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Looking for Liu Liu_4947

Looking for Liu Liu

     Abstract literary history research question


     He wrote a New China's first modern full-length, "storytelling," he depicts the image

    of the legendary hero known to affect several generations of people; He was a civil and

    military go through fire and steel warrior, he was described by Feng Yun Hui passion picture book writer war. However, he has known the fate of ups and downs, behind classics can not be included in his eulogy among the annals of literature, without Chuan

    Yi Ming. Who is he? He has what kind of life course and life legend? With these questions we started --

     Liu Liu, the name had long troubled me, excited me.

     Like me, a lot of people are not too familiar with the name Liu Liu, but to bring the

    novel "Fire James Bond," a lot of people know some. Liu Liu is the author of the novel.

     A little-known best-selling classic authors

     In 1958, a form of traditional Chinese storytelling body of novels written in the chapter back to the "Agni James Bond," As soon as he came, and is immediately subject to the reader, especially the young people a great welcome and respected, and this passion for nearly half a century after is still continuing. This affected a wide range of novel fully demonstrated Jizhong army under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, in order to break through the darkness before dawn and heroic fight against Japanese invaders in the glorious history of Qing Qing sang in praise of the great war of resistance emerging one after another legendary hero figure, warm to promote the revolutionary heroism and great patriotism. The main characters in the novel, the author's pen vivid, superb, many of the chapters is even more popular, it is nostalgia, this work shows a strong artistic vitality. In particular, after some well-known actors

    such as the Yuan Kuocheng storytelling, Chen Qingyuan old artist's brilliant interpretation of the novel and even reached the household, including women and children level. Shaped the history of the book updates, Xiao Fei, DING Shang-Wu and

    other heroic image as a favorite of several generations of readers, their Yingwu and magic among the masses, almost a spiritual symbol of the anti-Japanese hero; "History

    Update Dao Pi Guizi Bing", "Xiao Flying Ghostly town to buy medicine "and so brave

    piece of a more talked about by people, its combination of realism and romanticism of

    the classic creation, as if had been metamorphosed into the new soil of folk literature in China, by people familiar with till come in handy. For this reason, this work is only the last century, reached a circulation of more than 250 million copies, published after the founding of the Revolutionary War novel, second only to "Red Rock."

     However, with this classic novel, widespread opposite scenario is that the book's

    author and his life and creative situation has actually been known. The early seventies of last century, young Mongolian my first exposure to the novel for the first time the book will be intense, exciting plot, as well as the brave and resourceful heroes of the

    deep attraction. In that particular years, this mother in the early sixties as a novel advanced workers received prizes to the then published in very different style of reading has given me a great surprise and joy, a special liking for the repeated reading

    actually caused by the plot and characters of the works formed their own set of images and, until the later works of adaptation for film of the same name with its own "image" very different and quite disappointed. "Cultural Revolution" after the end of the year with a number of excellent works were banned as "Agni James Bond" was republished several times to re-enter the reader's perspective, thus deductive storytelling Lianbo again through the airwaves so that the history of updates, Xiao Fei, etc. vivid and

    lifelike image of the anti-Japanese heroes again. However, this has readers and listeners of the "best-selling book" No one mentioned the author but never introduced. During college, I have tried to find the book in the current works of Contemporary Literature and the equally worthy of wide-ranging implications, such as "敌后武工队", "Railway

    Guerrillas" and the author of war novels comparable information, ran though some historical data also referred to the book, but the author's information was dark and

    quiet without trace. My confusion arises from, the anti-Japanese fiction author who?

    Why finish the book first, had no following? He also wrote what works? Whether he is a kind of person? Why not be written the history of literature, not even be mentioned?

    Time, memories of the war in an article I happened to read the name of Liu Liu, and learned that a famous film actress Liu Tian Hua Anti-Japanese War with the flow at

    that time against the enemy with the Drama Club. This is the first time I saw an article

    mentioned that Liu flow, although not directly documented, but is already very exciting. I then sent a letter to Liu Tian Hua understand the flow of information. Soon be receiving a reply from her husband's ghost, that indeed the war years to work with

    Liu Jizhong, however, no one knows what Liu Liu's whereabouts.

