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Lunar New Year Cultural Interpretation of the phenomenon of TV drama_4822

    Lunar New Year Cultural Interpretation of the phenomenon of TV drama

     Summary New Year TV drama's success depends on the specific time slots in addition, but also because it has a deep-seated cultural factors. First of all, New Year

    TV drama of the emergence and contemporary Chinese society and popular culture fit the psychological needs of in-depth, imaging the way it meets the public about the daily life of modern cities and the well-being of the cultural needs. Second, the Lunar New

    Year TV drama drama, reasonable structure, pattern and pure art and pure entertainment and in orientation, with the public appreciation of art and fun mode of formation of complicity. Once again, New Year TV drama in both the text of the narrative elements of modernity, another sense of the conservative characteristics of both, and set to make New Year TV drama not only satisfied the public's new urban culture of secular life, imagination, but also to the general public on the film with members of the public consciousness as the main body are not radical extremist

    ideological orientation is relatively good enough.

     Abstract title Video Perspective

     Key words Lunar New Year TV drama / prosperous / cultural interpretation of


     In recent years, the cultural market in the film is quite depressed situation, the hot New Year TV drama became a cultural phenomenon cause for concern. Undeniably,

    the Lunar New Year Chinese New Year TV drama prime time slots occupied by the success of its unique day conditions, business speculation strategy is also an important factor for sure of success. In addition to these factors, the success of New Year TV

    drama still has deep-seated cultural reasons.

     First, popular culture and daily psychological well-being of consciousness of thirst

     Lunar New Year TV drama popular cultural reasons, first of all have benefited from it

    in the mass psychology and have a strong foundation for daily living. Since the 20th century, 90's, people began to pursue the meaning of Chinese society, the daily secular life (not in line with the Western sense of the Christian opposition secular life). This

    daily to the city for the launch of space, and to a happy life and well-being of the sense

    of looking for and have to Zhigui. From movies and television cut into the New Year

and received the growth of space, it images as a narrative tool, to a certain extent,

    providing the public with the survival of urban modernity, imagination, completed a happy life and well-being to build and shape meaning.

     Speaking of this, we need to from the above-mentioned public life talking about the

    basic concepts or problems. The academic literature on contemporary culture and landscape analysis, often use or apply, such as the Western mass culture, consumer society is full of texture concepts, scope as well as theoretical system, so that the article studies the surface appear to have a very deep reason, but because of the relevant concepts and theories Presupposition, binary logic does not do more in-depth

    investigation, making point of view and conclusions drawn from social and cultural existence and there is a significant gap between itself appeared biased value judgments.

     "Popular" is difficult to give a clearly defined concept, with social and cultural changes, and its connotation and extension of time after the evolution and mutation and politics. The public is not "as a reified category exists," it is more "as a historical construction of social categories" and the existence (Note: Lawrence Grossberg: "Cultural Studies of the circulation", in Luo Gang, Liu Yu as editor of "Cultural Studies Reader", China Social Sciences Press, 2000 edition, p. 74,75 page.). In the current cultural and social context, the term "public" is the concept of diffuse features in the past to classes and social strata as the manner of determining the perspective has been difficult to apply them, and then dualistic thinking of the people to make a rigid demarcation can only be a kinds of theoretical travel. With the persistence of social transformation, and the crowd by showing the universality of the characteristics of more and more significant, some of the boundaries and characteristics of force has been an "implosion" and "liquefaction" trend, "we are moving towards a position of not a fixed group of community, special groups and stable way of life (which is outstanding performance in the clothing choices, leisure activities, consumer goods, physical deportment) has been exceeded "(Note: Mike Featherstone:" Consumer Culture and Postmodernism " Liu smart translation, Yilin Press, 2000 edition, p. 121.). In the current rapid changes in Chinese society, the media developed an unprecedented

    situation, with the public nature of the psychological and cultural elements spread in the population flow of fabric, a lot of things such as values, appreciate the psychological mechanism has been interesting and even constitute a collective total of the. Thus, in the current China, the mass formed by the cultural needs of the market's driving force is difficult to estimate, and a prosperous New Year TV drama are good. It will set goals and focus of the observable in the mass society, the public life, cultural and psychological needs as the first one, which for its popularity has laid a most crucial step. Well, the Chinese public has, what kind of psychological needs? I think that in many of the demand, the daily life and their well-being of modern life and desire for

    happiness is no doubt bear the brunt. To make this analysis, but also talk about the problem from everyday life.

