Ant compound anti-inflammatory analgesic effect of alcohol_447

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Ant compound anti-inflammatory analgesic effect of alcohol_447

Ant compound anti-inflammatory analgesic effect of alcohol

     Author: Ho-ling, LI Wen-sheng FANG Yue-hua GUO


     Abstract Objective To study the ants wine compound anti-

    inflammatory and analgesic effect. Methods Freund's complete

    adjuvant-induced rat adjuvant arthritis model and xylene-

    induced mouse ear inflammation observed anti-inflammatory

    effect of compound ant wine; with the mouse hot-plate-induced

    pain and acetic acid-induced writhing response and so on, to

    observe its analgesic effect. Results ants wine compound adjuvant arthritis in rats of early inflammation and secondary lesions were significantly inhibited, and can significantly inhibited xylene-induced mouse ear inflammation in mice hot

    plate-induced pain and writhing response induced by acetic acid were significantly inhibited (compared with the control group, both P <0.05 or P <0.01). Conclusion The compound ant wine has obvious anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

     Key words compound ant wine; anti-inflammatory; analgesic;

    pharmacological effects

     Research on the Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Actions of Compound Ant Wine

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo study the anti-inflammatory and

analgesic action of compound ant wine. MethodsThe anti

    inflammatory action was studied on rat models of adjuvant arthritis induced by FCA and mouse models of acute inflammatory reactions of xylene induced ear edema; the

    analgesic effect was studied by methods of acetic acid-induced

    writhing and hot plate test in mice.ResultsThe compound ant wine had apparent inhibition effect on early adjuvant arthritis of rats and sequent pathological changes, xylene

    induced ear edema, acetic acid-induced writhing and hot

    plate induced ache in mice (P <0.05 or P <0.01 compared with

    control). ConclusionCompound ant wine has markedly anti

    inflammatory and analgesic action.

     Key words: Compound ant wine; Anti inflammatory;

    Analgesic; Pharmacological action

     Wine by the compound ants ants, epimedium, Zaocys,

    wolfberry fruit and other 12 Chinese herbal medicines, has a Qufengchushi, impotence kidney, spleen Qi of the efficacy of clinical for the treatment of rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, but has good curative effect. This compound was

    observed ant-inflammatory and analgesic effects of alcohol. Are reported below.

     1 Equipment

     1.1 Animals SD rats weighing (200 ? 20) g, male; Kunming

    mice, body weight (20 ? 2) g, of either sex. Huazhong

    University of Science and Technology by the Experimental

    Animal Center of Tongji Medical College, animal Qualified Certificate No.: medical action, No. 19 025 word article.

     1.2 Drugs and reagents ants wine compound prepared by the hospital preparation room, containing 120 g crude drug L-1,

    Lot 990,725; xylene, Zhengzhou Chemical Reagent three plants, batch number 980,801; BCG, Wuhan Biochemical Factory, Lot

    980,527 ; glacial acetic acid, Beijing Chemical Plant, batch number 980,508; white wine as commercially available, containing alcohol volume of 38% (v / v).

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 the impact of adjuvant arthritis in rats 30 to remove the healthy SD rats were randomly divided into two groups ants wine and liquor group and the control group, each 10 by 1 ml *

    (100 g) -1 doses ig ant compound wine, white wine and saline, 1 / d, continuous administration of 18 d. In the first 3 days after administration of 30 min for each of the rats in the light ether anesthesia, the right of each mouse toe skin after the injection of Freund's complete adjuvant (a total of liquid paraffin and lanolin heat to 70 ?, Zhen Yao, high-pressure

    sterilization, 7.5 mg per ml made by adding Bacillus Calmette-

    Guerin) 0.05 ml induced inflammation. Yu-induced inflammation-

    induced inflammation before and after 24 h, the first 4 days, 15 days, according to literature [1] methods were measured in rat paw volume after about the calculation of the swelling rate of each group. And to observe the rat forelimbs, ears and tail the occurrence of disease and weight change. The results

    showed that proinflammatory after 24h, the right hind foot swelling in rats and reached the peak, continuing to reduce gradually after 4 d. Ant-induced inflammation in rats liquor

    after 24 h and 4 days the swelling of the right hind foot was

    significantly lower than the control group and the white wine group (P <0.05 or P <0.01), shows ants compound liquor on rat adjuvant arthritis Early inflammation significantly inhibited local inflammation, but no such role in liquor. From the 10th

    day after inflammation started re-swelling of rat right hind

    foot, and delayed-type hypersensitivity due to the emergence of secondary lesions, manifested as contralateral left and swelling of feet and forelegs, ears and tail a "arthritis" small nodules, reduced appetite, weight loss and so on. Ant rats alcohol-induced inflammation in the left rear foot 15 days after the swelling rate was significantly lower than the control group and the white wine group (P <0.01), and the swelling degree of forelimbs, ears and tail of the nodules and erythema, etc. the extent of damage, Deng Jun lesser degree of weight loss shows that alcohol compound ants adjuvant arthritis in rats and preventive and therapeutic effects. The

results in Table 1.

