Based on technological innovation and the implementation of deep-level military and civilian integration_6795

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Based on technological innovation and the implementation of deep-level military and civilian integration_6795

    Based on technological innovation and the implementation of deep-level military and civilian integration

     Abstract The vision of globalization, the development of high-tech

    specialty products ideas on how space research results through technological innovation catalytic conversion to civilian development and management; and tested through market competition, technological innovation and deep-seated the success of the work of military and

    civilian integration.

     Into the 90's, the world of computer technology and communications

    technology is developing rapidly, the traditional economy and information technology, Internet technology has been armed with the emerging global network economy. Economic globalization is bound to the state and the

    enterprise's economic activities and development strategies, a significant impact. Therefore, the face of economic challenges and opportunities posed by globalization, technology innovation as the basis to discuss the combination of military and civilian deep-seated development issues, in

    front of us has become an important issue.

     Space through technological innovation and scientific research on how the whole process of integrating military and civilian implanted, so that space required for scientific research and national economic construction material productive forces to achieve a deeper level of integrating military and civilian. This is different from the use of surplus labor in the production of some local businesses have already produced products of

    conversion behavior, also in the normal sense of the conversion then, require a substantial strengthening of national defense scientific research to develop civilian products into a key element. This is a key element is the transformation process as a whole, "catalyst" technology


     First, Schumpeter's theory and Bill Gates Inspiration

     Schumpeter's innovation theory was first proposed in 1912, in his "Theory of Economic Development," outlined in the technical innovation

    includes the following: First, the introduction of a new product or provide a new quality of a product (ie product innovation ); second is to adopt a new production methods (ie process innovation); third is to open up a new market (ie market innovation); 4 is to obtain a new material or

    new components (ie, resource development and utilization of innovation); 5 is to achieve production of the new organization (ie, institutional and management of innovation).

     Innovation and technology is not the same invention. A new invention,

    only when it is used for economic activities, the formation of physical productivity, in order to become "innovation." Inventor is not necessarily an innovator, and only dared to risk, the invention of the introduction of the new economy, into a commodity, people are innovators.

     Based enterprises as the mainstay of technological innovation, market-oriented in order to enhance international competitiveness as the goal, new products, new technology vision, through the research and

    development, engineering, commercial production, until a series of activities to promote the application of sum. World-renowned enterprises

    Bill Gates of Microsoft has been able to in such a short period of time become the world's richest man, is a computer with Microsoft Windows-based

    technical innovation inseparable. In the Microsoft Windows-based

    innovation, before man-machine dialogue operation so that general user daunting, it is Microsoft's innovation was to make the computer as personal computers become a reality. In contrast, we have developed a lot of civilian areas, due to lack of technological innovation, product no technical characteristics, the lack of popularization and application of innovative marketing methods, it is difficult to capture the market. Such

    as the eight homes, "Five Golden Flowers" household electrical appliances in the market has been booming for a while after a few others out of the market innovative products; some products for civilian use while still in the low prices the primary level, at home and abroad visibility of the market is still very low. All this requires the deepening of enterprise reform, the adjustment of product structure, the same time, take an integrated and coordinated package of measures to effectively strengthen

    enterprise technical innovation work, more effective space research results into innovative features, there is a market competitive a new generation of civilian products.

     Japan, such as industrial robots, CNC machine tools, carbon fiber materials, video technology, liquid crystal display technology to reach the world leading level high-tech fields, and has Sony, Panasonic and some other world-class brand-name companies and brand-name products. In fact,

    the invention and the principles of these technologies are not produced in

    Japan, but from the United States or Europe, only Japan has a number of vision, the courage to risk the technical innovation of entrepreneurs, because of their efforts, "catalyst" and " Conversion ", was able to make scientific and technological achievements of foreign countries into the world's best-selling brand-name products.

     China in areas such as home appliances, through the introduction of advanced technology, continuous technological innovation, but also emerged

    a number of brand-name companies and brand-name products. At present,

    China's annual number of scientific and technological achievements have 30000 come out, however, can be applied in the production of stable and formed only 20% of the size, can form only 5% of the industry, can form a

    more brand-name products dominate the market is reckoned to number. Thus, our research results of the conversion rate is very low. Analyze the reasons is no more than two aspects: First, scientific research units farther away from the production practice, combined with the development and production of civilian goods is not tight; second is the lack of a number of manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, as a visionary entrepreneur. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Second, with the vision of globalization, technological innovation and ideas, "catalyst" deep-level military and civilian integration

     Contemporary high-tech industry is based on the latest scientific and technological achievements through continuous technological innovation developed modern industry. For enhancing social productivity, improve our overall national strength and national security, have played a decisive role. As the high-tech in the world in the future development of the

    strategic high ground position, therefore, no matter which country you want to win power status in the 21st century, we must accelerate the development of high-tech, and has high-tech industry leader. Therefore, in

    high-tech areas of technological innovation, research and development

    characteristics of a new generation of civilian products is a new century of technological innovation based on deep-level military and civilian

    implementation of the combination of strategic focus.

