DESTRUCTION Third and Final Chapter in the Ecthros Trilogy

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DESTRUCTION Third and Final Chapter in the Ecthros Trilogy

    DESTRUCTION: The Final Chapter



    Description: This story takes place long after the first two of my Ecthros fanfics, in fact, it happens about a year after Ash became a Pokémon master. No one has been able to defeat him. If he feels that his Pokémon ever need extra training, well, perhaps a mutated friend of his could help. yes, Ecthros and Anna remain in the Indigo Plato with Ash and Misty. Their acomplishments against Giovanni and his two teams, Team Rocket and Team Death, were made worldwide knowledge shortly after Gary was defeated by Ash. However, will their peace be disturbed by an unknown stalker? What will happen when Champeon makes another Apearance, when all law and Order in the world of Pokémon is shattered, when Ecthros learns that there‟s more to being human than just form, and when Anna gives up the one thing she had to work so hard to get...what will the outcome be? Find out in the dramatic conclusion to the Ecthros Trilogy, entitled: DESTRUCTION

     “Nooo! Raticate!” The boy cried as the furry Pokémon hit the floor.

     “Good job, Pikachu.” Ash Ketchum, famous Pokémon master said. He looked at his defeated opponent. “Cheer up, kid,” He said, “Not many have been able to hurt Pikachu like that. You did a great job.” The kid immidiately perked up.

     “You mean it?” He asked.

     I think you will find that Ash Ketchum hardly ever says anything that he doesn’t mean.” said a deep voice from behind Ash. The kid‟s eyes went wide. A man wearing a black shirt and pants walked forward. He had what looked like a black caped on, two pins at the end holding them togethar. His skin was completely black, but his hair was bright yellow and stuck out as though they were made of bone, not hair.

     “Are-are you...?” The kid stammered. The dark man chuckled.

     Yes, I’m Ecthros. Great skills you have, boy, what say I walk you to the Pokémon center to get your Raticate healed.” They boy grinned and nodded, and they

    walked off togethar. Ash smiled.

     “Pika-pi(Show-off!)” Pikachu called at Ecthros. Pikachu then jumped up onto

    Ash‟s shoulder, and they walked outside.

     Misty lay in front of the pool (Which had a staryu, Starmie, Tentacruel, and Golduck in it) in her bikini, bathing in the sunlight. She heard someone whistle, and looked up to see Ash looking at her, grinning. She threw the bottle of Sunscreen at him. “Pervert!” She teased. Ash dodged it and grinned. Misty walked up to him and hugged him.

     “So where‟s Anna?” Ash asked.

     “She went to look around for some new Pokémon, you remember she‟s started collecting.” Misty reminded him.

     “As if the Arcanine wasn‟t enough...” Ash thought of the huge Arcanine Anna had takled in the forest, which had never left her side since.

     “So how was the match?” Misty asked, even though she knew he had probably

    won. No one had succeeded in defeating Ash in a long, long time. Ash told her all the details of the battle, and then about Ecthros. Misty groaned.

     “Ever since we made his existence public, he can‟t get enough attention.” She sighed.

     “Folding his wings to make a cape is pretty clever though, don‟t you think?” Ash asked. They both knew what Ecthros really was, thanks to them, it was public fact. He was a living symbol of Giovanni‟s evil. Giovanni had merged Ecthros‟ DNA with that of

    several Pokémon, and never bothered to undo the process. Ecthros had brought Ash and Misty togethar years ago, and they had, togethar with Brock, destroyd the entire Team Rocket complex and got Giovanni and his minions in prison. All except for three. Jesse, James, and Meowth had joined Ash and his friend on their journey along with Ecthros and his old lover, Anna. Anna had been mutated as well, but used the DNA of a ditto to transform back to a human. She could never transform back into a mutant, no matter how hard she tried. Then they had been attacked by another team, calling itself Team Death. They had to go through a lot to get to their complex, and, when they met who they thought was Capón, Giovanni‟s brother, they found that in truth Capón was dead and

    Giovanni was the head of Team Death. Giovanni had been executed years before, and Ash and his friends could finnaly return to their journy. After becoming a master, however, Ash and Misty were forced to say good bye to their friends, Jesse, James, Meowth, and Brock, who had lives of their own to lead. Anna and Ecthros had stayed with them, though, and for that they were thankful.