     With modern science and technology developed rapidly last year, the Internet, I finally searched on Liu flow information:

     Liu Liu (1914-1977), formerly known as Liu Geng, Hebei Hejian County. In 1937, he joined the revolution in 1938, joined the CPC. In the revolutionary ranks, he served as reconnaissance detachment of Jin-Cha-chief of the Fifth Military Region Command of

    the staff and other duties. Jin Cha Ji has also served as the school district military commander, Military District Political Department of the military instructors, military instructors in schools Bethune Military and political instructors, great captain and so on. Later, he went to Cha-Ji Border Region of the Anti-Japanese Drama Society office,

    had participated in Peking Opera, "Shi Kefa," "Suzhou City", "Li Zicheng" adaptation of the work. National liberation, he went to Baoding work, served as Secretary of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Artistic and creative ministers, Baoding Museum Director, Propaganda Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, officers the rank of art. Former "theater front" Editorial Director, engaged in literary and artistic creative work, written narrative poems, short stories,

    Gu Ci, and one-act drama. Novel published in 1958, "Fire James Bond" by the readers of welcome and praise. In 1964, he wrote the novel "Red Bud" First Department, has also been well received.

     Although this remains a classic description of the collateral, although the amount of information has only a few of its more than 300 words, but compared to my many years of hard, "find", which already is a good result. In January of this year, by act of the Beijing machine, I came to China Youth Publishing House. In the past half a century, there has not been stopped, "fire magic," the publishing. Through the help of the editors here, I got the woman Liu flow of information. In May, in the world to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of World War II days, I Liu Liu's eldest

    daughter Miss Liu Meihua talked over a telephone interview appointment. In September, in Beijing to study period, I finally had time that they wish to interview more than a decade.

     The flames of his life personality Ranger Junior Hi

     In Liu Mei-hua's office, tirelessly from her father's memories, Liu Liu's face in my eyes opened to gradually clear.

     March 3, 1914, Liu was born in Hebei Province Hejian outflow County Nianzu village, home, five brothers, he ranked fifth. Liu ancestors is a study of people, his family was relatively affluent, grandfathers were brothers and four scholar. In 1900, Jizhong plain Boxer Rebellion broke out in a mammoth. That time, Liu Liu's grandfather, my father

    had participated in the Boxer. Later, Boxer Boxer Rebellion and the Qing was the strangling failed, Liu Liu's grandfather because one of the organizers of local Boxer has been house searches, from Liu Jiadaozhongluo, brought to its knees. It is precisely

    because such a family background, and thus a strong sense of national consciousness and rebel Liu flow in the hearts of childhood laid a deep imprint.

     As his family difficulties and Liu Liu came from a private school only to follow the religion of his grandfather read the book for three years, relatives after the basic understanding of Wenmo subsidies on the one-year secondary school in Yantai.

    However, Liu Liu childhood intelligent, studious, Shoubushijuan, "Three Kingdoms", "Outlaws of the Marsh" and other classic novels, and poetry has been accompanied by, nourish him. While the play was popular in rural areas in the book, libretto, Gu Ci, storytelling and other folk literary works, he is even more charms, and often see "outdoor drama" listen "greenhouse book", and even learn to rap. His father was a

    theater mystery, followed by his father he also learned a lot of opera arias, gradually to the opera also had a strong interest. In this way, family culture and folklore of Ruran nurturing right Liu Liu later literary and artistic practice, has played a subtle positive effects.

     Sixteen or seventeen years old, one was serving the military in the northwest relative to the General Feng Yuxiang Liu Liu introduced the path in life. The outside world and his military Willful stirring the hearts of the young Pentium, Liu Liu Chuang germination of juvenile sword Tianya's grand ambitions, it would be followed by the relatives to leave home to go out to living away from the community. During this period, he was educated at Nanjing, the KMT Artillery School, where he received some military training. However, schools force students to collectively join the KMT, which makes bearing in mind the grandfather, "gentlemen's no party" home training is very disgusted Liu flow, combined with his stubborn personality intolerable violent bullying in the old military school and inhuman treatment, half a year later was the school open In addition to. Later, he battles to Tianjin, Yantai and other places, sometimes to study, sometimes to work, has experienced the hardships of human suffering.

