By Carrie Hawkins,2014-07-03 15:18
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    Since watching the vampire diaries and Bram Stoker's

    Dracula;I'm very interested in vampires .So I find some stories about the vampires .

    The earliest vampire image is difficult to determine, but generally have the following position:

    First is Cain, He is the son of Adam and eve;because he killed

    his brother;than god curse him.

    The second is Judah, a betray disciple of Jesus, he suicide because of regretted. God made his undead, always alone, as a punishment. So, now, Now, the vampire must maintain mystery and lonely. The third is Satan a rebellion demons of

    Christian legend.

     In legends, vampire is supernatural undead creatures. The typical image and characteristic of vampire is pointed long teeth, skin white;eyes aglow. The vampires are afraid of sunlight. They will burn up into ashes if they under the sun. But somebody also think that the high-level vampire can be maintained undead in the sun , these vampire who can unimpeded in the sun also be called daywalker, but they are still in the "normal" vampire range. Due to the strong ability of recovery;So general weapons cannot make vampire death, only sunshine can kill vampires.

    People often think that vampire fear cross and garlic. In some stories ;the vampire has no shadow. And it cant entered

    the housedoes without invited. people generally think the vampires are transformed by humans;One is that the humans

    were bite by vampire will become a vampire; Another idea is to drink the blood of the vampire can become a vampire

     In fact, In English, the word of vampire first appeared in

    ththe word is in 1732. Probably in the 17 century, the

    existence of vampire is generally accepted. Somebody thinks, at that time Europe should have some mythologies of vampire, and at that time European erupted a massive of black plague.

    So from the angle of reality, the original source of vampire should be dead bodies. Some people think the vampire is actually a hydrophobe, because people who is a hydrophobe will fear water, will bite other people, to be brutal and also may hate excitant odour such as garlic. Now popular idea is, the vampire is actually porphyrin disease patients. The disease patients afraid of light;because light can cause skin

    canker;and they are allergic to garlic because garlics excitant odour can cause disease attack, their eyes are red, but complement hemoglobin can help to alleviate the illness. A few extreme patients think drinking blood can complement the hemoglobin, which has caused the vampire legends.

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