a cinderella story

By Annette Carroll,2014-06-28 12:16
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a cinderella story

    A Cinderella Story

    L: It must be Halloween.Look what just flew in .The wicked witch of the Valley.

    F;I'm gonna be picking up Gabriella and Brianna at the Halloween dance.I'll be back by 12 sharp.


    L:Still got room in there,huh?

    F:well,if it isn't little Betty Crocker from the 'hood.Don't you have something to do,like cleaning toilets?

    L:You know ,I would,but I'm too busy running this place.But be my guest. F:I'm sorry,I can't,because I just got a 150 dollars manicure.Silver palm trees.

    L:keep it up,Fiona,and I'm gonna find a place to put my 6 dollars pedicure.

    F:Where are your skates?That's part of the uniform.

    L:Fiona,if I wanted to look like a clown,I'd join thecircus. F:If you were part of my circus,I'd have you clean elephant butts with a wet one.I don't think you realise that I could--

    L:Fire me?Oh,please,go right ahead.And let's see how many customers you have left when you do.

    F:I am a very appealing peason.

    L:Yeah,in your head.

Sam said to Austin in the male changing room

     You turned out to be exactly who I thought you were. I never pretended to be somebody else. Its been me all alone. And it was me who was hurt in front everybody. Look, I didnt come here to yell at you, Okay? I came to

    tell you I know what it feels like to be afraid to show who you are. I was, but I’m not anymore.

     And the thing is, I dont care what people think about me, because I

    believe in myself. And I know that things are gonna be okay. But even though I have no family and no job and no money for college. Its you that I feel sorry for. I know that guy that sent those e-mails is somewhere down inside of you. But I can’t wait for him, because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought.

     Useless and disappointing……

    In the party,Sam and Austin go out and talk.

    A:So,Princeton Girl,would you tell me who you are if I guessed it right? S:Maybe.

    A:Maybe?Well, how about we play "20 Questions?"

    S:How about ten?

    A:Well,I'll take what I can get.OK.First question:You do actually go to North Valley High School,right?

    S:Of course!

    A:Look,I'm just checking.I mean,you never know with the

    Internet...OK,next question:Were you disappointed when you found out that I was Nomad?Be honest.

    S:Surprisingly no.

    A:Did you vote for me for student body preesident?

    S:Surprisingly yes.

    A:Really?Hmmm...OK,I got it.Given the choice,would you rather have a rice cake or a Big Mac?

    S:A Big Mac.But what does that matter?

    A:Well,I like a girl with a hearty appetite.And besides,you just eliminated about 50 percent of the girls in our class.You'd think I'd remember those beautiful!

     (They come to a beautiful garden.)


    A:If I asked you to dance,does that count as a question? S:These's no music.

    A:So? (They are immersed in the beautiful atmosphere.) S:All out of question?

    A:Do you believe in love at first sight? S:I'll let you know. A:But I've seen you before.


    A:How could I have seen you before and not know who you are now S:Maybe you were looking,but you weren't really seeing.Hey,you've got

one more question left.

    A:Do you,Princeton Girl,feel like you made the right choice meeting me here tonight?

    S:I do.And do you,Austin Ames,ever wanna see me again after tonight? A:I'd have to think about that...absolutely.

     (Sam's alarm clock tells her it's almost midnight,and she must leave.) S:Ahhh!Not now!!


    S:I've gotta go.

    A:What? Do you have a curfew or something?

    S:Something like that.I'm sorry,but thank you.This has been the most amazing night.

    A:Wait!Where are you going?

    S:I'm late.

    A:For what?


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