     Their thoughts were inturrupted as Pikachu tripped, sent out a thundershock by accident, and shocked all the Pokémon in the pool. They turned on him and started attacking him. Ash and Misty laughed as they saw a terrified Pikachu running from Misty‟s angry Pokémon. Misty called back her Pokémon, and they headed back to the main building.

     Anna, Ecthros, and Arcanine were already there, talking. Anna was holding an ultra ball, and smiling. “What‟d you get?” Misty asked.

     “It‟s a Cubone,” She announced, “I‟ve always wanted one!” Ecthros smiled, revealing his pointed teeth. Arcanine was looking very proud of itself, and started talking with Pikachu.

     “So, what did you do to the kid?” Ash asked Ecthros.

     Are you implying that I would show off my power just to impress a young trainer? Ash, I’m shocked.” Ecthros grinned.

     “Well, let‟s see...” Ash pretended to think, “I didn‟t think so, until I heard about the time you blasted fire in front of a kid, or the time you flew in circles around another, or the time that you-

     Ok, Ok,” Ecthros laughed, “I admit it. I didn’t do much, I swear...except lift

    him into the air using my psychic power...” He unhooked the ends of his wings, lifted

    them into the air, and flew off. “Gotta check something” he shouted to them, and then he


     “Let me see your Cubone,” Misty said eagerly, “They‟re sooooo cute!” Ash

    grimaced. Anna smiled and tossed her Pokéball on the ground. A small creature wearing a skull for it‟s helmet and holding a bone apeared.

     “Cubonebonebone?(Where am I?)” The Cubone asked. Pikachu walked over to it.

     “Pikapikachu(In the best place in the world)” They walked off togethar, talking.

     “Awwww! How cute!” Misty said. Arcanine scowled and looked at Anna.

     “Wonder what Alex was checking...” Anna said. (Alex was Ecthros‟ name when he was human, and Anna always calls him that).

     “With Ecthros, who can tell?” Ash asked her. He had given up trying to pry into Ecthros‟ past long ago, knowing that it didn‟t get him anywhere and only caused pain to Ecthros.

     Ecthros‟ wings flapped furiously, until he was able to glide. He looked around. What he had sensed was something very, very powerful. <Perhaps a Pokémon?> he

    thought, then rejected the idea, <No Pokémon has that amount of power at it’s

    command.> Suddenly, something lunged at him. He instinctively swatted it, sending it crashing into several trees. He landed to get a good look. The creature stood up. Ecthros gasped. Before him was a four-armed Pokémon with fur like a Flareon. It had bulging muscles and black strips. Ecthros recognized it as once. “Champion?!” he

    exclaimed. The four-armed Pokémon smiled.

     “Champ-Champ-eon-on, champ.(Yes, I survived the destruction of my master‟s hideout.)”

     Well, what do you want here? You don’t stand a chance against me, you know that.” Ecthros snarled, revealing his fangs.

     “On, on champ, CHAMPeon. (I am in need of a worthy master. If you defeat me, I am yours.)” Ecthros fingered the Pokéball in his pocket. Anna had given him a spare „in case of an emergency‟. Ecthros smiled. Champeon lunged at the larger creature with all it‟s might, but Ecthros grabbed two of it‟s arms and kneed it in the belly. Clutching it‟s stumack with it‟s only free arms, Champeon was helpless. Ecthros spun around and let go, sending Chapeon into another tree. Enraged, Champeon opened it‟s mouth and sent out a blast of fire. Ecthros did the same, and their blasts met in the middle. Champeon pushed, and Ecthros‟ blast pushed back a little. <Time to end this game> thought Ecthros. His

    blast suddenly expanded, and pushed Champeon‟s right back into it‟s mouth, knocking it

    out. Ecthros threw his Pokéball, and Champeon was caught. <I’d better get back to the

    others> Ecthros thought, and he flapped his wings, and flew off.

     Behind a tree, a cold laugh could be heard. <almost time...> thought a figure in silence, <almost time...>

     Pikachu walked alongside Cubone and they talked, careful that their masters wouldn‟t hear what they were saying. “Pikachupikapikachaa...(what were you doing in the forest anyway?)”

     “Cu. Bone bone bone.(There is something strange in the caves...something that

    does not belong....)” Replied Cubone.

