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By Lisa Griffin,2014-08-06 15:12
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what's WAC2.0

Wholesale Applications Community


    ; Overview

    ; SDK and Runtime

    ; What are WAC Apps?

    WAC SDK / Emulator

    ; SDK Downloads

    ; Install WAC Integrated SDK

    ; Install WAC Plugins

     - Borqs

     - Aplix

; WAC 2.0 Web Emulator

    Getting Started

    ; HelloWorld App

     - Creating a Hello World App

     - Config.xml Manifest Set-up

     - Testing the App on an Emulator

; Creating an RSS Feed App

    Running Apps on a Device / Emulator

    ; Running Apps on a Device

     - Using USB Debugging mode

     - Pushing Apps to SD card

    ; Deploying policy file

Download Sample Apps

    ; WAC 2.0

    ; WAC 1.0

    Advanced Apps

; Native JSON example App

    ; jQuery example App ; jQTouch example App

Best Practices

    ; The Factors

     - Screen resolutions

     - Screen ratio

     - Pixel density

     - Viewport

     - Orientation and keyboards

; The Solutions

     - Media Queries

     - Fluid grid

     - Scaling graphics

    Runtimes for Device Testing

    ; Runtime Downloads: Aplix, Borqs, Obigo & Opera

; Side-loading an App

    Using Basic Device API Functionality ; Accelerometer

    ; Geolocation

    Device APIs

    ; WAC 2.0 Supported API's

    ; Callbacks

    ; Exception Handling

    ; WebIDL Usage

    WAC Common Testing

    ; Overview

    ; Developer Test Kit


    WAC provides an environment for developers to create and sell applications to end-users.

    Our goals is to:

    ; To increase the overall market for mobile applications. ; To encourage open standardized technologies.

    ; To enable distribution of mobile applications through multiple


    ; To encourage the use of Network APIs.

SDK and Runtime Overview

    WAC SDK:

    1. Use the WAC SDK to develop WAC Apps. The development kit is based on

    Eclipse with WAC specific tools and the Android emulator built-in. 2. The Android emulator is included for testing the application. This emulates

    the actual hardware of the device, meaning that you can run the exact and

    identical software on it just as if it was a real phone.