Care for students - the work of the class teacher_4606

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Care for students - the work of the class teacher_4606

Care for students - the work of the class teacher

     Abstract class teacher is the class of educators, organizers and mentors, care of students is a basic requirement made by the class teacher is to develop new objective requirement for the class teacher and students to

    communicate the mind, is the love sentiments of students needs. Only genuine care for students, in order to ensure the smooth development of class teacher's work and thus get a good educational results.

     Key Words care students; class teacher; Education

     Abstract The impresario if class's and grade's pedagogues, the organizer and the shepherd, shows loving concern the student is the essential requirements which proposed to the teacher in charge, raises new

    person's objective request, is communicates the teacher in charge and the student mind bridge, is to the student universal love mood need. Only then shows loving concern the student sincerely, can guarantee the teacher in charge works the smooth development, then obtains the ideal education


     Keywords Shows loving concern the student; Teacher in charge; Educational work

     Educational psychologists believe that love is the division of teachers rational sense of ethics and aesthetics unite education, made of a noble

    sentiment, in the content, the performance of teachers for all students at each individual's love, respect, understanding and expectations . The bounden duty of care for students are the class teacher, and only care for the students in order to build harmonious relations between teachers and students, so that educational activities to be carried out in the relaxed

atmosphere, and then get a good educational results. "Pro-the teacher, the

    letter the Road." Confucius advocated the ancient Great educators of

    students to impose "benevolence," he said, "benevolent, caring for," must "be tireless in teaching." French naturalist educator, Rousseau said: "The lack of enthusiasm can make up to, but can not compensate for enthusiastic about." Care for students, is the teaching of every teacher in the daily work of the driving force, but also to ensure the smooth operations of the class teacher the fundamental condition.

     A love of students is a basic requirement for the class teacher made the

    class teacher is the class leader, educators and organizers, school education and teaching activities of the class teacher can not do without the cooperation and support in school education and play an irreplaceable role in . In the quality of education in the new situation, the class

    teacher must have a keen sense of reform to conform to the requirements of the times, constantly improve their level of education and teaching at the same time, continuously updated concepts of education. One very important

    point is that the students must be truly established concept, adherence to the "student-oriented" and strive to train students in the innovative spirit and practical ability, to actively promote quality education. Students are constantly developing people is to learn the main body of

    flesh and blood are thinking that they have personality and feeling have a bright future. American psychologist Abraham Maslow in his "hierarchy of needs to say" that: "the needs of teenagers in love and attribution of the

    main level. At this stage, the needs of young people in the psychological characteristics of the main manifestations of social, attribution , approval, receive love and give love, self-esteem and respect from others,

    and so on. " The class teacher must firmly establish the concept of

    quality education, education and teaching in their daily activities, give full play to the dominant position of students, truly respect the personality of students and give them more love, to encourage them to dare to practice, actively explore, exploration and innovation.

     2 care students are required to train a new objective in the development of the socialist market economy and world economic integration of the domestic environment, people's concept of competition, self-awareness is

    growing. Be compatible with this, calling people's main spirit is the core spirit of the times. To adapt to environmental changes, whether the acceleration of, or make a true choice, to be filled by a person to achieve their own spiritual and social development also rely on the spirit

    of a people to self-realization. Young people must adapt to the

    increasingly fierce competition in domestic and international challenges, to assume the important task of building a moderately prosperous society. The class teacher in the realization of individual socialization and the promotion of the harmonious development of personality to play a leading role in a special to be with the times, deepening educational reform, to promote quality education, strive to cultivate able to adapt to a new

    generation of society. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     After 20 years of comprehensive reform and opening up, China's economic, political, cultural and social fields have undergone profound changes, the

    students also demonstrated new features, typically manifested in self-

    awareness to enhance their autonomy. Can be said that the independent spirit of the students than ever before, could be more prominent, which is a product of progress of the times and performance. On the other hand, due to family, school, social and other aspects of complex reasons, at this stage of learning, interpersonal relationships, education, employment, etc. under increasing pressure, so that innocent young people unbearable

    physical and mental Shangqie. Self-consciousness and multiple stresses,

    and there is the formation of students in inner conflict and make them feel depressed, anxious, lonely. How to make students face the pressure, how to help students reduce stress, so that their own sense of healthy

    growth and harmonious development of personality, which is every one of us educators have to face and should be seriously addressed new topics. A caring and responsible class teacher, on the one hand to strengthen the study of psychological research, on the other hand to strengthen the students study in order to provide students with more care, more with the student exchange, communication (such as individual chat forums, Zhutibankuai, but also inspired students to help each other when necessary

    to establish schools, families, social care network), listen to their voices and help them analyze, understand and deal with various pressures. Students only with a modest release of psychological stress in order to enjoy learning, healthy growth, to self-esteem, self-cherishing the good

    state of mind now, create the future.