     STD 5000 Series industrial control machine Secondly, the introduction of high technology in traditional industries to process innovation, improve the technological content of traditional products and product quality, accelerate the upgrading of traditional products is based on

    technological innovation as the basis for implementation of the conversion is another focus ofField. For example, the United States, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler, etc., using audio information system, through the sound signal conversion devices to issue audio instructions to guide

    processing, assembling on-site operations; Nippon Steel's Yawata steel mill paved 100 km-long fiber optic transmission lines, using PV systems to the product geometry and surface finish control in a very precise range.

    China's traditional industrial technology outdated, using high technology to transform traditional industries and there is much to do. Such as coal, petroleum, metallurgy, textile, environmental protection, machinery and other traditional industries, its production, testing, industrial control markets have a great technological transformation. 502 CANTON companies from the early 80s will be STD industrial control machines to the market, marketing more than 10 years, last year's sales there are still more than

    6000 million, showing an armed local traditions with the industrial PC

    industry, did a great market potential. At present, in addition to production and sale of STD industrial control machine, the Kang Billiton is developing a new generation of DCS industrial control machine, the high

    technology to transform traditional industries, the market grew and grew.

     Third, market competition and enhance their survival, development ability

     The market demand is based on technology innovation enterprises to

    implement the deep-level military and civilian integration starting point. Combined effect of military and civilian, and final from the market, reflected how competitive the market, market share, size, technical innovation and become a testing measure of success or failure of military

    and civilian integration. For example, the space two hospitals in the area of satellite applications research and development, that is, for the national economy and various sectors in this big market. They developed

    the "digital satellite news gathering station" using digital compression technology, as compared with the traditional analog system, with transmit signals of high quality, less susceptible to interference characteristics, extending the satellite transmission of video signals such as voice and

    data applications, constitute A mobile satellite communication earth station, is widely used in radio and television, news, public security, military, water conservancy, railway, education, and live coverage of rescue and disaster relief and emergency communications. In addition to technical strive to meet the multi-industry, multi-purpose performance,

    the hospital is using a new operational mechanism for the development of satellite application industry and expand market share. It is envisaged

    that through technological innovation and research and development of conversion areas, will become the development and implementation of high-

    tech industries combining military and civilian deep-seated an effective


     Military enterprises wishing to increase market competition, survival, development capacity, it is necessary to study in the civilian research and development in the product life cycle, from development of the market, improve product and regulation of market operators to extend

    the three aspects of the product life cycle; can also reduce the costs, expand distribution channels, to provide first-class after-sales service

    and other measures, so that the economic life cycle of goods to be a further extension. The second is to actively develop new products,

    upgrading old products, enterprise technology and innovative products aimed to make a timely renewal, there have been new products. This will require increased new product development efforts and increase development

    costs of inputs; to take various measures to stimulate research and development of new products, innovation and vitality of staff; also need a special body to ensure the development plan.

     Whether it is technological innovation or product innovation,

    enterprise management functions need to go through the progressive

    implementation and the concrete implementation at all levels. Innovation and management innovation in the enterprise occupy a very important position, in this sense, management innovation, technological innovation

    in the enterprise is an integrated and co-ordinating, guiding position.

    Therefore, the combination of deep-level military and civilian technology innovation work, innovation and the importance of knowledge sharing, attention to methods of transformation of business leaders pay attention to corporate culture construction, emphasis on the spirit of encouraging employees and try to do the following:

     First, restructuring the enterprises, the enterprise into an integrated high content of science and technology, innovative ability of science and technology development-oriented enterprises;

     The second is the establishment of Enterprise Technology Innovation Center, a full-time by such institutions to a unified planning and

    implementation of corporate product innovation and process innovation;

     The third is to establish an open, fair and democratic decision-

    making mechanism to mobilize and give full play of the entire staff's wisdom and creativity;

     Fourth, establish and be able to communicate with employees, facilities and environment, as well as conducive to each employee a culture of creativity.

     Aerospace company has a large technological advantage and superior management, technical innovation activities should be better equipped than

    the local enterprises, through technical innovation and the only way for

    this as soon as possible to put more declassified scientific research developed into a feature new products, developed into a high-tech

    industry, so that technological innovation truly become a business adapt to market changes, improve our competitiveness, enhance the development potential of the "catalyst" and "converters." Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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