Review of Unit 10

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Review of Unit 10

     Review of Unit 10


    1. Topic A small talk

    2. GrammarTag question

    3. Words and expressions


    Step 1. A small talk

    Step 2. Grammar

     1. Tag question

    1. Shes a very clever girl, _____________? 2. Tonys parents love piano music,________? 3. The new car runs very fast,______________? 4. My sister gets up very early in the morning,______? 5. Its never crowded,_____________? 6. He had little time to go home for lunch,_________? 7. They ate a lot of ice cream yesterday ,__________? 8. Lets play tennis, ________? 9. Loras been to an amusement park,____________? 10. You dont know him,_____________? 11.I think he is a teacher,__________?

    12. There are few people in the class,____________? 13. Dont cut in line,___________? 14. She is the tallest student in her class,_________? 15. He cant be a doctor,________? 16. We have to go to school early,____________? 17. He can hardly swim,____________?

    18. The bus stops here, ____________? 19. I like action movies. Theyre exciting,_________? 20. Peter and his brother had lunch at 12,_________?


    1across through 的区别

    The boy is going to go _________ (穿过) the street.

    The sunshine is shining ________(穿过) the window

    2cross across 的区别

    You should be careful when you ______ the street. You should be careful when you walk ____ the street

    3alone lonely 的区别

    这个老人一个人住,感到很孤单.The old man lives _______, and he feels ________. 4cost, spend, take, pay 的区别



Step 3 Words and expressions

    1.I saw many _________(婴儿) in the hospital.

    2. I study English by taking _________(笔记).

3. We must look around when we ________(穿过)the street.

    4.The price of the apple is very _____(). Lets buy some.

    5.They often says ____(再见) to his parents when he leaves home.

    6. Please look _____ (浏览)the text and then answer the questions.

    7.We use the _____(电梯) to go up and down the building.

    8. Jane was late for school because of the busy__________.(交通)

    9. Look! There are so many Jay Chous _______(,狂热者) waiting to buy some CDs of Jay. 10. ---Where have you been?--- I have been to a _______(书店).

    11. I bought a dictionary, and it _____(花费) me twenty-five yuan.

    12. Traveling by boat is_____() than by bus.

    13. I think well get _______(至少) seventy gold medals in the 2012 Olympics

    14. Bob and I _________________(相处好)

    中午之前 浏览 开心过一天 在一家书店

    在电梯里 跨过街道 低廉的价钱

    看起来要下雨 做某事有困难 出现 相处

    想要做,,, 周六晚上 玩得很开心 对某人友好

    容易得多了 至少 举行他的90岁生日聚会

    Step 4 达标检测

    1. Hes never been to the United States,_________?

     A. isnt he B. doesnt he C. hasnt he D. has he

    2. There is little milk in the bottle, __________?

     A. isnt it B. is it C. isnt there D. is there

    3. ---Many people like sports, dont they? ---________.

     A. Yes, they do. B. No, they do. C. isnt it D. wasnt it

    4. Tom ________ his book at home yesterday.

     A. leave B. left C. forgets D. forgot

    5. The teachers are friendly ______us.

     A. with B. for C. of D. to 6. -She is always late for school, isn’t she? - ______.

     A. She is sure B. Sure is she C. She sure is D. Is she sure

    7. What do you ____ the book you bought last week?

     A. think B. feel C. like D. think of 8. They are good friends. They _____ each other.

     A. get on B. get with C. get along D. get along with

    9. They have never been to New York, ______?

     A. have they B. haven’t they they D. don’t they

    10. Thank you for ______ me with my English.

     A. help B. helps C. to help D. helping 11. This watch ______him 500 yuan last year. A. cost B. costs C. took D. paid

     12. We had a wonderful time _____ Sunday night. A. at B. on C. in D. about 13. –Linda doesn’t know French, does she? -__________. She hasn’t learned it. A. No, she doesn’t B. Yes, she doesn’t C. Yes, she does D. No, she does

    14. I’ve _______ all my papers but I still can’t find the answers. A. looked through B. looked after C. looked at D. looked for

    19.He always make things much_______ to do.

    A. easy B. easier C. more easy D. easily

    20. Mr. Hu is a good teacher. He always makes ____ easy to understand some difficult problems.

    A. that B. it C. this D. so

    21.He told me that the watch ____ him 100 dollars.

     A. bought B. paid C. cost D. spent

    22. Where are you hurrying?---To take the driving test. ---____. A. Be careful . B. Congratulations. C. Good luck. D. Take your time. 23.--Meimei hasnt paid for the school things, has she?

    ---_____. Her mother will pay for them.

    A. Yes, she has. B. No, she hasnt. C. Yes, she did. D. No, she didnt.

    Step 5 Writing

    假如你是Janet,要给你的中国朋友Li Hao发一封E-mail,邮件包含以下内容:


    2.感谢Li Hao在中国对你的帮助,让你认识了很多朋友,参观了许多名胜古迹;

    3. 感谢Li Hao一家的热情招待;

    4. 转达你对他父母的问候.

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