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Lu Xun hybrid test 2_4944

Lu Xun hybrid test 2

     Abstract title Lu Xun


     "Symbol of depression," the first edition of Time of

     Japanese literary critic, literary and art Guliyagawa Proceedings "symbol of depression," is an art of Lu Xun attaches great importance to the proceedings, but also

    exerted an important influence on Lu Xun's literary proceedings. Lu Xun and the relationship between the book, a look at Lu Xun its translation and publication and the publication of monographs, the original records are clear-cut.

     Lu Xun's purchase of the book on the Japanese original. "Lu Xun's Diary," April 8, 1924 containing: "East Asian companies to buy" literary theory "," symbol of depression "... ... of a total of five-Pentagon." Cha Beijing Lu Xun Museum, compiled

    "Lu Xun's original handwriting and the collection directory ", we can see Lu Xun to buy the Japanese original," symbol of depression, "Lu Xun Museum in Beijing are still so far. Catalog is also credited with "Guliyagawa forward, Taisho thirteen years (1924)

    Tokyo transformation of society 50 edition, hardcover edges, Mr. Lu Xun Zhuan Table of Contents Previous articles have a party."

     With regard to Lu Xun's translation of this book. "Lu Xun's Diary," September 22, 1924 set, "Night translation" symbol of depression "open hand"; October 10 that year set, "Night translation" symbol of depression, "Hul." Termini Date clear calendar translation process is only 20 days.

     With regard to the release of this English translation and publication. In Lu Xun's

    translation process, the "symbol of depression," the Chinese translation of the first, the second part has already begun in the "Morning Supplement," serials, a specific beginning and end time of 1924 October 1 to October 31. Single volume first edition of

    time, according to the copyright page of "early December 1924 Edition", which has the original books to be investigated. In the 100 anniversary of the birth of Lu Xun, during the Beijing Lu Xun Museum, "Lu Xun's writings version of the exhibition," and the

    production of "Lu Xun's writings version of the exhibition catalog." In this directory, the "symbol of depression," the early version of the University, Beijing Library, the text description is "" symbol of depression, "Guliyagawa with Lu Xun's translation,

    Beijing Weiming Society early in December 1924 edition. This book is the gift of Lu

    Xun Sun Fei-jun, while some of Lu Xun inscriptions and seals, says 'to give Fiji Jun brother. translator'. " In order to leave kind of Lu Xun Tezawa as evidence, Lu Xun

    translated "symbol of depression," time is of the first edition in December 1924 is clearly white.

     Under normal circumstances, books and records on the copyright page, the book is naturally the original records of information, of course, being the researchers as an

    important basis. According to "symbol of depression" on the copyright page recorded its first edition is scheduled for the December 1924 books, I have seen are the following: People's Literature Publishing House, 1981 edition of "Complete Works of Lu Xun,"

    16 volumes; Wang Guan-Quan compiled, Heilongjiang People's Publishing House, 1979 edition of "Lu Xun Chronicle"; Beijing Lu Xun Lu Xun Museum, Research series, People's Literature Publishing House, 1983 edition of "Lu Xun Chronicle" and so on.

    In the "Complete Works of Lu Xun," Volume 16 in the income of "Lu Xun's translation of the chronology", which September 22, 1924, under the text entry is "only translation Guliyagawa Proceedings of the art" symbol of depression, "in October 10,

    complete translation, published in December this year, Shinchosha consignment, as "Unnamed Series" one. "Chronicles of the other two, the text varies, but in determining the" symbol of depression "in the first edition of the timing, with the" Complete Works of Lu Xun, "Volume 16 in the" translation of the chronology of Lu Xun, "is no different. However, not all of the writings of Lu Xun, Lu Xun, translated in determining the "symbol of depression" in the first edition of time, it's always in the first edition's masthead as far. In this regard, there are dissenting Bao Chang, Qiu Zhi-

    series, Tianjin People's Publishing House, 1979 edition of "Lu Xun Chronicle"; Fudan University, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai Normal College, "Lu Xun Chronicle" compiled Writing Group, Anhui People's Publishing House 1979 edition of "Lu Xun's Chronicle." Bao Chang, Qiu Zhi-made "Lu Xun Chronicle", 1924 12 at the

    end of the spectrum read: "This month, translated as" symbol of depression "as" Unnamed Series, "first published (by the New Tide Society consignment, in fact in the 1925, 2 moon book). " Fudan University compiled "Lu Xun Chronicle" March 7, 1925 spectrum of text is: "Literary Essays translated by" symbol of depression "(Japan Guliyagawa be) published by the New Tide Society." All these show that some

    researchers and not to "symbol of depression" the black and white first edition copyright page for Ping Xin.