     The division of the world in life, the everyday life compared with non-life is a priority

    nature. As "may experience" the field of human existence, it is "worthy of the most important of the world" (Husserl language), of course, refers to the rule of alienation is not a rational science and technology in daily life. Here, we can not help but ask to do

    this: people from the last century, it has a true sense of the routine of daily life or happiness? Half of the 20th century, people experienced the turn of the threat of civil war and foreign war a war of survival, full of internal and external problems and war,

    terror, how can we talk about everyday life! After 80 years of political life while coming to the end of schemata, but the intellectual elite of historical reflection and self-

    conscious cultural movement or trend of thought are still questioning the manner

    presented in the social and cultural environment, the atmosphere is full of reflection and anxiety. From the people's cultural and psychological terms, whether it is speculation the world body, or the existence and questioning the meaning of clarity,

    these have been the traditional culture as a "deposit, regardless of" overhang handled

    things, but also people do not want to face and bear with, coupled with radical political influence still need to gradually subsided, people still do not enjoy the authentic

    everyday life.

     Since the 90s the situation was radically changed in the globalization process of the coerced, has been forgotten or forced away from the daily life and have been found again. Right to the individual and the family as the basic unit to build peace and

    tranquility (Confucius that says "no worry about poverty, suffering from anxiety," is the Chinese people's collective unconscious) of everyday life and the resulting vapor up "happy consciousness" is the Chinese nature of the most obsessive and long for. In fact, in the traditional model of pre-modern civilization, China has a huge and heavy over

    the daily life of the structure, this life is "filled with inert apartment of traditional culture." But the picture of the daily life of a modern city but with the right people for the freshness and curious nature. As a modern living space of the city are also undergoing transformation, gradually dilute the political function of the city, highlighted the strong economic and cultural functions. It is undeniable that the

    transformation of urban social and cultural transformation in the whole occupy an important position in the city in the globalization process is not only is the world's ever-

    changing focal point, but also the center of today's literary and artistic expression.

    Urban has become the daily life of Chinese people in transition, and reconstruction of the main launch took place.

     The late 90s of last century, the Lunar New Year TV drama on stage, festive atmosphere, it relies on people's daily lives for the needs of happiness, family and individual life-based narrative, to comedy as the basic narrative style, in the city the daily life experience of weaving on the basis of an ethical and a warmth of the day to day mundane emotional stories in order to compensate images for daily survival and well-being of the public awareness of expectations. Such as "happy hour", "Garrulous Zhang Damin's happy life," "Family Harmony", "endless", "not see lingers," "A Sigh" and so on. Lunar New Year TV drama's success lies not only satisfy the public's cultural and psychological needs, while the image on the image culture has a natural advantage is also an important factor. In the image has become a center and hegemony today's era, the Lunar New Year TV drama has not only the natural advantages of certainty, but also in performance and mass content of the psychological needs of deep cultural fit. Therefore, the Lunar New Year TV drama's popularity at home has a deep cultural and popular base.

     2, "and in" the victory of

     Lunar New Year TV drama in today's situation a variety of media hegemony of the cultural and social background to shine, another popular reason is that it is in narrative style and the art of positioning, and the general public to enjoy the traditional

    model of literary and cultural orientation has a depth of fit. This is mainly manifested in the New Year TV drama familiar with the popular literature and art appreciation "logic model" and the art of positioning and orientation of the (range between pure art

    and pure entertainment), etc.. Lunar New Year TV drama's success is a "neutral" victory, but also the Chinese New Year TV drama Having understood the spirit of traditional Chinese culture results.