     “Chu? Pikachu chaaa pika? (What, was it human? A trainer?)” Pikachu asked. Cubone shook it‟s head.

     “Bone, Cu, cuBone. (It was neither trainer nor Pokémon.)” Before Pikachu could question any further, Ecthros landed in front of them, with a Pokéball in his hands, grinning triumphantly.

     “What‟d you get, honey?” Anna inquired.

     A very rare catch indeed,” Ecthros said, “It is Giovanni’s creation: Champeon”

    They all gasped. Last time they had seen the four armed Pokémon they had been fighting for their lives.

     “How did you know that it was there?” Ash asked.

     What do you mean?” Ecthros asked innocently.

     “Before you left, you said „I‟ve got to go check something‟ how did you know that something was there?” Ash pushed.

     I knew something was there, however, that something was not Champeon.”

    Ecthros said mysteriously.

     “Do you always have to speak in riddles?” Anna teased.

     “What‟d you see?” Misty asked.

     I felt the presence of something...powerful. Too powerful. I had intended on sneaking up on whatever it was and watching it from afar, but Champeon ruined all chances of this.” Ecthros explained.

     “You mean it wasn‟t Champeon you sensed?” Ash asked.

     No.” Ecthros said flatly, “It was much too strong to be Champeon, who I easily

    overcame. I fear this thing may be stronger than myself...let us hope that it’s intentions are good.” This surprised everyone; there wasn‟t much that was stronger than Ecthros.

     “I‟ll have guards search the perimeter,” Ash said, “Don‟t worry. We‟ll find this thing.” He kissed Misty and walked back into the building. On the way there, Pikachu told Ash about his conversation with Cubone. “So, whatever it is will be in a cave, probably,” Ash said, “Thank you, Pikachu, you‟re the greatest.”

     “Pika!” They walked over to the guard station.

     Misty lay back on her chair, and Anna pulled up a chair next to her to talk. Cubone was looking sadly at the water. “Sorry Cubone, You know that water is painful for you.” Anna told him. The Cubone nodded sadly, and walked over to a corner to lie down. Feeling sorry for him, the other Pokémon left the pool and kept him company.

     “Oh, how cute!” Misty exclaimed, “I wish I had a camera.”

     “Wonder how Champeon got all the way over here.” Anna wondered out loud.

     “Well, Champeon has at least the strength of a Machamp, so it should be tough enough to make the journy, the question is; how did it know where we were?” Misty pointed out. Ecthros had taken off into the forest again, apparently wanting to make sure nothing happened to the guards. Ash and Pikachu soon rejoined them, with no news.

     “They‟re searching every inch of the forest and going in any caves they can find,” Ash announced, “If anyone can find this thing, it‟s them.”

     “It‟s funny...” Anna said suddenly.

     “What, that they‟re all looking in the forest while we‟re at the pool?” Ash asked, “Hey, it‟s what they get the big bucks for.” Anna smiled.

     “No, that‟s not it, it‟s that you never even questioned that Alex had sensed

    something, it‟s like you‟ve gotten used to taking his word with little information to back it up.” Anna pointed out.

     “Yeah, well, short of trying to beat it out of him, which would be difficult,” Misty said, “It‟s kinda hard to get stuff out of him.” They all had to agree with this, not much

    could get Ecthros talking when he tried to keep something hidden. Pikachu went to join the other Pokémon, but tripped and fell into the water, causing the group to burst into laughter. Embarrassed, Pikachu shook the water off and joined his fellow Pokémon, who were deep in conversation about something.

     “Mie, Star Star. (What was it that made you leave the caves?)” Starmie asked Cubone.

     “Cubonebonebone.(I think that it used to be human, but something changed it.)” Cubone tried to explain.

     “Pika! Pikachu, chaaaa,pikacha.(Was he like our friend Ecthros?)” Pikachu asked, afraid what the anser might be.

     “Bone. Cuuuu! Cubonebone.(He was a lot like him...except bigger.)” Now Pikachu looked very scared.

     “CHAA! Pikachu,pika!(Do you think that it might have been the creature we faught at Team Death HQ?!)” Pikachu asked Misty‟s Pokémon.

     “Cruel. Tenta, tentacruel!(I certainly hope not.)”

     “Hya! Hya, hya!(If so, we‟re in big trouble)” Staryu pointed out.

