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    Wrapping It Up Village Stores, That Is

    Vicky Daly

     In mid- July, eldest grand-daughter at my side, I started visiting the retail stores and service

    providers in the Village of Palmyra. Here we are in early December, not quite done. The number and

    variety of shops and offices continues to impress me. More importantly, my shopping habits have

    changed. If we can buy it in Palmyra, we do. The same item might be a bit less expensive in one of the

    malls, but time, gas and now, driving conditions, are a consideration. Buying in Palmyra has multiple

    benefits for the buyer, the seller and the community. So let‟s look at more of our local merchants.

     TD Motors, on the east end of the village, is the seller of affordable used cars. Open seven days

    a week, they invite you into their handsome showroom to see what they can do for you. Immediately next

    door is Lane‟s Garage. Robert Lane has been in business here for six years and is looking to make

    Palmyra his home as well as his place of business in the near future. He deals with everything except

    body work, specializing in automatic transmissions and electronic fuel injection diagnostics. The shop is

    open six days a week, 8:00 6:00, and his phone number is 945-6268 ( not a typo!)

     Directly behind Lane‟s is Snyder‟s Auto Parts, owned and operated by Tom and Anne Snyder. As

    a CARQUEST franchise, they do most of their business on the wholesale level with garages in the region.

    CARQUEST is a nation-wide operation which provides coast-to-coast warranties for its products. The

    same attention to detail and high level of customer service is provided to walk-in retail customers as well

    as is to their professional clients. Nice to know, for those of us who are not, is that the staff is

    knowledgeable about all sorts of questions dealing with cars and why they do or don‟t do something.

     Palmyra Family Chiropractic, is newly owned by Dr. Christopher Lannon, who is based in East

    Rochester. Chiropractor Pamela Vandrei Bell is here to serve the people of Palmyra. She made several

    interesting points as we talked. She said that chiropractic care is not just to relieve pain or discomfort. As

    most people go for annual dental check ups, they should consider preventative chiropractic care to

    promote and maintain wellness. Her practice here deals largely with geriatric care, but also with young

    athletes. Office hours are by appointment and she can be reached at 597-BACK (2225). Vicki Weber is

    located next door at State Farm Insurance. She had a scoop for us State Farm is now registered as a

    bank, complete with checking and savings accounts, mortgage loans and the like. There has been no

    national advertising yet, but it is a bank in New York State. The local office is a satellite of the

    Canandaigua office and has been open here for six months. Billed as a one-stop destination, Vicki says

    personal service is their goal. Reach her at 597-5797, Monday through Friday, 8:00 5:00.

     Then there is Ziggy‟s Car Care, 597-5551, Monday through Friday, also 8:00 5:00. Charlie

    Ziegler has been in the doll up business for 36 years, first with Harold Contant and then on his own. We

    started going to Charlie when he was on the west side of the village and have continued since he moved

    to the current location four years ago.

    Would you believe our first dealings were in the form of a gift to my husband to have a doll up on

    his car? The gift was a winner. I recommend it for the person who has everything. Ziggy‟s also sells tires

    and batteries and is a state inspection site.

     Next door is Tom Williamson‟s Magick Gas Station, good prices at a good location – lots of

    access. Just north and a little bit west of Magick is the soon-to-be-opened Canal Street Sports Bar and

    Grill. We‟ll tell you about that when it happens.

     On the west end of the village we have still more shops, some on which we have already

    mentioned Parkside Florals & Gifts, R.T. Perry Collection, and right across the street, Total Computer,

    all excellent sources of holiday gifts and gift certificates. Further along to the west is Spillway Park, home

    to four additional Palmyra businesses. The first is Palmyra Auto Repair, owned and operated by Butch

    Tiblow. The garage is open Monday Friday, 8:30 5:00. Mr. Tiblow said he was appreciative of local

support and, it appears that his clients are appreciative of him as well. It is a busy place. Contact him at

    597-6261. Immediately next door is the Russell Agency where I met Jim Russell, 597-1611. It is a full

    service agency property, casualty, business, and a part of the Erie Insurance Group. Hours are 9:00

    5:00, Monday through Friday. Jim promises good rates and good service.

     A real contrast is the Razor‟s Edge, Hair – Nail Tanning Salon. Stylist and owner Lori Hollingsworth and stylists Leanne and Dee Dee, offer the listed services in an attractive setting. They are

    open Tuesday through Saturday. Call 5976-CURL (2875) for specific hours. Walk-ins are also welcome.

    Use the same phone number for inquiries about Spillway Mini Storage, located behind the building. 62

    units in various sizes are available for rent. The most westerly store in Spillway Park is Magnum Auto

    Parts, a NAPA distributor. Owners Len VanStaalduinen and Jon Cauwels have been at this location for

    eight years providing quality products at an affordable price. A conversation with Jim Payne, who has

    been there since the business began eleven years ago, then on the site of what is now Dollar General,

    told me they keep long hours, 6:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m., Monday Friday and 6:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. on

    Saturdays. If they don‟t have what you need, they can get it for you within twenty-four hours.

     Directly across the street is Express Mart, where I talked to co-manager Jared Rice. Besides

    Mobil gas, they have a variety of items for sale newspapers, coffee, donuts, batteries, cough syrup, and more. They too keep long hours, 5:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m., and until 11:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

     This is the part that reminds me of when our kids were little and we had an old fashioned wooden

    playpen. We had inherited it from family and it had seen much service.

We used it for one and a half children. The second one with it became adept at removing wooden

    uprights faster than his father could replace them. That‟s what it feels like with the arrival of new stores and offices in the village. I am not complaining! The more the merrier. Primamerica Financial Services,

    run by Ben Schoenfelder and Tim VanGorder, has as its objective to assist middle income families

    become debt free a worthy ambition. Independent contractors, they are a part of Citigroup, and, they

    told me are “100% solutions oriented”. Get in touch at 597-2779 for what they call a „welcome session‟. They are easy to find in the Van Parys Building at 229 East Main Street.

     Also brand new is Bob Grolling‟s Zen Garden Café at 208 East Main Street,

    585-802-1088, another cell phone. The café opens at 6:00 a.m. with fresh bagels and a variety of coffees

    and teas. Lunchtime features chili, soups and bagel sandwiches. It remains open until 8:00 p.m. The stDecember 1 Open House and Ribbon Cutting featured folk singer and guitarist Mike Strobel. Bob

    promises more entertainment music, readings, magic on Fridays and Saturday evenings.

     Thanks to the efforts of the Focus on Business group, some Palmyra merchants are remaining open until 7:00 p.m. on Thursdays. They are doing it for us. Stop in, shop and say thank you.

     I rarely make any mention of specific Board actions because coverage of the meetings is

    provided elsewhere in the paper. This is an exception. I told you in our last Conversation that among the

    things done in the past year was the change of meeting time from 6:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. to accommodate ndthe public. At the December 2 meeting, a majority vote of the Board elected to return to the 6:30 start

    time. So, if you plan to join us, make note of that change.


    To you and yours, the Happiest of Holidays!

    May it be all that you could wish for and more.

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