Teaching Plan

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Teaching Plan

     Book 4 Teaching Plan

    Unit 1 Text A Who Is Great

     Text B How to Be a Leader

I. teaching purpose and requirement

    A. understand the main idea and structure of the texts

    Text A main idea

    a. Who is great?

    “Someone who has made a lasting contribution to human civilization is great”.

    b. the common characteristics the great achiever shave

    ------an unrelenting drive to succeed (Greatness is built upon tremendous amounts of study, practice and devotion.)

    ------birth order and timing affect a person’s leadership ability

    ------intelligence is not the most important factor in the success of military and political leader ;In sciences ,besides sheer intelligence thinking in a unique way seems to crucial to achieving greatness.

    ------an intrinsic passion for one’s work is a key to rising above

    Text B main idea

    a. the makings of a leader

    -----He must be able to come up with explicit and unquestionable solutions to problems or crises.

    ----He must be good at expressing their ideas in a simple, clear and effective way bringing home their forceful messages to all people.

    ----He is special, able to do something most of us can’t, but should not be too different from us.

    -----He knows well how to use power and has a way of showing how to exercise leadership.

    ------He has the grace of a good dancer and knows how to appear relaxed and confident.

    -----A great leader must have a certain irrational quality, a stubborn refusal to face facts infectious optimism. The ability to convince us that all is not cost even when we’re afraid it is.

     Both Text A and Text B’s general statements are supported by examples.

    B. learn the new words ,phrases and complex sentences

    C. imitate the writing skill of the Text A

    II. teaching focus

    A. how to avoid plagiarism when presenting ideas from another source

    B. how to get a general impression by subtitles when reading a long passage

    C. How does the author define greatness, what interesting examples does he use while


    D. some new words and phrases

    e.g .

    III. teaching outline

    A. Guide vocabulary learning by focusing on some important words, ask Ss to make


    B. Guide the Ss to get the general idea by analyzing the mixture of direct and indirect


    C. Ask Ss to discuss the other characteristics that could set great people apart besides the

    points mentioned in the text.

    D. Ask Ss to imitate the “Grammar Focus” to make sentences.

    E. Introduce another topic “How to Be a Leader” and ask students to discuss.

    IV. teaching method

    A. check students whether they’ve previewed their text by questioning

    B. discuss the main idea of the text

    C. summary the text by groups

    D. retell the main idea of the text by groups

    V. home work

     A .preview text B and C

    B. review text A by writing a summary

    C. write a passage by presenting ideas from another source.

    D. recite the new words and useful phrases and sentences

     VI. teaching periods

     5 periods

     VII. teaching effectiveness

    Unit 2 Text A The Gratitude We Need

     Text B Why Manners Matter

    I. teaching purpose and requirement

    A. understand the main idea of text A and Text B

    a. text A main idea

    ---- Gratitude is so important because it makes the world a more pleasant place to live.

    -----The need for gratitude is something we all feel, and denial of it can do much harm to the sprit of kindness and cooperation.

    -----It is a comforting thought that gratitude can not gratitude can not merely a passing sentiment but a renewal which can ,in some instances, persist for a life time.

    ----- Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much, for on the smiles the thanks we give our litter gesture of appreciation our neighbors build up their philosophy of life.

    b. Text B main idea

    ------the necessity of having a commonly accepted code of social behavior

    Morals and manners has become blurred in America , the lack of standardization of manners results in an often angry, chaotic society. It is easy to insult people unknowingly, insult people

    intentionally so it is very necessary to have a commonly accepted code of social behavior.

    B. learn the new words .phrases and complex sentences

    C. enjoy the writing skill

    a. The general statements in text A are introduce by an interesting story happened on a


    b. In text B, the author brings out the misconception first ,then tries to point out a person of

    morals is not necessarily a person with good manners. The tone of this essay can be

    described as persuasive.

II. important or difficult points

    A. understand types of reading comprehension question

    a. Main idea questions

    b. Specific detailed question

    c. Guessing unknown word questions

    d. Logic structure question

    e. Attitude or tone question

    B. How does the author use daily examples from his life to support his assertions? C. how to write an exemplification passage by imitating the text

    D. interpret some new words. phrases and sentences

    e.g. correspondent, journalist/error. fault/appreciation ,thank/fee, fare, tuition

III. teaching outline

    A. check the Ss whether they have finished the assignments

    B. analyze the writing structure ,try to focus in effective examples C. interpret some of the complex sentences in the text

    D. ask the Ss to discuss the effective of those examples and use another similar examples in their own life to replace them

    E. summarize the teat in oral presentation

    IV . teaching approach

    Explain first

    Question second

    Discuss third

    V. Home work

    a. preview the text B and text C

    b. writing a passage

    c. do the translation

    VI. teaching periods

    Explain 2 periods

    Discuss I period

    Question I period

    Exercise 1 period

     Unit 3 Text A How To Chang Your Point Of View ?