     Table 1 on adjuvant arthritis in rats after the foot swelling rate effects (abbreviated)

     Compared with control group, 1) P <0.05,2) P <0.01; and white wine group, 3) P <0.05,4) P <0.01; n = 10 reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://www.

     2.2 xylene-induced mouse ear inflammation Taking the healthy Kunming mice 30, ditto divided into three groups, each 10 by 0.1 ml * 10 g-1 doses of ig compound ant wine, white

    wine and normal saline, 1 / d, a continuous 7 d. The last administration 30 min later, the left ear of each mouse before and after the two sides coated p-xylene is about 0.1 ml, 15

    min after mice were decapitated, cut along the baseline ear ears, with diameter of 9 mm of the punch devices at the same site to lay a circular ear piece, said the wet weight of torsion balance to the weight of ears piece for the swelling degree of difference, and calculate the swelling inhibition treatment group. Results ants in mice ear edema alcohol level was significantly lower than the control group and white wine

    group (P <0.01), show that ants wine compound xylene-induced

    ear skin swelling significantly inhibited. The results in Table 2.

     Table 2 p-xylene-induced mouse ear swelling effects


     Compared with control group, 1) P <0.01, compared with the white wine, 2) P <0.01; n = 10

     2.3-induced pain in mice hot-plate test the impact of

    choice of female Kunming mice, before the experiment according to literature [2] Determination of the mouse pain threshold,

    pain threshold selection in the 5 ~ 30 s in mice between 60 and repeat measured the normal pain threshold, take twice the average of pain threshold as the rats administered before the

    pain threshold. Qualified mice were randomly divided into 3 groups of 20, according to the law administered 7 d. At 30,60,120 min after the last administration, when hot-plate

    test in order to turn the measurement of pain threshold of mice. Results ants in the administration of alcohol groups of mice 60 min and 120 min after the pain threshold was

    significantly higher than that and spirits group (P <0.05), shows ants wine compound caused by heat stimulation of chronic pain have a certain inhibitory effect . The results in Table 3.

     Table 3 on the mouse hot-plate-induced pain on pain

    threshold effects (abbreviated)

     Compared with control group, 1) P <0.05; and white wine group, 2) P <0.05; n = 20

     2.4 acetic acid-induced writhing response in mice the

    impact of taking 60 male Kunming mice were randomly divided

    into three groups, each with 20, ibid law administered 7 d. After the last administration at 1 h, each mouse by intraperitoneal injection of 0.6% acetic acid solution, 0.2 ml, recorded 5 ~ 15 min after injection in the number of writhing. Results In the control group mean writhing number of times (15.4 ? 4.9) times, spirits group (13.3 ? 5.7) times,

    ants wine group (10.5 ? 4.6) times. Ants writhing number of

    liquor group was less than the control group (P <0.05), shows ants wine compound in mice caused by acetic acid also inhibited acute pain.

     3 Discussion

     Adjuvant arthritis in rats is reflected in T-lymphocyte-

    mediated immune inflammation model, the pathological features

    of rheumatoid arthritis compared with people close to. Modern studies suggest that the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis due

mainly caused by abnormal cell-mediated immunity, manifested

    in the cells carrying class ? antigens cause T lymphocyte

    proliferation, secretion of a large number of lymphokines, leading to polyclonal B cell activation, resulting in excessive self - antibodies, as well as the TH and TS cell function and changes in [3]. Description T cells in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis causes and pathological processes have an important role. The experimental results show that ants compound liquor on rat adjuvant arthritis early inflammation and secondary lesions were significantly inhibited, and can significantly inhibited xylene-induced

    mouse ear inflammation in mice hot plate France-induced pain

    and writhing response induced by acetic acid were significantly inhibited. This wine compound ant-inflammatory

    and analgesic effects, may be the treatment of rheumatic

    diseases, one of the mechanisms.


     [1] Shu-Yun, Bian Lian, Chen Xiu. Experimental

    Methodology of Pharmacology, 2nd Edition [M]. Beijing: People's Health Press, 1991:715.

     [2] Li Yi-Kui. TCM Pharmacology Experimental Methods [M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 1991:350.

     [3] Xue Yuan Road. With regard to the etiology and pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and treatment of new ideas [J]. Foreign Medical Immunology volumes, 1990,3:209. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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