     Soon, 918 incidents broke out, a broken country Choujia hate to provoke anti-

    Japanese national salvation Liu Liu embarked on the road. He went to the Northeast participated in the Qi Di Zhang Qian Zhang's leadership of anti-Japanese volunteer. In

    the mountains and among their ranks several ups and downs, he also several times the brink of desperation. During those years of hardship, he wrote poems, "Lao Yeling to" a true reflection of the Anti-Japanese Volunteer wuregan risking his own life in the

    battle scenes: the north wind spiral rolled snow barking / "Fire Dragon" negative the trauma gallop / - La Huang's warriors flee / ah! Into the road with no way out / This is the Lao Yeling's Cliff Qianchi high / pursuing soldiers rushed to the / ... ... for 30 million compatriots in / jump bar! Jump bar / SU Sheng-li ... ... the tomb of the

    difficulty of the snow persons / snow blowing the name of barking / ah! How could no longer see "Fire Dragon" streaker?

     Subsequently, this anti-Japanese team in the Japanese crazy collapsibility under siege, and Liu Liu and his comrades in arms by the Japanese puppet Nine Lives wanted, had secretly sneaked off inside. This time, Liu flow may feel it difficult to return home, no

    one to turn to serve the country, but he is still energetic ambition generously, he made by Chi Wing-sie: Lifelong personality hi Ranger / everywhere Wandering is my home / sun, moon and stars for me with / Phi Shuang Lu hanging breaking sand /

    Heqiangkuama the enemy before the hop / singing self boast generous / blood surging, such as tide / freedom never watering flowers.

     Inner sneaked off, Liu Liu and his comrades in arms with a number of young patriots formed West Beijing Anti-Japanese guerrillas, continued clandestine resistance

    activities. During this period, Liu Liu, gradually became acquainted with the comrades of the Communists, in their influence, Liu Liu, to see that only the Communist Party of China in order to save the nation from peril. The summer of 1937, Liu Liu and his

    comrades took part in the underground leadership of Peking by the Chinese government to drop the second prison in Peking action, rescued prisoners, where the Communists and progressive people, and joined on this basis, the composition of the

    National Anti-Japanese Army . Soon, the KMT-CPC cooperation meet the national

    crisis, their team was reorganized into the Eighth Route Army Detachment Jin-Cha-

    fifth. Liu flow due to the artillery school in Nanjing, also participated in a military

    volunteer military practical experience in the Northeast, it has been appointed as the fifth chief of reconnaissance detachment. As resourceful courage in battle, anti-

    Japanese firm was approved in 1938 Liu Liu joined the Chinese Communist Party. Due

    to the Chinese Communist Party's beliefs and identity, find a home-like feel so excited

    Liu Liu: I am a fascist desperadoes under the claws of blood / In the storm of the night / into the arms of the Bolshevik / I woke up again, / eye is also bright / sunlight penetrate

    clouds / greet me in advance / I already know / why to survive / what is the truth / I for it - the truth - made a decision / forever learning / fight forever!

     In the "arms of the Bolsheviks" and reveal its Wenwuquancai

     In the revolutionary ranks of this great melting pot, the Liu Liu rapid growth of a strong communist fighter. In the flames of anti-Japanese smoke, he served as

    reconnaissance detachment of Jin-Cha-chief of the Fifth Military Region headquarters

    staff and other staff, but also served as the school district Jin Cha Ji military captain, Military Department's military instructors, military Bethune schools, military instructors and political instructors, great captain and so on, expedition toured the mountains and rivers in North China Plain. During this period, Liu Liu, literature and art-loving war also had the opportunity to play. In order to conduct propaganda and agitation, battle space, Liu Liu began Zibianziyan, which is being now played a number

    of cultural programs, he learned when Hejian hometown folk hip-hop at this moment

    came in handy. Because of this, Nengwennengwu Liu stream later on constantly "interludes" in civil and military fronts. In 1939 he was transferred to the Jin-Cha,

    "Anti-Japanese Drama Club," an actor, but his heart is still longing for the fighting life, half a year later was transferred to the Military Department staff to do reconnaissance. In 1940 he was transferred to military school for military instructors Bethune, political instructors, and in that there are more than 1000 staff and students of the school responsible for the work of military command. Here, he and the great internationalist fighter, Comrade Bethune and forged a profound friendship.