     In view of the researchers on the "symbol of depression" in the first edition of the varied understanding of time, I deliberately made some investigation to solve this problem, the final confirmation of the time the first edition of the book can only be in March 1925. This means, "a symbol of depression," the first edition copyright page to "early December 1924 edition of" This Time is virtual.

     Confirmation "symbol of depression," the first edition of the time in March 1925, first published in December 1924 to exclude the possibility. According to "Lu Xun's Diary", 1925, 1,2 months, "symbol of depression" is still proofreading the draft of typography.

    Now, "Lu Xun's Diary" to do a summary of the relevant records:

     December 4, 1924: "School" depression of the symbol "."

     December 9: "School-printed draft."

     December 10: "Send New Tide Society printed draft."

     December 12: "Night School" hard sign "."

     December 13: "social correction issued to the new wave."

     December 15: "School" hard sign "draft."

     January 6, 1925: "Night School" hard sign "printed draft."

     January 7: "Send New Tide Society draft correction."

     January 14: "School" hard sign "printed draft."

     January 28: "Send the letter and correct the draft Xiao-feng and plates." "Complete

    Works of Lu Xun" in this article the comment was, "means" a symbol of depression, "ching-like, and copperplate illustrations."

     February 8: "Night V Park, the care of their draft to correct send Xiao-feng."

     Those on the "symbol of depression," the records, largely reflecting the Lu Xun proofread the book repeated typographical draft process. It can be seen: first, Lu Xun's

    "symbol of depression" proof-reading, started December 4, 1924, Hul on February 8,

    1925. That is, until the end of 1924, "symbol of depression" is still proofreading the draft of typography. 2, January 28, 1925 before the plates have not yet reach the Press,

    the book illustrations. In order to exclude "a symbol of depression," first published in December 1924, as the basis for it is very solid.

     Confirmation "symbol of depression" time is of the first edition in March 1925 based on the second, is pro-Lu Xun to be a "" symbol of depression "advertising."

    Advertising space short, is verbatim:

     This is in fact a literary theory, is divided into four chapters. I have been put in the article as usual, the clumsy Shibuya translated, there is no abridged, you will not be

    very mistranslation place. Printed in one, illustrations 5, Nett Pentagon, in the early publication of two weeks, the special triangular one-fifth. However, at this period,

    temporarily wholesale. Beijing University Shinchosha consignment.

     Lu Xun's Confessions

     The ad published in the March 10, 1925 "Beijing Daily News" (income "set outside the set Supplements Supplement"), which is undoubtedly "a symbol of depression," has just been published proof that. In particular, able to prove this point, is one of the "In

    the first published in two weeks, the special triangular one-fifth" of the concessionary

    period, could only be implemented when the book just published, rather than two or three months after the implementation of the publishing . This further confirmed that

"a symbol of depression" in the first edition of his time in March 1925.

     Confirmation "symbol of depression," first published in March 1925 the time for the third based on Lu Xun's kind of the initial receipt of the record books. Lu Xun was the

    translator of the book will naturally receive the book after the publication of the first kind of book. "Lu Xun's Diary" was first recorded on this matter is March 7, 1925, reads: "New Tide Society afternoon to give a" symbol of depression, "Ten." Perhaps

    this is the Fudan University compiled "Lu Xun's Chronicle" will "boredom The symbol "first edition is scheduled for March 7, 1925 reasons.

     In addition to the above, the "Complete Works of Lu Xun" in the "symbol of

    depression," some of the comments, but also can be used as circumstantial evidence. Although the "Complete Works of Lu Xun," Volume 16 in the "Lu Xun's translation of the chronology," the "symbol of depression" in the first edition is scheduled for December 1924, but the "Complete Works of Lu Xun," in a number of other comments do not follow the This said, for example:

     "Lu Xun's Diary," December 4, 1924 "School" depression of the symbol "" Note: "means the Review-ching kind of book reprints, to the school Hul in February 1925."

    ( "Complete Works of Lu Xun," Volume 14, p. 524 .)

     "" Symbol of depression "Introduction" on "symbol of depression," comments: "... ... in March 1925 published in monographs for the" Unnamed Series, "one of the consignment by the New Tide Society, Peking University, the latter replaced by Beixinshuju Publishing . "(" Complete Works of Lu Xun, "Volume 10 p. 233.)

