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Local treatment of ulcerative colitis_6575

Local treatment of ulcerative colitis

     Key Words Ulcerative

     Abstract Objective: To investigate the chronic ulcerative colitis (UC) and effective treatment. Methods: Self-prescription retention enema in the treatment UC 86

    patients treated with sulfasalazine and 80 control patients. Results: 60 days, the treatment group in clinical symptoms, colonoscopy, as well as under the effect of intestinal mucosal histological effects were better than the control group, without any side effects. Conclusion: The self-made prescriptions right in UC has a good effect.

     Key words Chinese medicine Enema Ulcerative Colitis

     Colon of ulcerative (UC) is a common form of clinical gastrointestinal disease, not only cure is difficult, easy to relapse, but also with colon, rectum close to being regarded as one of the precancerous lesions [1]. To explore an effective method of treatment of UC, we used self-made prescriptions retention enema in the treatment of UC, and to compare observed and achieved good results are reported as follows.

     1 Data and methods

     1.1 The basis of clinical data in Taiyuan in 1993, the National chronic non-infectious

    intestinal diseases symposium to develop a "diagnosis of ulcerative colitis efficacy standards" were randomly divided into two groups, treatment group 86 cases, male 44 cases and 42 female, age 21 ~ 72 years old, with an average age of 37.6 years, duration of 1 to 23 years, an average of 4 years and 7 months; control group, 80 cases, male 41 cases, female 39 cases, aged 20 to 70 years old, with an average age of 38.3 years,

    duration of 1.2 ~ 22 years, an average of 4 years and 6 months. Severity: mild treatment group, 28 cases, 44 cases of moderate and severe in 14 cases; control group, 26 patients with mild, moderate 41 cases and severe in 13 cases. Two groups of patients in gender, age, course and extent of disease aspects, such as comparable.

     1.2 Drug treatment group, composed of: The self-made prescriptions in decoction

    150ml retention enema. 50 grams of prescriptions for the Chinese bulbul, berberine 25 grams, 50 grams of Sophora, TGP 25 grams, 15 grams of rhubarb, earth Poria 20 grams, Treats 20 grams, 30 grams of Baiji, 40 grams of Salvia, Yunnanbaiyao 2 grams, ebony 30 grams. Day one, add 1000ml of water immersion 2h. Gentle heat water to

    cook two times, each time 40min container, combined two times and then concentrated Jian Zhi decoction of about 200ml, placed precipitated juice 150ml. Control group: sulfasalazine inquiry into powder over 120 mesh sieve, add normal saline dubbed

    0.025/ml of the suspension, each time taking 150ml retention enema. Enema before heating to 38 ~ 39 ?.

     1.3 Treatment of all patients were rectally. Well its empty stool before sleep at night, take the first low-hip high on the left supine, buttocks elevated 1Ocm, gently insert the catheter 18 lesions, rectal lesions depth of about 15cm, enema continued after the success of the hip lift High 1Ocm, left lying 30min. Sigmoid colon or above a depth of approximately 30cm, after the success of enema instead of supine knee chest 15min, so that the entire colon reserved liquid to reach more than 4h. If the liquid quickly discharged, and a half hours after reperfusion 1. Every night a times, 30 times as a course of treatment, rest and 2d after the first two courses, sharing of two courses. The course of treatment with other drugs to disable treatment of UC, fasting spicy spicy food and alcohol.

     1.4 Observation of two groups was observed after treatment diarrhea, pus and blood

    will be, abdominal pain and symptoms such as changes in fall, to do routine blood test before and after treatment, liver function tests, there is not a timely response to those who discontinued, two end of treatment, colonoscopy Review and to take specimens

    were pathological examination,

     1.5 Efficacy assessment criteria based on the country in 1993, Taiyuan, chronic non-

    infectious intestinal diseases, diseases symposium to develop a "diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and efficacy standards" [2]. According to symptoms, colonoscopy and

    histopathological changes were grouped into clinically cured, markedly effective, effective, ineffective.

     1.6 Statistical approach to count data using χ2. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2 Results

     2.1 The effect of the two groups compared in Table 1.

     2.2 The clinical symptoms of the two groups compared in Table 2.

     2.3 The two groups under the intestinal mucosa after treatment efficacy of colonoscopy compared in Table 3.

     2.4 The two groups after treatment compared intestinal histopathological effects in Table 4.

     Table 1 groups after treatment compared the clinical efficacy of a comprehensive

     Table 2 Comparison of the two groups of clinical symptoms

     Table 3 groups after the treatment efficacy of colonoscopy compared under the


     Table 4 groups after the treatment efficacy of intestinal histopathological comparison

     2.5 before and after treatment blood routine, liver and kidney function and adverse reactions 2 the end of treatment, the treatment group blood routine, liver and kidney function and the treatment group compared with no significant change did not find any

    adverse reaction to the control group, 8 cases occur after treatment of abdominal pain, the rest no adverse reactions.

     3 Discussion

     Chronic ulcerative colitis (UC) is a common clinical inflammatory disease of unknown cause, most scholars believe that with the auto-immune factors [3]. The lesion mainly in

    the colon, rectal mucosa and submucosa. Disease is often recurrent, treatment is quite difficult. UC is a partial colon inflammation, ulcers, retention enema not only the direct effects of drugs on the lesion, reduces swelling, inflammation, improve

    microcirculation, promote ulcer healing [4], but also through the rectum and lower segmental vessels directly into the large circulation, reduce drug chemical changes occur in the liver and improve the bioavailability of drugs. Due to the absorption

    through the stomach and small intestine is not way to completely avoid the digestive enzymes of gastrointestinal acid-base effects of drugs [5], but also reduced the

    stimulation of upper digestive tract. In recent years, we apply self-made prescription

    for the treatment of UC has achieved a certain effect. According to modern medical research, Chinese bulbul, berberine, soil Fuling, etc. have different degrees of anti-

    inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-exudative, anti-allergic effects, Pulsatilla hemostatic

    effect on the intestinal mucosa have convergence; TGP change the status of the cerebral cortex of the disorder, with solution antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and

    two-way regulating immune function; rhubarb make local vascular contraction and

    bleeding time are conducive to the establishment of intestinal mucosal barrier to control bleeding; Sophora has heat-clearing and detoxifying, insecticidal itching to the

    role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, dysentery bacilli, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli were inhibited, as well as anti-allergic effect; Huangbai haemorrhagic external

    application for skin absorption, have a protective effect on platelets so that it is not easy broken; Chinese gall tannic acid contained in a precipitation , so that mucosal

    ulceration of local protein solidified into a gel, to protect the wound and accelerate mucosal repair, while the small blood vessels to stop bleeding sky and effectiveness of contraction of the oppressed, and a variety of bacteria to kill and inhibition; a large number of Baiji, make liquid viscosity increase is conducive to drug coverage in the mucosal ulcers can make blood cells gather to form artificial thrombosis, bleeding granulation to achieve a good purpose; Salvia Danshensu through the cell membrane, clear cells of oxygen free radicals , inhibit tissue lipid peroxidation, and can partially

    protect the tissue SOD activity, stability, membrane permeability, correct hypercoagulable state, improve microcirculation and reduce the inflammatory

    response [6]. Salvia's blood circulation function, the convergence of features ebony intestinal cramps can be eased, coupled with Yunnanbaiyao hemostatic function, so so well.


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     Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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