     Text B Lateral and Vertical Thinking

I. teaching purpose and requirements

    A. get the main idea of the texts

    a. Text A main idea

    ----- to introduce a new concept of solving problems called lateral thinking ,the key to it is

    moving sideways to approach the problems

    b. Text B main idea

     ---introduce the differences between lateral thinking and vertical thinking B. understand another kind of essay called expository essay----the connection between general

    assertion and the specific examples

    C. some new words ,phrases and complex examples

    conversion: one of the chief way of forming new words

    D. grammar focus ----- should +have done

II. important or difficult points

    A. study the different ways of thinking between the west and the east B. What is the key to using the technique of lateral thinking successfully

III. teaching outline

    A try to tell a story introduce the topic as the author does C. check the Ss to see whether they have got the main idea by scanning the text D. ask them to find the generalization from each paragraph

    E. ask them to make sentences by using the new words and phrases F. ask Ss to tell their group one story about a time they encountered a particularly difficult,

    frustrating problem. How did they go about trying to solve it by lateral thinking or by vertical


IV. teaching approach

    A. explain first

    B. question second

    C. group discuss third

    D. assign homework

    V. Homework

    A. preview the text B and text C

    B. do the writing exercise in the text A

    C. translation

    VI. teaching periods

    5 periods

     Unit 4 Text A How to Become Gifted

     Text B The Truth About College Teachers

I. Teaching purpose and requirement

    A. Understand the main idea of the text

    Text A main idea

    ----teachers’ expectations can have a profound effect on the level of success that students achieve . The main purpose of this essay is to discuss ways of improving school performance

     Text B main idea

    ----through the classification of college professor’ bizarre behavior, the author points out most of

    them are not experts at all when it comes to the art of teaching

    B. understand prose writing and its four basic types: narration, description, exposition and argumentation

    -----Understanding the four basic types of prose writing and their function will help you answer one common type of comprehension question “What’s the author’s purpose in writing the article?

    D. how to write a good summary

    --the standard of a good summary:

    a. concise of representing the ideas in the original in as few words as possible,

    c. will not include any words quote from the original

    d. all the ideas should be given in your own words

    E. Learn the new words .phrases and complex sentences

II. important and difficult points

    A. how to write a good summary, study the model summary

    B. How does the author reach the convincing in his argument--- expectations and labeling play a key role in a person’s upbringing.

    C. How to get the author’s purpose of writing

    D. The word “as” used as a relative pronoun

III. teaching outline

    A. tell an experiment or a story as the author does to introduce the topic B. skim the first story at the beginning of the text and get the author’s argument

    C. ask Ss to use the new words and phrases by making sentences

    D. discuss other ways of improving school performances

    E. ask Ss to summarize the text by oral representation

    F .assign homework

    VI. teaching approach

    Explain first, question second , discuss third .

    V. homework

    Preview text B and text C

    Do the translation exercise

    Recite the new words and phrases

     Unit 5 Text A Prison Studies

     Text B Reading for Life

I. teaching purpose and requirements

    A. understand the main idea of the two texts

    Text A. Main idea

    ---“Prison Studies” gave the author a truly deep love of learning and a better opportunity to develop intellectually than any school could have.

    Text B main idea

    ---discuss the many benefits of reading from simple pleasure to helping one make the most of one’s career opportunities

    B. How to tell an exciting and vivid story

    C. What are the main factors that contributed to Malcolm X’s reading achievements?

    D. What specific details does the author give that let the reader picture his prison studies vividly

    E. What details does he give to show how deeply he loved reading and how it affected him. F. How to understand “denotation” and “connotation” while reading, give more examples

II. important and difficult points

    A. How to write an important event from one’s own life by clearly describing the event and to include details which will let the readers know you how you felt and why this event was important to you.

    B. What was Malcolm’ s motivation to educate himself in prison?

    C. What did he mean by saying that books were his alma mater?

    D. Some of the new words and phrases and complex sentences

III. teaching outline

    A. ask Ss to discuss what benefits they get from reading

    B. skim the text , try to find the important details after getting the main idea C. summarize the benefits the author got from his prison studies D. Do some fast reading exercises

    E. Check students whether they have known the usage of the new words and phrases F. Grammar -----focuses on “may as well”

    G. Assign homework

    IV. teaching approach

    A. discuss first , reread second ----get the details, summarize the plot V. assignment

    Preview text B and Text C

    Review text A write a passage according to the direction of “structured writing”

    VI. teaching effectiveness

     Unit 6

     Text A : The EQ Factor

     Text B : What’s Your Emotional IQ?

I. Teaching purpose and requirement

    A. Get the main idea of the two texts

    Text A main idea

    ------ Introduce the concept of EQ by quoting ideas from a book by Daniel Goleman” which

    argues that the ability to understand and manage one’s feeling is actually much more important

    than simply being smart.

    Text B main idea

    ------written by Goleman himself he explains why it is “emotional intelligence that separates the

    stars from the average performers and identifies five skills which are keys to developing your own

    abilities in this area.

    B. What is the difference between EQ and IQ!? Which is more important how does the author

    support his argument?

    C. The important structure “when it comes to sth. /doing sth’’

    D. How can a person posses high EQ?

    E. Some new words and phrases

    III. important or difficult points

    A. How to use the conjunction to combine sentences to reach paralleled B. How does the author introduce the topic and develop is paragraph C. How does he quote and explain Daniel Goleman’s idea.

    III,. Teaching outline

    A. analyze the structure

    B. check the students whether they have got the main idea C. ask them sup up the main idea

    D. discuss the argument by using other examples to support E. explain the usage of some new words and phrases

    IV. teaching approach

    discussion combined with explanation

    V. Homework

    Preview text B and C

    Learn the new words by heart

    Review text A by doing some writing exercises

II. teaching focus

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