     As everyone knows, the People's Literature Publishing House, 1981 edition of "Complete Works of Lu Xun" in the collection of essays by different units, respectively

    commentators comments. This may result in the face of the same thing, because annotations are the differences in understanding the formation of chumun different. Note the above text can show that the comment of the time, commentators have been on

    the "symbol of depression," first published in December 1924 was questioned, and after a textual implementation of the text in the note, but it was not verified during the formation of the text will be made public. Here, I exactly may be cited as circumstantial

    evidence, but also for those who advance the work of these comments again, leave some blotting.

     For the "symbol of depression" on the copyright page first edition of the time why the first edition than the actual time of the issue in advance, I have a can not be confirmed, and perhaps never be confirmed speculation. Lu Xun's translation "symbol of depression," the process has been learned that Feng has also translated this book, and know that Feng versions have been classified as "Literary Research Association Series" is one of the forthcoming publication by the Commercial Press. This situation naturally will also be informed by the publisher of Lu Xun's translation. Perhaps out of "sneak preview" of the purpose of the publisher of the book's publication was deliberately ahead of time. If this speculation holds true, then indeed achieved their goals - Feng

    translation "symbol of depression," published by the Shanghai Commercial Press, the time was in March 1925. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Lu Xun and Apollinaire's "bird pest Yin"

     The translation of the French poet Apollinaire, the translation of Lu Xun and the "Complete Works of Lu Xun" in the Note, appears too wide. In the translation of Lu

    Xun, Lu Xun translated respectively Yabo Yabo Li Li Nair and Nair; in the "Complete Works of Lu Xun's" Notes, in addition to follow the above two kinds of translation, is also translated as A-ri Nair, A slope ri-resistant, and Apollinaire. According to

    "Encyclopedia", Guillaume Apollinaire Apollinaire pass translated.

     Apollinaire (1880-1918) of life, Lu Xun had made a brief introduction, reads:

     Guillaume Apollinaire was Yiba Ba ? Nian Shi Yue was born in Rome, an illegitimate

    child, and soon, his mother would take him to live in France. That came from a study at Mount Ke school is visionary; in St. Charles middle school, there creation, 20 years on the compiled information. From Vagrant Restaurant, advocating arts, made many a

    poet, for the cubist painter Pablo Picasso was published in the world in the first study.

     In November 1911, Louvre museum paintings stolen in order to suspect is arrested and jailed him, but was finally released. In Europe since World War II, he went to the

    army, in the trenches, the artillery pieces to the broken nail on his head, the result into the Hospital. More after the marriage, the family is the joy. However, in November 1918 due to pneumonia and died in Paris, and a "truce Treaty" was established three

    days before.

     He good painting, to poetry. Translation here is "Le Bestiaire" ( "bird pest Yin"), a Cortege dorphee ( "A Erfei the protection from the") in one; and contains Raoul Dufy's woodcut. ( "Translation and Postscript Set")

     Need additional information on that, Apollinaire creative poetry, in addition to "bird pest Yin", and "wine collection," "killed the poet," "good text." In addition to poetry, Apollinaire also the author of the script, "Dileixiya breasts," commented Collected Works "was recorded aesthetic food for thought" and so on. Lu Xun describes Apollinaire began in November 1928, when Lu Xun being edited "pour" Volume 1, No. 6. This month's issue of articles, poetry large proportion of Lu Xun as a complement and highlight the features, but also translated Apollinaire's "flea" and Lu Gu Koji's "Tan Bolin's Song," "empowerment charge supporting . " "Flea" But four lines, Lu Xun translated as:

     Fleas, friend, lover,

     No matter who who loves us, who is cruel!

     We gave them to absorb the blood.

     A Yeah, beloved is the ones to suffer.

     In introducing the Apollinaire and his "flea" Meanwhile, Lu Xun is even more love poems, "bird pest Yin" in the woodcut illustrations, as in the "pour" Vol 1, 6 mid-term,

    but also chose the "flea" matches illustrations, this is the first time that Lu Xun

Apollinaire general scenario occurs.

     Lu Xun's translation of "flea", the Department of the University, according to Horiguchi translation Japanese translation. Horiguchi University of Japanese

    translation of "bird pest Yin," translation of "Animal Poems", Tokyo, Taisho first study, fourteen years (1925) first edition. According to "Lu Xun's Diary," recorded October 12, 1927 Lu Xun Shan from the inside to the bookstore to buy this book from the poetry of Apollinaire's been unable to forget. From July 1929 onwards, Lu Xun and the time to study music in France, letters dealings season Zjiren often one of the important reason is that Lu Xun commissioned quarter Zjiren to buy books and wood works. July 21, 1929 Lu Xun Send quarter Zjiren 1000 francs drafts, July 24, and stationery also send a money order a pack of about 50. Prior to then, Lu Xun is also frequently receive letters and books Zjiren season. October 4, 1929, "Lu Xun's Diary," it reads: "Late Harvest season Zjiren sent from France's" Le Bestiaire "1, price of 80 francs." Book that is Apollinaire's "bird pest Yin," French original Kanben. This process can be seen from the Lu Xun's "bird pest Yin" and obsessed and determined to Qiongsou.

