Based on interviews and etiquette Vocational Graduates Analysis_3292

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Based on interviews and etiquette Vocational Graduates Analysis_3292

    Based on interviews and etiquette Vocational Graduates Analysis

     Key Words interview papers; etiquette; Vocational Graduates

     Abstract With the increasing pressure on employment of university graduates, vocational graduates in order to seek to have an ideal job, in addition to their professional skills and knowledge to learn, but also must master a certain degree of social etiquette. The interview is the first college students into society papers. This paper analyzes the various aspects required for vocational graduates to interview etiquette noted. At the same time pointed out that the ritual is a habit.

     The process of finding a job interview college students, a very important part, there are many levels and would have a considerable

    ability to graduate, because of an oversight, unfortunately, fell under the threshold of the interview. In addition to answering interview skills, the students are more likely ignore the mentality of the interview, interview etiquette and interview details.

     1, vocational graduates an overview of the relationship between job interviews and etiquette

     Job interview is sent to the applicant or the employing units who volunteered to conduct targeted interviews, is the chief examiner of the

    graduate job-seekers as a study method. Some vocational students as think of themselves as specialist qualifications, together with employers

    seeking highly qualified, they are often produced inferiority complex, so incoherent in interviews, affecting the normal interview results.

     Second, vocational graduates job interview and the importance of ritual

     In the job search process, acquire a mastery of social etiquette knowledge is necessary for us to successfully paving stones. If we

    instrument for its elegant demeanor, a sound language arts, a good personal image, showing the temperament of their own self-cultivation is

    bound to win the respect of business to get more employment opportunities.

     Third, interview the whole process of analysis and basic etiquette demands

     Graduates seeking employment interview is the only way for vocational graduates in the whole process of the interview, there is the different kinds of rituals that require the attention it?

     1, the preparation phase

     Carrying out specific activities before the job interview, you should make all the preparations for the interview, rather than approaching a time when the interview was临时抱佛脚.

     1.1 understand the needs of units

     Fully understand the nature of the applicant unit, address, business scope, operating results, prospects for the development and so on

    candidates job responsibilities and the necessary professional knowledge and skills to have a comprehensive understanding of associations to the number of examiners will ask questions, so that there is help yourself

    when you can have the direction of the interview to answer questions, be targeted to the examiner that you prepared for this meeting of the full interview, as well as the importance of the job for you.

     1.2 Instrument dignified

     Dress instrument is the inner qualities of a person's external

    performance, decent dress up not only reflected the mental outlook of vigorous job-seekers, but also reflect the applicant's sincerity and personal integrity. Therefore, the interview should pay attention to their dress before the dress. Dress is not sharp, unkempt, would be considered a dirty useless; too far ahead of the clothing, will also be considered untrustworthy. Vocational graduates in the job interview process should be to give people clean, generous, vibrant feel. It should be said, most

    employers prefer graduates of dignified simplicity.

     2, before the interview

     Interview, we should first do is punctuality. Interview before the interview should be aware of the location of sites and transport routes,

    the interview day, arrive 10 minutes in advance to ensure that the interview location, familiar with the environment, stable emotions.

     Secondly, to mobile phones before entering the unit, switch off or transferred into a vibration, or interview may result in interrupting the

    conversation the two sides, and it gives a candidate the impression that feelings of spite, and others.

     Again, on the waiting room or interview room trial in front of the receptionist should be treated with courtesy, attention to detail, do not

    forget that several more to him to say "thank you" "Please ... ..." sort of polite words. We should treat the receptionist as the master, perhaps the receptionist is the company manager, secretary, director of the office or the personnel department in charge. If you are arrogant, there is no courtesy, in deciding whether to hire, they may also have a say. So, you leave a good impression to give everyone, not just the interview examiners.

     3, during the interview

     3.1 knock on the door burglary. In entering the interview room should be preceded by the door, even if the interview room door was Xu Yan, nor should knock on the door. Just knock on the door 2 to 3 hours, the action should be prompt, and then a loud voice asked: "Can we come in?" Was

allowed and then gently push the door to enter.

     3.2 "requested" was seated. Into the interview room can not be scrambling to grab seats, to hear the interviewer say "Sit", the thanks should first and then seated, and briefcase on the thigh. When you sit

    down and pay attention to sitting upright, Ladies should sweep swept away by hand at the back skirt, so when the skirt to sit down and deviates from the unsightly. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     3.3 answer calmly. (1) to defuse tensions. When the nervous can not escape, we might frankly say so, such as: "Frankly, this is my first interview, so I feel a little nervous, Can you let me cool, and then answer this question." When the say such words to time, naturally also

    eliminated some tension, but also easy to get examiners tolerance. (2) The serious answer. Listen carefully to the examiner's question, if not the obvious question, thought to be short-lived after a few seconds to answer.

    In this way, you can organize your own thoughts, but also to avoid that the candidate was too hasty. (3) listen. Note that listening is an important aspect of conversation, the candidate said he was listening to the conversation can also be very interested in, so the interviewer to

    obtain psychological satisfaction. (4) Note the exchange. Interview and not just a person talking to himself answered, looking at the ceiling, are saying. Interview is also a process of communication, should pay attention to head-up vision, smiling, and interview every person should have a eye exchanges. Let others perceive you is a very accessible, easy to communicate with people.

     4, the end of the interview

     4.1 Active goodbye

     When the two sides have expressed willingness or less, the graduates

    heard the examiner said, "talked about here today," "Thank you for your interest in our recruitment process. Once we make a decision, it will immediately notify you," and other words, You can take the initiative to say goodbye, say goodbye when you pay attention to courtesy.

     4.2 Farewell can take the initiative to shake hands with the examiner

     Handshake sequence is based on the two sides shook hands with people's social status, identity, gender and conditions determined. The

    basic principle is: the higher priority, elders first, ladies first.


     Job is the only way for each graduate careers, but the interview is a graduate of one examination, it is necessary to examine the basis of your

    professional knowledge, but also examine your social adaptability. Examine the overall quality of job seekers. Vocational graduates leave school because of gang, lack of social experience, so many students, often in the interview it is very cautious, and many students with excellent grades neglect some necessary rituals tend to miss the boat.

     Of course, the ritual is also a lifestyle, usually in life we should cultivate. Usually do not pay attention, in the interview copy the appropriate etiquette rules are sometimes rather self-defeating. For the

    vocational college students about to graduate, you can ban other forms of multi-simulated interview scenarios of the future job interview may bring great benefits. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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