Feature Function Checklist

By Victor Hunter,2014-11-26 11:48
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Feature Function Checklist

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    Feature & Function Matrix

     ?AppMetrics maximizes the availability of your applications built on Microsoft’s COM+ environments. It is the most comprehensive management solution for these platforms.

    ? AppMetricsis designed to monitor the health of applications running on Windows 2003 and Windows 2000. It enables system administrators, architects, QA professionals; application owners, developers

    and power users to provide a higher level of service and performance of these applications; to resolve

    ‘finger-pointing’ issues; provide a base-line for the QA team and to anticipate system capacity over time.

    ?AppMetrics can also propagate its unique data to your enterprise management framework, for a consolidated view of all your systems.

    The following matrix provides guidance in reviewing the features and functions of the product.


Application Server Support

    AppMetrics provides early warning and response, investigative diagnostics, and production reporting capabilities for transactional applications



     Microsoft COM+ and .net servicedcomponent applications

    Health Monitoring

    Problem Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis

    Production and Historical Reporting

    Systems Level Monitoring

     Distributed Transaction Coordinator

    Deployment & Configuration

     Remote Administration

     Security Model Controls Access

Integration with Enterprise Management Frameworks and

    Management Consoles

    AppMetrics can propagate the highly detailed information it collects directly into your enterprise management frameworks. It also features tight integration with NetIQ AppManager, the most popular management console on the market.

     Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)

     NetIQ AppManager


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Early Warning & Response

    If AppMetrics detects an irregularity within your application, it immediately alerts the proper personnel via e-mail, or by recording an event log entry, sending an SNMP trap, or invoking an event-handling component.

Configure Health and Event Based Alerting

    Issue an Alert by E-Mail or Pager (SMTP) Issue an Alert through Event Propagation (SNMP) Log an Alert through Windows Event Log Log an Alert through Event Propagation (WMI) Turn on Automatic Alert Handling

    Execute a Windows Script Invoke a COM Component

Review Historical Reports & Diagnostic Drill-downs

    AppMetrics demonstrates that you're providing the levels of service to which you have committed and to isolate bottlenecks in your mission-critical applications.

Out-of-the-Box Production Reports

    Top 10 Transactions Top 10 Components Package & Application Resource Usage Over Time

     Package/Application % CPU Usage

     Package/Application Memory

     Package/Application Page Faults per

    Transaction Performance Over Time Component Performance Over Time

Review Real-time Diagnostic Monitor

    With AppMetrics, you can identify the specific software module that's decreasing your application’s performance, enabling you to pinpoint problem components that you'll need to debug.

    Active Components Components Started, Completed, and Aborted Component Duration Active Methods Methods Started, Completed, and Aborted

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Set Application and Package Thresholds and Alerting

    AppMetrics monitors resource consumption and allows you to set warning and notification alarm thresholds on individual packages and applications, transactions, and components.

    CPU in Use Page Faults Virtual Bytes in Use Working Set in Use Threads in Use Set Component and Transaction Thresholds and Alerting

    AppMetrics enables you to set notification alarm thresholds on individual transactions and components. Aborts Starts Duration of Component and/or Transaction Component Hangs Review Business Level Transactional Metrics

    AppMetrics gives you greater visibility on your key business transactions.

    Individual Component Instances Individual Components Invoked from a specific Active Server Page (ASP) Individual Methods Invoked on a Component % Participation in DTC Transactions Review Component Level Metrics

    AppMetrics also makes it substantially easier for you to zero-in on troublesome components at runtime.

    Starts Completes Aborts Instance Duration (Maximum, Minimum, Average) Rate per Second Review Method Level Details

    AppMetrics can even help isolate and identify problems in specific component methods. Count Duration Hanging Methods Drilldown Reports

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