     "Bird pest Yin," the French version first published in 1911. Lu Xun received the French version in Paris, "the head Bird Banshee" Press, 1919 edition. Lu Xun in the introduction to Apollinaire's life, when we talk about this collection of poems, describing it as " 'Le Bestiaire' (" bird pest Yin "), a 'Corteged' (" A Erfei retaining from ")." In accordance with Interpreters, the former translated as "little animals, sing", which is translated as "Aoufi entourage." This is directly from the French, the two poems were translated into Chinese, in addition because of the Japanese-language

    and from the Japanese-language translation in Chinese, as well as Lu Xun called at different times of different reasons, there are other sets the name of this collection of poems, where it is necessary to make 1:00 list. "Le Bestiaire" The interpreter is "small animals sing," Horiguchi the Japanese-language university is to "Animal Poems", Lu

    Xun, translated as "bird pest Yin", but in a letter addressed to Peter Wong (May 28, 1935), stated, " Animal Set "," Complete Works of Lu Xun, "notes there are" animal fable poem "and" Animal Fables poems, "the translation. "Coreeged'Orphee" Interpreters "Aoufi's followers", this is "animal small-sing" another set of names.

    Aoufi, is in Greek mythology famous poet and harp; Aoufi's followers pay tribute to and follow Aoufi was intended. On this set of names, Lu Xun, translated as "A Erfei retaining from", "Complete Works of Lu Xun's" Notes translated as "Ophir's protection from" and "Ophir's retinue." From the above we can see a different

    translation of Lu Xun's "bird pest Yin," translation of the most unique, but also most of the charm of traditional Chinese poetry.

     Both Lu Xun's translation describes Apollinaire and His poems, or a sought-after

    searching for "bird pest Yin," the Japanese translation, French, Lu Xun is more important purpose is to obtain and presentation of "bird pest Yin" in the woodcut illustrations. In Lu Xun's Zhu Yi, the bills relating to "bird pest Yin" by the woodcut

    illustrations are all mentioned. In introducing the "flea", the Lu Xun even said "So the reasons for the translation, but also is due to the illustrations, then the poetry is not of crucial importance, also can imagine." "Bird pest Yin," illustrations of the author, a

    French painter Dufy (R Dufy <1877-1953>). For Duffy, Lu Xun made the same


     "Flea" R Dufy's woodcut who sometimes writing Dufuy, a famous French painter, but also specializes in decorative; which is "fowl pest Yin," particularly well-known set of

    wood carvings. Set at the beginning there is a woodcut of his poem praising the noble and powerful line; L. Pichon in the "new French book figure decorated," also said that


     "... ... G. Apoollinaire book" Le Bestiaire au Cor. Tege'Orphee "The big wood

    carvings, is indeed a very Italian commendable. Is a wonderful bundle of paintings Garden painting, as a variety of special animals Xiangyan appearance. By Its line of body distribution and mysticism in order to become the best all-shaped decoration. "

     Apollinaire's poetry, and Dufy's illustrations, has been kept in Lu Xun's bookshelves, also in the above image has been kept in Lu Xun's eyes.

     May 1935, is guiding Huang Yuan Edit "translation" of Lu Xun, for the planning of Volume 3 No. 1 of the manuscript, in a letter addressed to Peter Wong said in fluent French Lilie will be invited to text translation "bird pest Yin": "I want to , you can pre-declare Mr. Xiang Li, knock on a bamboo bar and asked him to translation of "Fauna", had drawn pictures that must be optimistic for the readers. printed, when the illustrations do bigger, and soon can be a monograph. " Very regrettably, due to "translation" issue of the sudden end, the proposal ultimately failed to implement and achieve.

     Finally, the way to correct the People's Literature Publishing House, 1981 edition of "Complete Works of Lu Xun's" Notes of a mistake. In the "Postscript translation set" flea "Translator Postscript" zone in the "A Erfei the protection from the" zone is

    "Yabo Li Nile collection of poems written in 1914." The reality is, this collection of poems published in 1911. Not that other records, only Lu Xun, "" pour "Edit School Kee (6)" I said: "This book is千九百十一年, France Deplanch publication." Reposted

    elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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