     “Pika! ChaPikachuuuu!(We‟ve got to tell our trainers!)” Pikachu said. They all nodded. Though Pikachu could be clumsy at times, no one questioned him as their leader, he was very respected, even by more highly evolved Raichus. Pikachu dashed over to Ash, who, Along with Misty and Anna, were sunbathing. Pikachu tugged Ash‟s bathing suit.

     “Pikachu, what‟re you doing?” Ash asked.

     “Pika! Pikachu, chaa!(Ash, we‟ve got to talk!)” Pikachu said. Ash saw the worried look on his face.

     “What‟s up?” Misty asked.

     “Pikachu wants to tell me something. What is it, buddy?” Ash asked.

     “Pika! Cha, pikachu!(Ash, we think that the thing in the forest may be what we faught at Team Death!)” Both Ash and Anna‟s eyes went wide (Anna can understand

    Pokémon even better than Ash).

     “What? What is it?” Misty asked.

     “He thinks that Giovanni‟s monster is what‟s in the forest!” Ash exclaimed.

     “What?! Oh no, Ecthros is there!” Misty gasped.

     “Alex can take care of himself, but I think you should call back all the guards

    immidiately.” Anna said.

     “I‟ll do that!” Ash said, “And then I‟ll go into the forest myself to make sure that Ecthros is alright.” Misty hugged Ash tight and said;

     “Be careful, you‟re not Ecthros, you know.” Misty warned. Ash grinned and

    kissed her. Then he ran off, Pikachu right behind him.


     I jumped silently from branch to branch, a technique I learned long ago was much more effective than flying when searching for something. I saw one of the guards, holding a pistol and with a Growlithe at his side. I smile emotionlessy at that, as if a little dog is going to be able to defend him against the thing lurking in these woods. I came upon a small cave, and decided to go into it. I know it’s in there, I can

    feel its power, it’s practicly vibrating from the walls. Then I see it. A big red winged form, claws sharp enough to rips flesh in seaconds. Unlike myself, it is completely bald with a large forehead. I gasp, this thing looks nothing like me, and Giovanni’s

    creations always had. The Abomination looks me in the eyes and grins. “Hello, old friend,” it says, “You remember me of course. Well, rumors of my Death have been greatly exagerated. Here, let me prove it to you.” And suddenly, I was head to head

    with this massive form, just as I realized who it was.

     The guards had all returned from the forest, but Ecthros had not. Ash was worried, and Pikachu shared his concern. Suddenly, they hear a terrifying CRACK that sounded too much like bones being broken. Ash and Pikachu ran towords the sound as fast as they could, and found a small cave. “Didn‟t Cubone say that whatever this thing is, it‟s in a cave?” Ash asked. Pikachu nodded. “Then we haven‟t a moment to lose. Lets go in prepared, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Pigeot, Tauros, I choose all of you!” his five other Pokémon apeared and towered over him. “We‟re going into the cave, be prepared for the worst!” Ash told them. They nodded. Suddenly, Ecthros came flying out and crashed into a tree. Ash spun around to see what had done this, and saw a gigantic beast with blood dripping from it‟s claws. Ash knew what he had to do. If he could distract the creature long enough, Ecthros would be able to use Recover on himself, and be fully healed. “Hit that thing with everything you‟ve got!!” Ash commanded. They had all battled Ecthros before, and, though they had never won, their combined strength would have been at least good enough for him. What ensued was a slashing, Hydro-pumping, Razor-leafing, Thunder-bolting, Wing-Attacking heck of a fight. The beast would kick Blastoise, and find Charizard biting his arm. When he threw him off, he was hit in the face by Venusaur‟s Vine Whips. After a lot of brutal punishments from both sides, Ecthros

    joined the fight, tiping the scale heavily in Ash‟s favor. The creature, seeing that it had met it‟s match, tore a tree from it‟s roots and flung it at Ash. This had the effect the creature had desired; all it‟s opponents rushed to save Ash while it escaped. Ecthros was

    the first one there of course, and he caught the tree just inches before it would have crushed Ash. He dropped the tree and motioned for Ash to follow him back to the League Headquarters. “Sorry he got away,” Ash apoligized on the way back, “You would have had him, too.” Pikachu was on Ash‟s shoulder and licked his cheek. Ash hadn‟t called his Pokémon back, they were following him back to the Headquarters outside of their Pokéballs.