     Enjoy the appreciation from the habits and mode of speaking, the Chinese public's "logic model" soft spot, that is, preference for "convincing people with reason and move them with affection," the story of ethics. Chinese culture is ethics-based culture,

    literature and art is the focus on the traditional function of narrative ethics. Chinese cultural tradition of the "truth" and Western cultural traditions of the "truth" is

    different from Western culture, the spirit of the "truth" is "truth" is a nature and significance of the questioning, emphasis on science and rationality; while the Chinese culture The "truth" is "Henry" or "logic", emphasizing the right things as "good" solution, that is, to make ethical and moral judgments, such rationality is secular rational or practical reason. These differences in Chinese and Western films and narrative-oriented production methods have obvious comparison. Western Movies in the universe, nature exploration, the conquest of adventure themes such as suffering in China, the film is extremely rare. Because it is the Chinese public has exceeded their scope of interest and concern of interest, showing a knowledge beyond the limits of false nature of the post, the mass which will not be sold, the Chinese culture's also "keep, regardless." As for the secular family gossip and the reality of man is man and other topics of non-citizens are most concerned about its psychological and emotional affects of great sex. As Montesquieu's theory of Chinese and Western law in the spirit of non-

    expressed in the same time, China's "etiquette" is a color with a strong emotional ethical rule of law, the Chinese people, "religion, law, customs, manners are all mixed together, all these things are the moral, all of these things are virtues. The four who

    Zhen regulations, the so-called decency and propriety "(Note: Montesquieu:" On the

    Law of the Spirit "(I), Commercial Press, 1961 edition, p. 313. ). Chinese culture was reasonable for the things in the mass-oriented model has a broad-based, not only for

    everyday culture and everyday life of non-literary and artistic world, have a direct

    impact. As an important component of popular culture, film and television literature, this model has a more intuitive characterization and, for the New Year shooting of the

    film and television drama this tradition have a more vivid presentation, and highlight. Television drama is a special Lunar New Year holiday and the special production, which determines its win at the box office but will pay more attention to content and

    orientation of the national character, the times and popular appreciation of the psychological and habits. This is the life line of all types of commercial culture and the arts by an irresistible, because "to the general market as the goal, means that content

    must be reduced to be widely consumed Motif" (Note: Baltic Du Er Deng: "Media Edge ", quoted from Yang Lu, Wang Yi, a selection of" popular cultural studies ", the Shanghai Joint Publishing, 2001 edition, p. 182.). "The market is only the public's lead,

    found the most popular thing is the best thing. It is not acceptable iron laws of a non-

    marketable good thing," (Note: Hall Tucson: "On the bitter vulgar art," turn quote from "Blue Book of Chinese Culture (1995 ~ 1996)," Lijiang River Press, 1996, p. 52.).

    Therefore, the Chinese film and television industry even the biggest names in directing, film and television drama in guiding the New Year when they can not make any major departure from even the slightest slight. They play in almost all the structure in order

    to reasonably model of conflict to movies and TV dramas, and in which the ethical and moral judgments imply slightly to create a Department of life, light comedy, to show the daily life of modern people, family, emotional and undertakings and other usual

    story. With the public's appreciation of the conspiracy model is undoubtedly the Lunar New Year TV drama won the confidence in the victory of one of the secrets. By the local color with a reasonable model of orientation is determined, the Chinese people of

    pure art and pure entertainment, film and television drama is difficult to accept smoothly. The former so that the public felt the unbearable burden of survival, while the latter is the sense of the unbearable lightness. In fact, China's old and new

    generations of directors and all imbued with lofty artistic pursuit and make a valuable exploration, from the early 90's "Yellow Earth" to the recent "Kekexili", which contains the human existence and life of the deep Betting thick cultural and philosophical perspective, the aesthetic is also very avant-garde and innovative art

    rather while these award-winning films, but in the market are often affected by cold. Because the narrative element is not strong, the plot to play down, age is unclear, the

    dialogue too few movies, so that the public feel more depressed and heavy, Ji Buqi enjoy the fun and pleasure. Quite a lot of artistic value, and the pursuit of pure art films have thus been shelved, or even being neglected and was covered with dust of history. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     As a pure art films, the other extreme, pure entertainment (pure game) film equally difficult to win public favor. Because neither the spirit of Chinese culture and art of