     Autumn of 1942, that is, Mao's "Yan'an Forum on Literature in the speech" was

    published, Liu was transferred to a second stream of work against the enemy Drama Society, this time his main task is to carry out the reform of the old theater, research and compilation of speech test the nature of the new opera. During his prepared speech to participate in the "Shi Kefa," "Suzhou City", "Li Zicheng", "Lin Hsiang-ju" and

    other operas, and plays of which Li Zicheng, Shi Kefa and other major role, and he also participated in some drama performances . Published in May 2001 edited by Ge

    Yihong, "General History of Chinese Drama," a book, Figure 36 pages of stills is decorated hero of the drama Liu Liu, "sons of the people and the people," the scene. Liu Liu's high-pitched voice, handsome, shapely chic, in the Drama Club against the

    enemy before and after five years, with his own talent and better conditions to participate in a variety of art forms practice. Meanwhile, he is still relatively solid to study Mao's literary and artistic thought, reading a lot of famous Chinese and foreign

    literature and began work published in the press, as published in the military "sons of the newspaper," the "militia Lee long hair", "large-scale military", etc. fiction and

    Guci. It is worth mentioning that this Cha-Ji Border Region in 1943 during the second

    session of the meet is directly induced flow creation Liu novel "Agni magic" desire. Liu Liu was in the "on" fire magic "creative Report" wrote: "I was in the General Assembly services, and heroes together." "When I learned about the heroes later, his

    mind was his own experience of retreat Nothing here, You always come flying past the shadow of heroes. do? They are like iron, like going into a furnace, tempering, Cheng Gang. ... ... from (I) to (their) image printed on the heart. ... ... This is like a seed of

    writing crashed into my heart and it can not help but grow up. "Indeed, the entire meet is during the Cha-Ji heroic epic battle stories of sons and daughters have been thrilled with Liu Liu, when he was on to the heroes of deeds as the material was more than one-

    act play, so that the heroes themselves played, won great success. Through the performing arts practice, and Liu Liu initiation of a desire to use the novel in the form of his show the Chinese people in the great war of resistance in the heroic struggle of the magnificent picture. But then the harsh war environment, he could only wish these tablets "seed" temporarily buried in carefully. After the war, Liu flow back to the trips home. Is an important anti-Japanese war in the same hometown in Hebei Hejian, Liu

    Liu collected a lot of material, enriched the art of creative resources later. It is precisely because of this return before making the "Fire James Bond" in the lower reaches of xiaolizhuang Hutuohe a common hatred of the Jizhong people, contaminated land in North China guerrilla athletes, one by one to find the prototype, and continue in the author's heart increasing fullness, Smart up.

     In 1945, Liu Liu with the Anti-Japanese drama troupe into Zhangjiakou after

    Taiwan's retrocession to participate in the drama zhangshi reform movement. At that time the Government set up a dramatic Border Working Group on Reform, Liu Liu is a member of his in-depth theater, unity and transformation of the old artists, and

    participated in many performances. After the outbreak of civil war, our army to withdraw from Zhangjiakou, Liu transfer to the local work in the local railway system in munitions work. During this period, he published a number of newspapers and

    magazines to reflect real life works, such as the novel "exercise", the narrative poem "dumb aunt's words," large-scale drama "Blood corpse" and so on.

