table 2 ? made

    between the control module experimental results (omitted)

     2.3.2 Experimental drug therapy experiments by modeling results, the high concentration of chicken embryo powder modeling success, various hormone levels have changed

    significantly, so we use this group of drug efficacy of experimental animals. Animal model would be built by the successful separation of male and female were randomly assigned to return to a balanced capsule high dose treatment

    group and return to a balanced capsule low dose treatment group, physiological water-blank control group. Animals are

    used gavage. High-dose treatment group, per day return to a balance of rabbit capsule filling powder 2.0 g; low-dose

    treatment group, the above-mentioned powder filling per day

    per rabbit 1.0 g; the gavage drugs dissolved in 10 ml distilled water were made from aqueous solution, that is, per day per rabbit were contained in the liquid filling volume 10 ml; saline treatment group per day in rabbits with the same

    volume of saline irrigation.

     Administration a month later, take the rabbit ear vein blood, 3 ml was PCA tube; each rabbit blood taken three consecutive times, twice before and after the blood sampling interval of time 2 h, this would reduce the limitation caused by kinetic differences in hormone levels, whichever is the average of three determinations; groups contrast the treatment results in Table 3 ~ 4. Table 3 ? groups treated control

    experiment results (a little) Table 4 ? groups treated

    control experiment results (a little)

     2.3.3 self-control experiments in order to real,

    objective understanding of each animal's drug treatment situation, we have a variety of hormone levels in each animal were treated before and after the self-control statistics. The

    results showed that capsule on the return to balance hormone levels in a variety of animal models with varying degrees of change. Self-control results in Table 5 ~ 6. Table 5 ? group

    of self-control measured before and after treatment results (a little) Table 6 ? self-control measured before and after

    treatment results (omitted)

     3 Discussion

     3.1 According to TCM theory, precocious puberty lesions mainly in the kidneys, livers and two dirty, and it occurs due

    to liver depression-fire or a multi-Yin Huo-wang, compared

    with reckless due to the fire. Kidney essence, the main growth, development and reproduction, with the promotion of growth and development of the physiological effects of the body. If the imbalance in children with kidney yin and yang, kidney yin inadequate, relative to the fire as early as partial Kang is Tiangui. LIVER blood, the main Shuxie, for air-conditioning Lord of the Secretary, if the liver failure Shuxie, liver depression-fire, anger on the inflammation,

    anti-insult kidneys may also lead to "Tiangui" Early to, so that secondary sexual characteristics in advance appears.儿童

    性早熟in children with deficiency in a multi. Restoring balance to the ancient name Fang Zhibai Dihuang Wan capsule

    changes from addition and subtraction. Fang Xie kidney Huangbai can ambush fire; Zhimu Ziyin Runzao; Rehmannia blood Ziyin, Yijing fill myeloid; gentian specifically diarrhea liver and gallbladder fire, good clear focus, under hot and humid; Eclipta liver and kidney tonic cooling blood to stop bleeding with the role of . Combination of various drugs were played Ziyin Reduce Pathogenic Fire, the efficacy of nourishing kidney yin, while the rule Yin Huo-wang-induced

    precocious puberty.

     3.2 with the chicken embryo powder manufacture of

    Japanese white rabbits precocious puberty model is successful. Among them, high doses of chicken powder to feed rabbits after their sex hormone levels were significantly higher than blank control group was significant (P

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