Conventional Heavy Oil (CHO) R&D Priorities Workshop

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Conventional Heavy Oil (CHO) R&D Priorities Workshop

Conventional Heavy Oil (CHO)

R&D Priorities June 20, 2000

Workshop Notes

    Conventional Heavy Oil (CHO)

    R&D Priorities Workshop

    June 20, 2000

    Table of Contents

I. Registrants page 1

II. Overall Top R&D Initiatives Identified and Next Steps page 2

    Field Tank Design

    Alternatives to Gas Compression

    Artificial Lift Systems

    Rodless Pump Drives

    Assessment of Current Oil/Water/Sand Separation Technologies

    III. Breakout Group A Discussion Facilitator: Brian Watt page 2

    A. Scope of Discussion page 2

    B. Top Priorities page 2

    1. Field Tank Design page 2

    2. Alternatives to Gas Compression page 2

    3. Horizontal Well Applications in CHO (Artificial Lift Systems/Rodless Pump Drives) page 3

    IV. Breakout Group B Discussion Facilitator: Don Towson page 3

    A. Scope of Discussion page 3

    B. Top Priorities page 3

    1. Fluid Handling page 3

    a) Assessment of Current Technologies page 4

    b) Single Well Batteries page 4

V. Discussion Regarding the Effectiveness of the RFP Process page 4

VI. Overall Group Brainstorm of Potential Research Areas/Ranking page 4

    VII. Evaluation and Feedback Form Summary page 5

    Conventional Heavy Oil (CHO) R&D Priorities Workshop Notes

    June 20, 2000

    I. Registrants

    ; - In attendance - registered but unable to attend

    Name Company ;/

    Neulander, John I. ;

    Kromm, Robert Alberta Energy Company East ;

    Bell, Patrick Anderson Exploration Ltd. ;

    Bessel, Allan Anderson Exploration Ltd.

    Dean, Charles Apex Equipment Ltd. ;

    Likuski, Brad Barrington ;

    Krepps, Bill Baytex Energy

    Butt, James Centre for Passive Sampling Technology

    Matthews, Cam C-FER Technologies ;

    Egan, Wayne Colt Engineering

    Warchol, Ed Colt Engineering ;

    Shaw, Fred Colt Engineering

    Yildirim, Erdal CONRAD ;

    Wozney, Gina Crestar Energy Inc. ;

    Towson, Don D.E. Towson & Associates Inc. ;

    Stabb, Gordon Durando Resources Corporation

    Nielsen, Mike GLM Tanks and Equipment Ltd. ;

    Ferguson, Hamish HC Process Systems Ltd ;

    Augustine, Paul Husky ;

    Schmidt, Greg Husky Oil Operations ;

    Friedrick, Dwayne Husky Oil Operations Ltd.

    Har, Simon Husky Oil Operations Ltd. ;

    Kutryk, Terrance Husky Oil Operations Ltd. ;

    Watt, Brian Husky Oil Operations Ltd. ;

    Weiss, Mike Husky Oil Operations Ltd. ;

    Zalewski, Whit Husky Oil Operations Ltd. ;

    Chakrabarty, Tapan Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.

    Fischbein, Milt Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.

    Stinson, Douglas JuneWarren ;

    Flint, Len Lenef Consulting Ltd.

    Kearns, Jim McCaffrey Energy Group Inc. ;

    Saltuklaroglu, Mehmet Mobil Oil Canada Ltd.

    Dettman, Heather NCUT ;

    Peachey, Bruce New Paradigm Engineering Ltd. ;

    Bolt, Richard Nordic Engineering Ltd. ;

    Kehrig, David J. Numac Energy Inc. ;

    Rumpf, Karl Numac Energy Inc. ;

    Doyle, Jim OPTI Canada Inc. ;

    Brown, Bill Passage Energy ;

    Thornton, Bill Petrovera ;

    Stoneman, Bill Prolift ;

    Conn, Tim Promore Engineering Inc. ;

    Lloyd, Eric PTAC ;

    Aukema, Paule Ranger Oil Ltd. ;

    Irwin, Maggie Ranger Oil Ltd.