     Hui passion of peace on the war situation picture

     Shortly after the founding of new China, Liu Liu, Baoding Palace of Culture

    transferred to the work served as the propaganda department, director of Cultural Palace and later transferred to Hebei Sheng Wenlian. In a peaceful environment, a stable life, and has also been created basic conditions. At this time, those in war-torn

    image of heroes began to pour in the minds of Liu Liu, who has once again provoked Liu Liu unquenchable creative impulse, he was eager to take his own personal experience of that arduous war games an artistic form and reproduce them, "I want,

    through this book so that future generations know that there have been as a brutal war, as a heroic people, so a great party." As a result, Liu Liu, side with the prevailing political movement and economic development, create some small works side started

    the "fire magic" creative preparations. At that time, just nation-building, physical

    condition is still very difficult, Liu Liu, a day of work during the day, night, in the lamp on the writing, can not afford writing paper, you use yellow toilet paper, "fire magic,"

    the first draft is written in four thick yellow toilet paper notebook. Later, Liu Liu has been the creation of organizational support, specially approved the creation of his one-

    year leave so that the "fire magic" has been finally finalized. 1958 China Youth

    Publishing House published this work.

     As soon as he published the novel, immediately caused a sensation in the reader. "People ask me," fire magic "is also written my own? Did not. My own experience also is not to write." In the "on" fire magic "creative Report", Liu Liu replied, some readers of the questions. But the people through the novel of the Eighth Route Army in the regular army and the Japanese military technology and tactics of the skilled interpretation of the history of updates, technology, fine bayonet fight DING Shang-Wu

    analysis and the deployment of combat troops, terrain, etc. using the smooth description can be seen that the book is clearly Jin-Rong Liu flow on the years of

    fighting experience of life; right Xiao Fei this "flying scouts" comprehensive personal combat skills, magic skills on alert agile vivid portrayal for his brave and resourceful in-depth ventured an exaggerated description of victory , although the literature with fiction, but equally revealing Liu flow on for many years engaged in reconnaissance work experience and familiarity. We can say that the history of updates, DING Shang-

    Wu, Xiao Fei these three resourceful heroic image of the Eighth Route Army soldiers, their character, temperament and to varying degrees in the body is reflected in Liu Liu. The book of other characters, such as farming in the fighting intermittently, in the face of the motherland issued by the beautiful mountains and rivers of the poetry of praise and heartfelt emotion, even this close to Liu Liu of the Eighth Route Army soldier's own civil and military complex, because he himself can be claimed to be one another both bold and delicate poets as soldiers.

     Throughout the war period, Liu Liu has been in the Eighth Route Army and regular

    forces, and have not done the work of the local and the masses, but he wrote the mass struggle to xiaolizhuang work as the main story lines of the "Agni James Bond" and its describe events, shaping the character of the true extent of the impression that authors

    seem to have experienced this personally. In this regard, Liu Liu experience in his writing about "Why single write Jizhong," this is the case when the statements are, first, Jizhong plain "is the home I grew up"; second is "This piece of anti-Japanese

    base in the political, military, , the economy has an important meaning. " Indeed, the "Agni magic" depicted xiaolizhuang its military and civilian are all reflected the then shadow home Liu Liu. Liu Liu grew up in central Hebei, where the customs he was

    familiar. Liu Mei-hua said that the novel depicted on the flow through his father's hometown Hutuohe Hejian County. Meanwhile, the Anti-Japanese War after the

    victory of Liu streams that return is more, the Eighth Route Army, where he was

    always in the people's support of care under the perfect harmony with the Hebei dependent people fighting life and death have a more thorough understanding of life. If you say "fire magic" of the environmental background is his hometown Hejian plain

    words is not exaggerated, when soldiers and civilians fighting bravely Nianzu the historical facts of the village is a microcosm of that era. One day in the summer of 1942,

where it happened tragic battle field is "fire magic" in "history updated a bomb

    breakthrough" in the real scene. Nian Zu village in the west of high ground, and that still stands to commemorate the Eighth Route Army soldiers killed fighting the tombstone, engraved "martyrs according to the eternal - the 1942 Lunar New Year

    June 28 large detachment of the Eighth Route Army office, r. 72 martyrs, "the words. Because there is such a heavy accumulation, Liu Liu's pen in order to flow out of the eight-way, as a group of vivid heroes and amiable image of lovely people. The 1942's "51" anti-sweep of the entire war in the most difficult situation, Jizhong base, the most tragic period, those ruthless struggle "hammered out flames of 'gold' and 'steel'" has always been a strong shock, the Liu flow, so that he did not write it can not be relieved!