    Dionysus nor Apollo; neither a pure sense of questioning, nor simply the spirit of the game, do not like to talk about an alternative; neither "Dream" is also no "drunk" because they were not in within the context of practical rationality. It is undeniable that in recent years, Hong Kong and Taiwan entertainment comedy movie is very active in the mainland media, but the actual situation, it is only among young people occupy a larger market share, in the elderly seems to be not so wonderful, have a certain people of their age and experience was too oily and noisy style of the attitude of indifference or even be rejected. Therefore, to truly grasp the public's heart, both the arts and entertainment is no doubt an excellent comprehensive strategy, which is taking the road of Chinese popular movie a space where the growth can not be ignored, Feng Xiaogang's success is an excellent instructions. Television drama in Feng's New Year's position on the narrative, both about ethics, but also no shortage of cold-stressed

    humor; in the cultural spirit of the pursuit, both digestion and subversion at the same time there are ideals and trace; in the arts of means, both post-modern The artistic

    elements, but also absorbed the performance of the means of modernism; in both the overall style is also elegant vulgar, both commercial is not entirely given up artistry, both games are also suspected of oily ethical point and critical edge.

     3, Modernity and the conservative nature of the

     The reason why New Year TV drama cause for concern, because the text still lies in

    their narrative of modernity in both factors, there are the conservative features of consciousness. The main factors of modernity manifested in the city center of gravity shift of narrative film and television, conservative mainly refers to the film advertised

    in the public consciousness and popular culture, post-modern spirit. The combination

    of the two New Year not only satisfied the popular TV drama for the new urban culture of secular life, imagination, at the same time, the public awareness of the film to

    the public as the main body are not radical extremist ideological orientation is relatively good enough.

     Modernity is an important degree of civilization of a country characterized by the whole world from the point of view, "modernity is and the last two centuries of

    industrialization and urbanization linked" (Note: John g: "Post-modernism and mass

    culture, "Wu Songjiang and other translation, Liaoning Education Press, 2001, p. 367.). Since the 20th century, 90 years, China has become a social and cultural urban

    center, therefore, the process of modernization of the urban life of modern man about the changes and desires of life has become an urgent task performance in the film. While there are some movies and television here involving urban themes, themes such

    as youth, intellectuals, and reform topics such as themes, but the city only as a background to the story started, the city does not belong solely to write. Emerged in recent years, more than New Year TV drama is not only a more comprehensive display

    of the changes in urban life, but also pay more attention to the city of culture in transition, the lives of the general population trajectory of the former environment in, the performance of their daily life, emotional desire, survival dilemma and life changes.

    Lunar New Year TV drama "Garrulous Zhang Damin's happy life," "Family Harmony", "Party B", "not see lingers," "endless", "A Sigh", "mobile phone" and so on, almost all of keenly as image capture rapid changes in the survival of ordinary

    people as well as the forefront of the phenomenon of urban life and habits, interpretation of the business community under the impact of the various strata of people's everyday desires and dreams.

     In the New Year TV drama to give full recognition of the meaning of modernity, we

    can not fail to see the New Year TV drama still latent, and filled with more conservative ideological factors, which mainly reflected the conservative ideological factors, non-reflective Members of the public consciousness, post-modern culture, spirit

    and tradition of the people thought the smooth docking worldly pleasures, artistic eclecticism principles. These factors make New Year TV drama win public acceptance, but as a constraint to its self-transcendence, where the obstacles lie, so that the Lunar

    New Year TV drama is difficult in the ideological realm of art and the level to achieve self-transitions.