     I may not have survived if you hadn’t come,” Ecthros assured him, “I’m

    grateful for your excellent Pokémon skills.” This made Ash grin.

     “Do you have any idea what that was?” Ash asked.

     I won’t tell you yet, the others need to hear this as well. I need you to call a meeting composed of The Elite Four, all the Top Trainers you can gather, and, of course, our friends.” Ecthros said, “And a few Breeders wouldn’t hurt either.”

     “It‟s that important, huh?” Ash asked. Ecthros nodded. “Well, I won‟t let you down.” He walked into the building where the Elite Four trained. Ecthros followed him


     “You beat me again, Lance, I don‟t think I‟ll ever measure up to you, my little dragonmaster.” Said a soft voice from inside. Ash saw Lorelei and Lance on opposite sides of the room, a fainted Cloyster in the middle along with a Gyrados. On the sidelines sat Bruno, and aged Agatha, who was leaning on her cane. At seeing Ash and Ecthros, the two called back their Pokémon and greeted their friends.

     “Hey Ash, Ecthros,” Lance said, “What happened to you two? Why‟re your Pokémon out, Ash?”

     “What happened to the shirt I made you, Ecthros?” Agatha asked.

     Lets just say it was a casualty of War.” Ecthros said coldly.

     “Listen up, you guys, we need to call a meeting.” Ash said, “And I don‟t mean

    just any meeting, I want every Top Trainer in the world flown over here, I want all the best breeders brought, the best Pokémon Scientists, and Jesse, James, and Meowth.”

     “Ash, that‟ll be difficult...” Lance started, but was cut off by Ash.

     “Can it be done?” He asked sharply.

     “Well, yes but...”

     “Then do it.” Ash said. Lance suddenly cracked into a grin.

     “You‟re the damndest Pokémon Master I ever met, Ash,” He said, still grinning, “Alright, I‟ll do it. I‟ll have them all in by saterday.”

     After what seemed like months, but was in fact only a week, saterday arrived, along with all the guests. They had all gone to the Emergency room, waiting anxiously. They all knew that the only reason that such a meeting would be called would be if there was a really, really bad problem, and having Jesse and James there only added to the confusion. In the room behind the stage, Ash talked with Ecthros. Ecthros briefed him on what he knew, so that Ash wouldn‟t apear ignorant while Ecthros talked. When Ash came

    out onto the stage, he looked very pale. The crowd went silent. “Welcome, fellow masters, breeders, and all other friends. I‟m sure that you are wondering why I had this meeting arranged. I assure you that I wouldn‟t have done it if it were not of the upmost

    importance.” (“Since when did he start upping his vocabulary?” Gary Oak whispered, but was hushed by the crowd). “Ecthros will come on stage in a couple of minutes, but I think that I shall tell you a bit before that. You see, a couple of days ago, Ecthros was attacked by a creature of unknown origins at the time. This creature was stronger than even Ecthros, and it took our combined strength, that of my Pokémon and his own, to ward the beast off, which escaped. To give you full detail on this matter, here is Ecthros.” Ash

    stood aside as his large black friend walked up to the podium. No one dared whisper, many trainers feared the montrous man that had been Alex.

     Greetings, Pokémon associates of all variaties,” He bellowed, “What I am

    about to say will come as a shock to most of you. First off, I would like to add to Mr. Ketchum’s summary that I had caught Giovanni’s Champeon that same day, which arroused my suspicions.” He waited for the whispers to die down before continueing. “I

    informed our League Champion that I had felt a powerful force in the forests, and he sent out guards to search for it. I then went myself in search as well, and stumbled apon a small cave. Inside was the monster of Which Ash speaks, a gigantic Red creature with powers that surpass my own. Before attacking me, however, he spoke to

    me in a very familiar voice, and hinted to me who he was. Well, I have worked it out, and know for sure now who he is.” He paused for effect. “The Creature is none other

    than Giovanni himself, Leader of the infamous Team Rocket and Team Death.”

    There was a stunned silence, then Gary stood up.

     “How can that be,” He asked, “Giovanni was executed years ago!”