     "Fire James Bond" was published, "... ... regardless of the streets, or the backcountry, where there are radio or loudspeakers where the common people have pointed ears to listen to 'Xiao Fei medicines'. In this way, in the fifty or sixty Era "Fire James Bond"

    on the printed millions of copies. "Huang Yi-China Youth Press, is" Fire James Bond,

    "published in 1958, when the editor, before his death in his" I know of "Fire James Bond" "in After the publication of the book reads the masses generated enthusiastic

    response. It is undeniable that many people do is to listen to storytelling in only understand and love to "fire magic", and storytelling of "fire magic" really contributed to widespread, especially in the form and means of disseminating the audience is still

    relatively a single a few decades ago. It is also not difficult, however, found that "fire magic," a prominent feature is that it itself has a "storytelling" form, either as literature to read, but also can serve as a storytelling performance by actors from a

    script. But in fact, "fire magic," the first draft is not the case, but a new body in novel form. Why was written in a "storytelling" mean? Liu Liu have been explained that this was because he wrote this book is the work of Baoding Palace of Culture, when he saw

    many actors with no new storytelling storytelling could be said that suffering, they feel that they have a responsibility to do something in this regard The creation; the other hand, Liu Liu very familiar with and love classical Chinese novels, using the traditional

    "storytellers" form to reflect the content of modern innovation and he is handy. Moreover, subjects are also more suitable for Chinese war novels of suspense classic strong, easy to rap to this form of artistic expression. In order to make good use of this

    form, Liu flow in the writing process often storytelling performers invited home, section by section to read it to them to solicit their views, and then repeatedly revised. However, from the novel master storytelling skill level of the language-specific terms, it

    is highly likely, Liu Liu, I will say it storytelling. The book characters, including villains such as the solution of the old turn, what to take such great psychological description, image-building, language use are all distinctive characteristics, accurate and

    appropriate, be called a classic literary characters, even the oft-quoted book characters

    to the the reality of people's daily lives. In addition, it can also be noted that the novel often appear out of the normal description of the author directly with readers, play the "hello" in the details, "Tell me Yours faithfully," "Tell me who said" the language of its landmark , which is the structure of China's novels originally built on the basis of storytelling is directly related to. In order to achieve such a precision and familiar, if not a little solid cultivation of Chinese classical literature, language skills and storytelling skills, we should say it is difficult to accurately figure out the. Accordingly

    concluded that "Agni magic" is likely to storytelling art after the founding of the modern people's interpretation of the theme of the first full-length storytelling.

    However, some people were using this right Liu Liu manifestations disagree, saying it was not the history of literature. However, Liu Liu has not considered this, he would like is using their own pens to tell future generations of the Chinese nation have the bitterness of suffering and a great fight. Facts have proved that this art form is what

    "Agni magic" art results achieved unprecedented success an important factor. He was such a combination of realism and romanticism of the creative approach with particular attention to the story of the legendary, and some exaggerated sense of the plot has been a cause, but reveal the essence of the heroic anti-Japanese heroes and wit,

    can be described as odd and not missing the really, very good to strengthen the story and twists and turns of a thriller, received a vivid and moving artistic effect. All of

    these, but also vividly expressed Liu Liu as a good novelist, of living material to

    exaggeration, fabrication, cutting, refining and other rights. As the Qing Dynasty literary criticism everyone who legend opera Ku Ping Jin Sheng-tan think, is to create

    vivid novels of the characters, but without having to adhere to the true facts or not, all the details only in order to create characters the need for Bale. But Liu flow on this kind of "do not have to rigidly adhere to the incident real" fictional and has no means

    unrestrained hyperbole and baseless. Later, as the reader had asked Liu Liu, Xiao Fei really do you write so magical? Liu Liu replied: competition to the heroes on the even of God than this! Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Kangkaibeige free and easy delicate field poet