     Lunar New Year TV drama can not escape the fate of the market, it must put their cultural roots in the soil of civil society, it would be no way to survive. This will inevitably determine the awareness of the people it regarded as a model, and the public awareness of one of the most striking feature of the ideological and spiritual shall be conservative. This mainly for being too conservative indulging in daily life and human relations, emotions, overly concerned about their own stability and happiness of life dimension of the lack of reflective thinking to meet the survival of the status quo, or even refuse to have old-fashioned new social psychology, these are to make New Year TV drama is full of rich people-oriented philosophy of life. Some scholars have had a

    simple conservative tendencies who has done such a description: "prefer to be familiar with things and not know something, they would rather go through the test without the test of something rather than something to be fact rather than myth and prefer to be realistic rather than a possible ... ... to be convenience rather than perfect, rather we

    still laugh, rather than utopian ecstasy. "(Note:约翰凯克斯:" For the conservative

    defense "should be Qi, Ge Shuilin translation, Jiangsu People's Publishing House, 2003 edition, p. 7.) Lunar New Year TV drama reflected in the state of mind and spirit of the

    character is generally satisfied with the existing way of life, almost non-existence of

    their own reflection-type look, only focus on in their own immediate life, "Family Harmony", "healthy and happy", "Han Banquet," "not seen billowing" and so demonstrate such tendencies and spirit of the characteristics of the content.

     Of the last century 90's, post-modern thought in the world of daily life and popular

    culture, popular, film and television drama are more impressive highlight its performance, film and television drama Lunar New Year is also true. They are often using "inversion" (such as the little man big man accounted for the upper hand), and "anti-structure" of "deep play" ( "in which disputes were often prohibited, pain, hate, desire, dreams, fears, etc. can be presented "(Note: John g:" Post-modernism and mass

    culture ", p. 345.)) performance tools to confront the realities of film and television drama and the real irony in the" real structure ", often with subversion and digestion happiness, and even a carnival effect and meaning, no lack of real critical significance. Such as Feng Xiaogang's movie "Party B" in the wealthy has been under house arrest in the rural areas live in poverty and life experience, "Big Shot's Funeral" in the two little people control the world's top big-time director of the funeral, "not seen

    billowing" in foreign tramp to the police school and by the class content "reprimanded" the police, a real-audience access to subvert the order of pleasure.

    Lunar New Year TV drama "good days off together," also an anti-reality, the structure

    of master and servant, nanny often dominate the leadership of the owner or the family, owners tend to "swallow the insult," and even the final compromise. There are the usual Feng Xiaogang film made in the former Chinese political and cultural life of

    hypocrisy, hypocritical, and stylized drama satirize the phenomenon, as well as intellectuals, ridiculed and so on, these structures and ways of thinking of drama with the "post-sacred era of" cultural the form of consistent, fundamentally not without

    post-modern spirit of the elements (such as Disenchantment, Deconstruction, subversion and irony, etc.).

     However, we should also see that the Lunar New Year TV drama in the ideological orientation are often not uniform (which further reflects the post-modern culture,

    collage-style), the position of confrontation between the diverse and even contradictory phenomenon of common occurrence, called them "contradictions scattered collection of ideological elements "(John g language) is not too much. In the New Year TV drama, in the deconstruction of a number of pseudo-sacred, pseudo-cultural phenomenon, while

noble, often people of traditional culture and hedonistic post-modern ideology, docking,

    both in some way seems to like-minded hit it off instantly. Members of the public

    culture of the conservative nature is self-evident, post-modernism are also conserved in

    essence is suspected, it was a lot of philosophers denounce as a "neo-conservatism" (eg

    Habermas, Teliyige Dalton, etc.). Because the post-modern in the center of dualism,

    also relieved the depth and meaning, such as sacred and lofty spirit of a valuable quality, which makes it only the deconstruction of the power it has achieved absolutely nothing, causing people to deconstruct only after the plane of carnival, leading to the existence the significance of the collapse, which trapped in nothingness. Therefore, the post-modern difficult to provide meaningful, some just "illusion." Some New Year TV drama in the digestion and subversion in the past pseudo-political, pseudo-noble