     I assure you, young Oak, that I am not sure myself. But do not forget that his Pokémon, or some of them, could assume the shape of human beings. I would not be surprised if he had left one of them in his shape, and left them to die in his stead.”

    Ecthros replied. Now Bill stood up.

     “What kind of powers do you suppose he had?” Bill asked, “If you could give me specific types that you believe he posseses, I could probably help come up with a decent counter army.”

     “Army?” Gary asked, “If we‟re going to build up a defense, I‟d say the best course of action is to have all the top trainers as the actual attack group, the experts and breeders as strategy, and Jesse, James, and Meowth along to help us with how they know Giovanni thinks. But we still have to be sure it‟s him!” Even Ecthros was amazed at how quikely Gary had taken the job. Ash took the podium again.

     “Alright then, who wishes to stay and become part of the resissting force?” He asked. Everyone‟s hand went into the air, not one person wanted to miss this opertunity to exploit their Pokémon‟s power. Ash grinned broadly. “All right then! The only thing I can say now is: lets get to work!”

     So they had it all figured out, Ash would be the main General, with the Elite Four and all the Top Trainers as his troops, Gary would be his seacond star General, the Breeders (Including Brock, duh) would be there to heal any Pokémon that were injuerd in battle, and the Nurse Joy of the Indigo Platuea joined them, the Pokémon Specialists, which included Bill and Prof. Oak, would be in charge of strategy, with Jesse and James to help them. As for Ecthros, he went out every day to search for Giovanni, but had yet to find him. For a whole week, all that was done was the preparing of the Pokémon for battle, and the human trainers as well. Then, one day, it finnaly happened. Ecthros came dashing back with news.


     The scent of Giovanni was everywhere. I knew that he had to be close. I landed in the forest to inspect closer, and what I saw made my skin crawl. I saw big foot prints, which obviously belonged to Giovanni, but that wasn’t what scared me.

    Following Giovanni’s steps were hundreds of others, each of them did not belong to a human. I rushed back as fast as I could to our base with the news.

     GIOVANNI’S COMING!!!! PREPARE YOURSELVES!!!!” Ecthros bellowed

    at the top of his lungues. Before anyone could react, there was an explosion from all over the sides of the room, and several freakish-looking Pokémon swarmed in. The attacked all of the Army that had been gathered, and everyone was defenseless. Hovering atop the chaos was the monstrous form of what they believed to be Giovanni, laughing spitefuly.

     “Retaliate!! NOW!!” Ash shouted, “Charizard, fight back! Blastoise, behind you!!” It was hopeless. There was no way they could win, the Pokémon they were up

    against were of multi type, and attacked only what they had an advantage against. Ash suddenly realized that Misty was in the crowd, and probably in danger. Then he spotted her. She was sitting on the floor, looking as though her leg had broken. Next to her was Anna, and in front of them was Arcanine, who was trying to hold off one of the mutated Pokémon. Ecthros was fighting with Giovanni up top, and he didn‟t look like he was doing much better than the rest of them. Ash realized that there was only one thing to do, and that was to escape. “EVERYONE, GET OUT, NOW!! WE CAN‟T WIN!!! GET TO THE BACKUP LAIR IMMIDIATELY!!!!” Everyone understood, and one by one, they started dissapearing, along with their Pokémon. Ash helped Misty mount his Pigeot, along with Anna and Arcanine. Ash sent them off, and he mounted Charizard. He flew up, just in time to catch a falling Ecthros, and they flew off into the distance. Giovanni stayed there, looking triumphant, and didn‟t even bother to try and follow them, nor did any of

    his Pokémon. Ash knew why, Giovanni had won a glorious victory, The Pokémon League was the one thing that made sure that laws were obeyed, without it, the whole world was in Chaos.

     They all arrived at their Auxiliry Base a few hours later. They had been careful to build it, and fill it with the supplies they needed, in case they lost such a battle. They had survived, but just barely, and everyone‟s spirits were low. Ash rushed to the hospital wing, where he found Misty having a cast put over her leg, as well as many other trainers in far worse condition. Anna and Arcanine were there, Arcanine had a cast around one leg. Ash pulled up a chair next to her, and held her hand. “Are you ok?” He asked, sounding very sad and worried.

     “I‟ll be fine, Ash.” She said, sensing that he was feeling very bad about the whole ordeal. “Don‟t blame yourself, there was nothing you could do.” She added soothingly. They embraced, hugging each other and trying desperately not to burst into tears. Jesse, James, Meowth, and Brock joined them.

