Anti-inflammatory analgesic ancient Uncaria Experimental Study of pharmacological effects_476

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Anti-inflammatory analgesic ancient Uncaria Experimental Study of pharmacological effects_476

    Anti-inflammatory analgesic ancient Uncaria Experimental Study of pharmacological effects

     Author: Zhang Xingshen Zhoufang Liao Yue-kui Li

    Li Xiong Jing-Yun Lan Guo-Liang Chen Wutangweijiang Hui Qin

    Liping Liang Fei

     Abstract Objective To study the ancient Uncaria Decoction analgesic anti-inflammatory pharmacological effects. Methods The mouse hot plate and writhing analgesia test, observe the ancient Uncaria Decoction analgesic effect was observed in mice capillary permeability and xylene effects on mouse ear swelling was observed its anti-inflammatory effect. Results of

    ancient Uncaria decoction can significantly increase pain threshold in mice, reducing capillary permeability, inhibit the inflammatory response induced by xylene, can significantly reduce the ear swelling in mice. Conclusion of ancient Uncaria decoction has obvious analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

     Key words ancient Uncaria; analgesic anti-inflammatory;

    pharmacological effects

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo study the anti

     inflammatory and analgesia actions of the Chinese medicine Gu Gou Teng solution. Methods The effect of Gu Gou Teng solution on analgesia was observed with the response of writhes and hot-plate tests. The effect of anti-inflammation

    was observed by mice inflammation models caused by dimethy benzene and mice models with reinforce permeability of abdominal cavity capillary caused by acetic acid. ResultsGu Gou Teng solution had a prominent analgesia effect. It could restrain the capillary permeability resulted from imflammation by dimethybenzene.ConclusionGu Gou Teng solution has significant effects of analgesia and anti-inflammatory on

    experimental mice.

     Key words: Gu Gou Teng; Anti

     inflammation and analgesic test; Pharmacology

     Ancient Uncaria also known as sea master, white leaf rattan, rattan horn, big dark consumption, etc., for the ancient plant Uncaria Asclepiadaceae Cryptolepis buchananiiRoem. Et Schult part of the ground. Multi-born

    sunny, climbing on other trees, located in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places. With Shujin vibrant, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and other effects, for the treatment of low back pain, abdominal pain, bruises,

    fractures, carbuncle sores, ringworm and other diseases [1]. At present, anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, mostly western, and more side-effects, while the ancient Chinese herbal medicine Uncaria civil use was also the role in this respect should be worthy of research and development of analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs, yet its domestic and foreign pharmacological studies in this regard a detailed report. The scientific and technological research group of ancient Uncaria analgesic anti-inflammatory role of experimental research

    aimed at their further development and clinical application provide some theoretical basis.

     1 Materials

     1.1 Animals in mice of either sex, weight (20 ? 2) g, by

    the Experimental Animal Center of Guangxi Medical College to

    provide, animal证号1104, according to the experimental nature of the cage to feed and sex, free feed water.

     1.2 Instrument desktop centrifuge; XZB

     2B-type temperature-controlled hot plate instrument,

    Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences Manufacturing equipment

    maintenance stations, equipment number is: 3




     6; 722 model grating spectrophotometer, Shanghai No. three analytical instrument factory, equipment number is: 3





     1.3 Drugs and reagents dry ancient Uncaria collected from Guangxi Baise area Tianlin County suburbs; sulfate Rotundine injection, Guangdong Province, Boluo Vanguard Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. production, batch number 020,902; acetate, dexamethasone, Zhejiang Xian Ju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    production, batch number 040,405.

     Reagents: acetic acid, Changchun Chemical Reagent Factory. Evans blue, Shanghai Chemical Reagent companies to import packaging and Lot F

     9800. Xylene, Research Institute of Qilu Petrochemical

    Company Products Corporation. Normal saline, Jinan Yongning pharmaceutical.