    Survival and narrative, does not survive to find the meaning of transcendence, it is shown by the daily over-close relationship between human relations and a culture of excessive consumption of , and even to varying degrees, has the survival of some pre-

    modern and post-modern spirit of the characteristics of the negative factors rolled into one, thus the lack of truly modern entrepreneurial spirit and values. Is the leader in Feng Xiaogang's New Year TV drama failed to transcend the earthly world, "not seen rally to the cause," "endless", "A Sigh" to members of the public consciousness and ideological level of survival for the positioning of the secular-oriented rendering of life

    is far from victory over the value of the modern spirit and demonstrate. "Mobile" is seemingly a modern, but in reality the traditional male pleasure-seeking culture, the

    lack of sharp criticism of the consumer culture in the speculative attitude of life also seems to be rather ambiguous.

     Lunar New Year TV drama content of the performance of such a complex and diverse, due to, among transition-specific social and cultural background, the main lies and popular culture's "eclecticism principles." Generally speaking, most of kitsch art in the

    aesthetic, consciously or unconsciously worshiped "eclecticism" principle, as some scholars have pointed out: "The kitsch art producers must be aware of his public interest and desires vary. Because of this, and popular style of art as a fundamental

    doctrine is a compromise. "(Note: Mataikalin Constantinescu:" Five Faces of Modernity, "Shun Ai-Bin, LI Rui-hua translation, The Commercial Press 2002 edition,

    p. 268 ~ 269 pages.) Lunar New Year TV drama from the date of autopoiesis, its

    commercial nature and the market positioning that is self-evident. Generally speaking,

    in order to ensure the box office, commercial movie makers will try to avoid thinking and artistic tendency to extreme or radical nature of the resulting process of acceptance

    of risk. As a kitsch artist's commercial films "and will be used - consciously or

    unconsciously - a kind of 'mediocre' principle, this principle would give him the best guarantee that his work would be readily accepted" (Note: See Zhang ling: "Feng said:

    the audience is not God, is the opponent", "movie" 2002 No. 4.). In this regard, the director Feng Xiaogang of "Big Shot's Funeral" in handling the most representative. "Big Shot's Funeral" and the original called "big-funeral", but taking into account the

    appreciation of Chinese people's habits (hard to accept the tragedy), put the "funeral" should be removed. This piece at the end of treatment, Feng Xiaogang, said in an interview: "Anything can hard top," Big Shot's Funeral "I originally wanted to do an

    end of destruction, so might be a foreign film festival would like, but the domestic audience will not accept (Note : see Zhang Ling, "Feng said: the concept is not a God, is the opponent", "movie" 2002 No. 4.). It is precisely because the majority of ordinary

    viewers to consider the tastes, but also to avoid market risks but in the art treatment has been reduced and some give up, so the style of New Year TV drama in general is a calm, tender, and full of laughter, secular, despite the plethora of false dreams and

    consolation, but the public acceptance of them has been relatively smooth and easy.

     Prosperous New Year TV drama behind, full of very complicated reasons and background of contemporary culture, it is like a living specimen of this phenomenon in

    research and anatomy, for understanding and analyzing the nature of contemporary culture and society is very meaningful . At the same time, it should also be recognized that the Lunar New Year TV drama itself is facing a self-sustainable development

issues and how the challenge of self-transcendence. Even though the Lunar New Year

    Lunar New Year TV drama named after, but not only for the Lunar New Year and Lunar New Year, after all, New Year schedule of film and television drama is a short-

    term anomaly, while the Lunar New Year holiday period TV drama but not after the strands of culture, had become an eye cloud of dust, with the passing away of holiday The self-released into the atmosphere. Despite the short time slots, the Lunar New Year should be short-lived TV drama is not as fatalistic, because no matter what kind of art, it should be, in essence, the long-term as well as the eternal pursuit of charm. Lunar

    New Year TV drama should not stop with the immediate popularity of the status quo, but should on this basis to pursue continuous self-transcendence and the arts to

    enhance; should not only appeal to popular taste for the ultimate value of Zhigui

    should assume the implementation of public art to lead the mission, otherwise, simply pandering to the results, must be bored to the general public will eventually encounter abandoned conclusion. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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