    Hunka, Brian Renaissance Energy Ltd. ;

    Scoular, Jerry Saskatchewan Research Council ;

    Dedora, Nancy Union Pacific Resources Inc. ;

    Iannatone, Gerard I. Union Pacific Resources Inc. ;

    Lepski, Bogdan University of Alberta ;

    Xu, Zhenghe University of Alberta ;

    Maini, Brij B. University of Calgary ;

    Baykan, Ahmet Wascana Energy Inc. ;

    Kutzak, Bob Wascana Energy Inc. ;

    Clarkson, Kevin Weatherford ;

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    II. Overall Top R&D Initiatives and Next Steps

     Field Tank Design

     Alternatives to Gas Compression

     Artificial Lift Systems

     Rodless Pump Drives

     Assessment of Current Oil/Water/Sand Separation Technologies

Next Steps:

    1. Roughly scope 5 initiatives

    2. Issue to producers for feedback via email/fax 3. Possibility of forum to be held at oil show in Lloydminster on September 13th

    III. Breakout Group A Discussion Facilitator: Brian Watt

    A. Scope of Discussion

    ; Production Operations

    ; Artificial Lift

    ; Energy Efficiency

    ; Vent Gas

    ; Other maintenance

    ; Alternative Fuels

    ; Completion Technology

    ; Well Construction

    ; Well Servicing

B. Top Priorities

    1. Field Tank Design

    2. Alternatives to Gas Compression

    3. Horizontal Well Applications in Conventional Heavy Oil

C. Group Brainstorm

    Current Initiatives:

    ; PCP Run Life JIP Active

    ; Extensions/applications/monitoring Cam Matthews, Tim Conn, Brian Watt (vett)

    o Spin off from current CFER JIP

    ; Catalytic Heating Systems for Casing Gas Utilization

    ; Vent Gas Utilization JIP Launch

    ; Artificial Lift Systems Pending (RFP never got support)

    ; Rodless Pump Drives Pending (RFP never got support)

    1. Field Tank Design

    ; Thermal efficiency/ Burner efficiency

    ; Tank Bottom Design/Sand Removal

     Combine field tank design initiative with single well batteries/fluid handling areas (see page 3)

     Single well battery issues include:

     1. Lift system prime movers and fuel sources

    2. Balance energy efficiency (may want lower efficiency motors and burners to minimize

    excess gas vents to atmosphere

    3. Casing gas gathering system issues in low pressure, low rate wells.

    ; Dehydration

    ; Compression

    ; Line costs

    ; Are there analogs in coal bed methane areas?

     2. Alternatives to Gas Compression

    ; Bruce Peachy (NPEL) assessment in progress through JIP

    ; Electrical generation

    Page 2 of 6 C:\convert\temp\100925867.doc

    ; Gas to liquid. Ethanol/Methanol possible products ; Compressed Natural Gas

    ; Compression alternatives (what type of systems could go beyond what we can do with

    standard compression and sales systems?)

    ; Put on hold pending results of New Paradigm JIP in fall 2000, then go to suppliers for

    technology development (RFTD)

    3. Horizontal Well Applications in Conventional Heavy Oil ; Potential JIP, Co-Champions Cam Matthews, Brian Watt (vett by fall 2000)

    ; Review producer applications of horizontal wells in conventional heavy oil fields

    ; Assessment of success and failures

    ; Possible COURSE project

    ; JIP format would be effective, few producers have more than a small sample of

    horizontal applications, combined there may be some effective leverage.

; Review Effectiveness of Well Stimulation Techniques - Champion Brian Watt, PTAC to


    ; Common stimulation techniques, contrast between conventional oil and heavy oil

    applications and successes

    ; Fracs

    ; Acid

    ; Foam

    ; Chemical/diluents

    ; Washes

    ; Conformance/water blocking/gas blocking (in reservoir)

    ; Stimulation techniques unique to heavy oil areas:

    ; Stimulating sand inflow

    ; Massive sand production > Borehole mining

    ; Short radius boreholes

    ; Open hole completions

    ; HF/LF energy

; Assessment of what has worked in past

    ; Forum format may work well here, perhaps of the “Success Story” style

    IV. Group B Discussion Facilitator: Don Towson

    A. Scope of Discussion

    ; Fluid handling/partial upgrading/diluent sand (12) ; Production and operations (7)

    ; Lift systems

    ; Vent gas/energy efficiency (4)

    ; Well abandonment and reclamation/gas mitigation (3) ; Automation/AI (1)

( ) Number of votes in order of priority

Criteria Used in Assessing Priorities

    1. Short term benefit

    2. Environmental impact

    3. Operation cost impact

    ; Cost/benefit

    4. Capital cost impact

B. Top Priorities

    1. Fluid Handling

    ; Oil/water/sand separation

    Page 3 of 6 C:\convert\temp\100925867.doc

; Single well battery

    ; Efficiency improvement

    ; Vent gas issue Group A handling

a) Assessment of Current Oil/Water/Sand SeparationTechnologies

    ; Identify available technology

    ; Categorize (what/where)