     3 care students to communicate with the students the class teacher education is not just a bridge for the soul of cultural transmission, education for education, because it is a wake-up force of personality is a

    beautiful soul shaping, which is at the heart of education. The reason why teachers, known as the engineers of human souls, is one important reason for teachers in the students a sound personality, beautify the formation

    of the mind plays a very important role. Must be noted that the class teacher impact on students can not be replaced by any other role, in education and teaching not only plays a preacher, Tuition, FAQ's role, and exert subtle influence on the ideological and moral influence on students, emotional feelings, will, character, behavior Habit, and that this impact can be lifelong.

     Educational psychology research shows that teenagers often go through a special "mental lock period" did not want to include adults, including

    parents and teachers open their hearts. This psychological characteristics for students, class teachers should give them the love enthusiastic, flexible use of a variety of educational ways and means to open the door to the hearts of the students. Practice has proved that the class teacher to students the enormous appeal of physical and mental, often directly from the class teacher to students love, this love can inspire the hearts of the students, eliminating the barriers and misunderstandings between

    teachers and students, enhance student interest in learning, so that they can felt from the class teacher and education, the collective warmth.The class teacher is a kind of caring for students with a strong sense of social responsibility and mission of the more comprehensive love, therefore, this kind of love is a noble guide and develop students an important basis for social emotional.

     4 care students are feeling the needs of the students love their daily work, there may be many teachers, consciously or unconsciously formed a fixed potential, that is, preference for high academic students, less concern and even ignored below the middle level students. This idea or practice is clearly inappropriate. As a class teacher, should have a love

    thinking. Confucius said, "education for all without distinction", the care of students and even more so. We need to care for academic achievers of the honors, but also to health care Zhongdeng Sheng and backward, but allow teachers love being forgotten. In a sense, those Zhongdeng Sheng and backward students want the teacher is more love and appreciation, as can be from their usual behavior in view of its evident, even in some of their words and actions in both the non-normal latent with the motivation of .

    If the students love this part of the class teacher is not enough, it could result in these students, the psychological imbalance, low self-

    esteem, thereby affecting the entire class a harmonious and comprehensive development.

     It is true that, due to personality, interests and hobbies, learning-

    based, family environment is different from the circumstances of each student to do is not the same, this will require that we discriminate, analyze specific issues, so that a "special love dedicated to particular

    you are. " As a class teacher, we must establish a profile of students as informative as possible. The file should include the following: student learning situation (school total score, Billing Division of the achievements, outstanding subjects, lame subjects, etc.), students, family situation (address, income, parental educational level, occupation, etc.), students, hobbies, skills, and bad tendencies and so on. On this basis, we can achieve a "special love for you to dedicate a special." In dealing

    with issues, to specific people and things together, the "love" implement. Laid-off workers such as children, children of single-parent families,

    both parents work outside the home of the child, "Internet cafes Health" and so should be treated differently, so that "a key to open a lock." In general, treatment of high academic students acknowledge their strengths, while the class teacher to help them analyze their own inadequacies in order to facilitate their access to further progress, this is a love. To

    those who like the existence of such "problem" students, class teachers will have to be good at digging them a bright spot, give them positive evaluations, use less and, preferably, not negative evaluation, to help them find the direction and momentum, This is a kind of love.

     Care for the feelings of students are lofty realm of the class teacher,

    class teachers deal with the feelings of the students is only elevated to a high degree of love in order to act on the education of students

    entering into the realm of selflessness. The class teacher for the students love are definitely hope that students will be able to make progress on the original basis, and developed. However, educating people is a very complex and difficult systems engineering, ten trees, takes a hundred years. "Sincerity can affect even metal and stone open", we must

    persevere and not be impatient, otherwise easily lead to "恨铁不成钢"

    attitude, or will backfire. At the same time, teachers and love must be sincere and communicate with their students to their confidence has gone, and strive to achieve the resonance of the ideal educational effect. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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