     1.4 Preparation of the ancient Uncaria Uncaria decoction of ancient roots and stems of 200 g, plus 8 times of water

    soaking 1 h, boiling 40 min, boiling two times, combined liquid filtration concentrated to 200 ml (1.00g/ml), according to the required dose of dubbed in roots and stems of solution of high-dose solution were 30 g / kg, low-dose were 15 g / kg,

    in order to spare.

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 mouse hot-plate analgesia test [2] to take female mice were placed in (55 ? 0.5) ? hot plate pain measurement

    instrument in order to lick the hind foot as the pain response indicators, forecasting a small rat poison before the pain threshold. To pain threshold is less than 30 s as a competent mice, the pain threshold of 60 mice were eligible were randomly divided into six groups of 10 rats. Respectively, is an ancient root Uncaria high-dose group, a dose of 30 g / kg;

    ancient root Uncaria low-dose group, a dose of 15 g / kg;

    ancient Uncaria stem high-dose group, a dose of 30 g / kg;

    ancient Uncaria stem small dose group, a dose of 15 g / kg; positive control Rotundine group, dose of 0.03 g / kg; saline control group, a dose of 30 ml / kg. Gavage twice, the time

    interval of 4 h. 30,60,90,120 min after the last administration were determined pain threshold. In the determination, such as pain-free response within 60 s should

    be immediately removed, and to 60 s calculations. The treatment group compared with the control group, statistical data to ? s said that the statistical methods used Dunnet t test. The results in Table 1.

     Improve the percentage of (%)=( pain threshold pain threshold after drug - drugs before the pain threshold) before the pain threshold drug × 100%

     Table 1 The results show that the ancient roots of high-

    dose group Uncaria drug after 90,120 min can significantly increase pain threshold in mice, while the ancient Uncaria stem the root of low-dose group and low-dose group

    30,60,90,120 min after drug increased pain threshold in mice was not obvious, the ancient Uncaria stem high-dose group 120

    min after the drug has been improved pain threshold in mice trend. The results from this experiment can prompt analgesic

    effect of this drug instability. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2.2 in mice writhing analgesia test [2] to take 18 ~ 22 g weight of healthy mice 60, evenly divided male and female, were randomly divided into six groups, group, and drug

    delivery approach with 2.1. 30 min after the last administration intraperitoneal injection of 0.7% acetic acid 0. 2 ml / only, while timing with a stopwatch, record mouse appears 1st writhing response time (ie latency) and occur

    within 15 min of the twist Body times. The treatment group compared with the control group, statistical data to ? s said

    that the statistical methods used Dunnet t test. The results in Table 2.

     Table 2 The results show that, in addition to the ancient Uncaria stem and high-dose group glacial acetic acid-induced

    pain in mice without significantly prolong the incubation period pain, the ancient Uncaria root, stem and all other dose group could prolong the incubation period of glacial acetic

    acid-induced pain and pain in mice, and can significantly reduce the number of writhing, with significant analgesic effect. The analgesic dose group from the percentage of view, also have the more obvious analgesic effect.

     2.3 xylene ear swelling test in mice [2] Taking the healthy 18 ~ 22 g male mice 60, positive control group of drugs to change dexamethasone, a dose of 6.75 mg / kg, the other group are the same with the administration of 2.1 items. 8th day before and after each mouse in the right ear uniform erasure xylene prepared the day 0. 1 ml / only, cause inflammation in mice 15 min after cervical killed off, cut left mouse ears, using punch (diameter 6 mm), respectively the left and right ear at the same site such as large round ears

    and lay films, respectively, after the electronic weighing scales to calculate ear swelling degree. The treatment group compared with the control group, statistical data to ? s said

    that the statistical methods used Dunnet t test. Auricular

    swelling degree = right ear weight - the weight of the left

    ear. Swelling of the inhibition rate of the control group (%)=[( swelling - swelling degree of treatment group) /

    control group, swelling] × 100%. The results in Table 3.

     Table 1 Ancient Uncaria pairs of hot-plate analgesic

    effect of induced pain in mice (abbreviated)

     Compared with the saline group, * P

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