     “I‟ve never had to heal so many Pokémon in my life,” Brock said, exausted, “He really whipped us, Ash, we had no idea what we were up against.”

     “Should have known,” Meowth sighed, “That‟s probably why he waited years, to

    build up an army of geneticly engeneered Pokémon. We didn‟t stand a chance.” Ash stood up.

     “That‟s not true,” He said, “We will beat him! He caught us off guard, but we‟ll be ready next time! We‟ll have Pokémon guarding the land and the sky, we‟ll train our Army harder than ever before, and we will beat him!” Everyone in the room looked at him, and Misty noticed that Gary was smiling with approval.

     “Ash is right,” Gary said, “We just need to find out more about these Pokémon‟s defenses and weaknesses.”

     I’ll take care of that,” Ecthros volunteered, “And I’ll also be able to make a

    map of the area surrounding the HeadQuarters.”

     “Right then,” Said Lance, “and I can supply a map of the Headquarters itself.”

     “Ok, if Ecthros can supply more info about the Genetic Pokémon,” Bill said, “Then Prof. Oak and I should be able to come up with an appropriate plan.”

     “Well, I don‟t think that there‟s much more we can do today,” Ash said, “Everyone needs some rest to ease their minds from the events earlier on.” No one could argue with that, and everyone was soon into their tents, except for Brock, Jesse, James, Meowth, Ecthros, and Anna. Ash lay next to Misty, not willing to get farther than a few inches away from her.

     “I don‟t like this,” Said James, “Giovanni let you guys get away too easily.”

     “He didn‟t need us,” Ash said sadly, “He‟s got the most important Government Building in the World under his command. No one can stop him and his army just yet.”

     “Well, once Alex gets the information, it shouldn‟t be too hard to defeat him.” Anna pointed out. They all nodded in silent agreement, except for Ecthros. Ecthros stared out the window, glaring into nothing. Anna put her arm around his waist. “What‟s the matter, hon?” She asked.

     Well, call me a sore loser, but I can’t stand that I was just beaten in every way possible by Giovanni,” Ecthros grumbled, “I should have killed him years ago, before

    any of this would be possible.”

     “Ecthros, there‟s nothing you can do about the past,” Ash pointed out, “You‟ll

    get your shot at Giovanni, don‟t worry. And besides, if you keep fighting Pokémon, you‟ll get stronger, and probably will be able to beat him.” Meowth yawned.

     “Well, I t‟ink the only t‟ing dat I‟m gonna do right now is sleep, you guys

    commin‟?” The cat-like Pokémon asked sleepily. Everyone followed him out except for Ash and Misty. After everyone had left, Misty stated her concern for Ash.

     “You seem awfully tense, Ash,” She said, “I think that you should get some


     “I‟m not leaving you,” He said stubbornly, “I want to make sure you‟re ok if Giovanni does come.” Misty sighed, knowing that she couldn‟t convince him to leave, and snuggled onto his chest to sleep. <Hmph, you‟d think marrying him would get him to

    be less stubborn.> She thought. Ash put his arm around her. Soon, she was asleep. but Ash had too much on his mind. Pikachu and all his Pokémon had their own tent to sleep in, along with the rest of their Army. Ash thought of Gary, who seemed to have become very friendly, and of Ecthros, who would be risking his life everytime he went back to the HQ, and of many other things. <I only hope that we can do this,> Ash thought, <Because, if not, we‟re done for. Giovanni will have complete control over the entire


     Ecthros felt the breeze against his face as he sped off as fast as he could to the League Headquarters. He would test every Pokémon on all sides, find out their strengths, weaknesses, and elemental types, and then come back with information. He would have to be careful to mask himself from Giovanni, but that was easily accomplished, he had much more experience with his power, and it was growing every day. Then a sudden thought struck him: Champeon. Why had it come when it did? It must have known that Giovanni was comming...but it didn‟t matter, Champeon was his now, and he had more important things to think about. He crept up silently on one of the genetic Pokémon, and attacked. He slashed it across the face, waking it up. It looked around, blasting fire from it‟s mouth, and sending electric jolts from it‟s hands. <Thunderpunch and Fire Blast>

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