Logistics and marketing of enterprise analysis and discussion on the relationship between_4366

By Tyler Lee,2014-11-24 17:06
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Logistics and marketing of enterprise analysis and discussion on the relationship between_4366

    Logistics and marketing of enterprise analysis and discussion on the relationship between

     Abstract The new economic era, the modern enterprise from the strategic height to grasp the concept of logistics and marketing relationships. Because

     The two are the core of enterprises capable of providing support and services, so economic times comes logistics, industrial and commercial enterprises in the

     Logistics operations and marketing strategy on the integration efforts will be a useful

    exploration. Haier Group's logistics operation has

     A successful practice. Its logistics system, the effectiveness of marketing support, from Haier good logistics mode of operation, but also benefit from the sea

     Fall management's strategic thinking and corporate economic mechanisms. Haier's

    marketing advantages are mainly in products and customer service, while Haier material

     Stream is its marketing activities provided strong logistical support. Logistics operation in the enterprise, we should infiltrate marketing ideas, according to Camp

     Marketing strategies to strengthen logistics management.

     Key words Competition Marketing">Marketing Logistics

     0. Preface

     For the production, sales or marketing integrated enterprise, modern logistics is the

    basis for their marketing. This is primarily a market-oriented, client-oriented modern

    enterprise type of competition should be recognized problem. A logistics company in

making decisions, should be the enterprise's logistics system, strategy or marketing

    strategy and marketing combine, from a strategic perspective to consider the logistics operation and market expansion, market competition. The new economic era, companies gain a competitive advantage mainly rely on speed, especially in the speed of

    innovation, and this speed is the fastest way to meet the specific needs of consumers, namely, "the lowest cost, the appropriate product in the appropriate

     When asked, transported to the appropriate place. "Haier's logistics revolution achieved some success in the operation of the logistics as an industry, it is also unconsciously strengthening its marketing-oriented features, making it a strong

    support of marketing , which can be from this paper, Haier's logistics, marketing analysis seen. Meanwhile, we are optimistic about the relationship between logistics and marketing strategy, this paper put forward by analyzing the 'logistics support, marketing, marketing, promotion, logistics, point of view.

     1. Resolution Haier logistics mode of operation.

     In today's new economic era, the modern enterprise must engage in modern logistics, while the traditional logistics revolution must also engage in business process reengineering, reengineering is to the original organizational structure, the kind of

    linear function of the structure of the pyramid-style flat-oriented reforms

    organizational structure, Haier's logistics headquarters is promoting a few products from the former Division 10 functional departments spun off, according to its division

    of functions consists of procurement, distribution, storage and transport of three division, uniform implementation of the logistics of the operation and management within the group, harmonization of procurement, unified material distribution, uniform product distribution, by integrating internal resources to optimize external resources, making the procurement, manufacturing support, goods distribution from the strategic integration.

     Modern logistics is different from the two largest traditional logistics characteristics:

    first, the second is a network of information. "First class" is the order of information flow, order information flow on the expression of an information society. Network refers to the global supply chain resources, networks, users worldwide network of

    resources and computer information network, "3 network" operating simultaneously, to order the flow of information value-added support. Synchronous mode by an

    efficient logistics operation to achieve "zero distance with the user's" strategic objective

    is the adoption of modern logistics Haier one hand grasp the needs of users, the other hand to meet the user needs to seize the global supply chain, access to enterprise's core competitiveness.

     Synchronized flow chart Haier Logistics

     Haier's ERP system, automatically and accurately generate a daily production line to distribution of materials BOM, through a wireless scanning, infrared transmission technology, modern logistics support, to achieve timing, quantity, fixed-point of the

    three fixed distribution; Haier original cross-stop logistics as well as flexible production

    line, realized the transformation from mass production to mass customization of the


     Enterprise logistics operation to speed up, will lead to the acceleration of capital operation and improve the efficiency of the use of funds, thereby reducing the cost of capital to achieve the purpose of increasing profits. The same time, the acceleration of capital operation, cost reduction to enable enterprises to increase the competitiveness of products, market share will be improved. This is Haier's successful market operation.

     2. For the operation of Business Logistics Marketing Analysis

     This stage of the market economy in different periods and age full of changes, is a good at changing the "magician." As a market competitor entity enterprise, the need to strengthen marketing, strategic planning, "instigated" the new market competition strategies and plans, in order to win their own survival and development opportunities. Previously, Haier company's plans to promote the mode to build and run the domestic first-class procurement, manufacturing and marketing systems, but in recent years, the system of competition and profit potential, close to the end, the company had to seek new strategies, more favorable operating way. Haier series of "transformation" and "recycling" demonstrates that it is a tough market for competitors.

     2.1 logistics operation from the marketing strategy point of view

     Logistics (logistics) to the business success of great significance, since the 20th century, since the age of 50, after "physical delivery" expanded logistics management market, "and so the concept of interpretation, to the 20th century, has gradually

    become enterprises in the 90 years to obtain and maintain marketing a powerful management tool of competitive advantage. La Lan Londe American Management scientists even predicted that we are in the 21st century will be the era of logistics.

     In today's global competitive environment, the customer service, quality and value, is even more concerned about the situation, the logistics will inevitably become more manufacturers, one of the core competitive edge. Refined and powerful supply and

    storage and transportation networks, for the agile manufacturing enterprise products to provide rapid response capability; full of goods and efficient distribution network, you can keep for the enterprise market, where the leading position to provide strong

    sales of logistical support. All the world's top 500 enterprises, they are world-class

    logistics capabilities of companies, by providing quality services to customers gain a competitive advantage. Haier is the hope that through the logistics restructuring,

    improving the market camp

     Sales network, as the world top 500 enterprises, as to achieve the overall objective of logistics management, that is the lowest logistics cost to provide customers with the highest quality service. When a certain stage of business development, logistics and operations are highly integrated, and positioning into a core competency, the right marketing strategy can play a cornerstone role in advantage, and marketing activities to provide comprehensive protection.

     2.2 Analysis of marketing logistics operation

     Enterprise's logistics on the surface appears to be the flow of goods, products, customer demand is involved behind the product price sales channels, service level and other issues, but in the most fundamental is the flow of corporate profits. Haier, in order to optimize supply chains, integrate enterprise resources and support for external sales, set up a modern logistics system, in order to meet sales and distribution network to expand or shrink, this aim is to control costs and expand sales and