     The second daughter, Liu Li-Hua Liu Liu Liu Liu in the memories of his life and

    creative path of the article, once put it, that: "My father is not only a good novelist, but also a good poet, or should be said that he was first and foremost a poet. Because he The poem begins with the earliest literary works. "

     Liu Liu's first poem was written in 1930, in his 16-year-old left home when his last

    poem was written in the sixties of last century novel written by the "red bud" in. The

    vast majority of works written before the founding, but most never published, the reasons have been unclear. These poems neat to transcribe in a yellow toilet paper set into a small book, there are more than 180 in the first half is the old-style poem, half of

    the new poetry. Among them, were more likely to express their revolutionary spirit, reflecting the battle of life to pay tribute to comrades in arms - there is the memory of

    two of Comrade Bethune; second is to express the party, the motherland and the people

    love and faithful to the infinite, to imperialism, the Kuomintang reactionaries extreme contempt and bitter irony; there are those who use Netscape as well as the praise of love lyric poems.

     Liu Liu's poem written in the majority of his youth in their prime, so all his poems are Tiaodang the youth and passion of life, full of youth aspirations of the heroic spirit, full of sincere war friendship, love, and fiery Loving the motherland and people, and the newborn baby of whom could be risking his own life situation. Volunteer at the same to reflect the arduous anti-Japanese struggle for in 1935's "machonryong to" a poem, he shouted out:

     The moon, why do you sneer to me? !

     Beyond The Grave, why do you sob with grief to me? !

     Wolf, why do you howl at me fierce-looking? !

     The Japanese, why do you by my village pastures? !

     Ah! Is this my tomb? !

     Well ... ... 10 days and nights, and in this utterly unique habitat ... ...

     Long and almost invisible friend in my brother and understanding!

     Machonryong, you defend my soul bar!

     I am eternal, sustenance for you.

     Liu Liu sneaked off from the northeast Inner had the secret headquarters of the Anti-

    in Yantai take shelter, this time he still will not decline, and vowed to complete the Japanese invaders out of China:

     Nets Xiong Jiao volume waves return,

     Yang arrogance to explore eastern frontier.

     But that it thunderstorm line waves,

     Huang Qiu vow eternal return.

     Then in the revolutionary ranks, Liu Liu found a home, beat Japan's ambition to be

    realized, and shows its own civil and military talent. This time, his heart always the joy

    of movement as a wunderkind, he "boasted":

     Destroy enemy shooting,

     Horse frightened by wild animals.

     Pen Hui on poetry and literature,

     Hoe moving harm Sohei.

     The battle with the invaders, the team suffered setbacks at times, but Liu Liu is still

    confident of victory. In 1938, in Hutuohe shallow edge Liu Liu Yin, "creek":

     You stream

     Bow stop crying,

     Know that you suffered last winter, cold,

     Also know that you are the fascist offensive of blood stains by the wronged;

     However, you eyes open to see the spring came again!

     Your frostbite, had disintegrated,

     You that laughter bar!

     Rise, Hesitate.

     That with your pure body fluid,

     Irrigation this free land.

     Liu Lihua that his father "is a Xingqingzhongren, he used poetry to record their own emotions, there is the joy of battle victory, but also the pain of adversity and loss. In

    general, his poems belong to that era, rough but no lack of bold and delicate tenderness. "In the battle space, Liu Liu, enjoy the beautiful scenery in the liberated areas, to express the" shoulder charge self-defense weapons, hand-held with couples

    who are "in the romantic field; discovered by accident in the army was taking a break like Xanadu The mountain scenery, he would "night into the old valley" and Liulianwangfan; and sometimes he would go to fighting farewell revealed because of love "Please put back my soul" and sentimentally attached to:

     Who is manufactured under the dear?

     Who is manufactured under the sorrow?

     Why ah! Why?

     You changed my heart of stone!

     You have to change my fortitude temperament!

     I pray you, put my soul back,

     I went to France to recover blood!

     You left two drops of tears,

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