    ; Identify field test requirements ; Identify areas for research

    ; Don Towson draft

    ; Bill Thornton vett

    ; Success story potential

    ; Forum Bill Thornton

    ; Hold forum in Lloydminister at oil show (CIM) September 13 Invitation

b) Single Well Batteries

    ; Heating efficiency

    ; Stirring effect

    ; Tank treating (clean oil)

    ; Combine with field tank design initiative ; Brian Watt/Cam Matthews

     V. Discussion Regarding the Effectiveness of the RFP Process

    ; The RFP process doesn’t seem to be working very well in the area of CHO. Several

    CHO RFPs have been issued and have met with poor response.

    ; Discussion

    ; Request to suppliers

    ; Show cost/benefit

    ; Pre and post

    ; Engineering contractors

    ; Success story potentially applicable to technology assessment

    ; Producers need to provide cost window desired for a particular technology


    ; Researchers need to find engineering company and supplier as partners

    ; Engineering issue how to bring together

    ; Could take to PTAC Board/VP Breakfast

    VI. Overall Group Brainstorm of Potential Research Areas/Ranking

    ; Partial upgrading

    ; Gas migration

    ; *o/w separation

    ; Sand disposal

    ; Diluent treatment for sand

    ; Data Gathering AI

    ; Field flow lining

    ; *Fluid handling

    ; Abandonment, reclamation, remediation ; Tank heating/thermal design/creation of slop oil (prevention) - 3

    ; Improved technology for de-oiling produced H2O (1ppm oil) 3

    ; Emulsions understanding, breaking 3

    ; Salt content 1lb/1000 bbls refinery requirement 3

    ; Field upgrading disincentive 3

    ; Cheap crude quality improvement 3

    ; Site remediation 4

    ; Horizontal wells why do they behave the way they do R

    ; Partial upgrading 3

    ; Alternative fuels 2

    ; Vent gas reduction 2

    Page 4 of 6 C:\convert\temp\100925867.doc

    ; Well Abandonment 4

    ; Gas Migration 4

    ; Well Constitution, Energy Efficiency/Costs for operations Alternative fuels, Vent

    Gas Utilization

    ; Short well life R

    ; Jet Pumps for Artificial Lift Status? 1A

    ; All artificial Lift Alternative 1A

    ; O/W separation and H2O handling 3

    ; Completion Technology

    ; Gas/water control 1

    ; Well servicing costs Alternative Lift Failures Sand/Pump

    Failures/Restarts/check old PTAC RFP 1

    ; Most effective way to dispose of sand 3

    ; How to level sand production rates

    ; Diluent treatment for sand handling 3

    ; Data gathering and automation 3

    ; Artificial Intelligence 5. 1,2,3?

    ; Education: known technology AI

    ; Casing vent gas handling in high rate/temperature wells 2

    ; Field flow lining? Alternatives 3

    ; Fluid handling (water and sand) 3

    ; Other maintenance costs/issue

    VII. Evaluation and Feedback Form Summary

    Total # of Evaluations Submitted: 8

    1. Did you find the information provided today of value? ; 100% responded yes


    ; Mostly “Applied Technology”

    ; Good update on projects

    ; Review of projects, discussion of state of industry/funding/delivery of R&D

    ; Good update on current projects

    ; Morning was of value to present Interesting cross section ; Information/discussion regarding how to generate JIP’s in current environment

    2. Please specify your objectives for attending this session. ; My first attendance. Wanted to learn what PTAC is all about and the projects on hand

    ; Get input and focus on future R&D priorities

    ; Keep current on PTAC CHO R&D efforts and provide input to future needs

    ; Update on heavy oil projects and priorities

    ; Meet individuals to support industry

    ; Learning about research in the area of CHO

    ; Communicate results of Husky Catalytic Heater Trials

    ; Keep tabs on what’s new, applicable to my area

    ; Understand oil producer needs and commitment to new technology

    3. How well did this Forum meet your objectives? ; Exceeded objectives 0% Satisfied objectives 100% Did not satisfy objective 0%

    4. What additional questions do you have on the information presented?

    ; C-FER presentations were an indication of what was done, but no presentation of results,

    was a bit frustrating. Presentations by suppliers with actual results were better. Either

    present complete information or make them shorter for C-FER ones

    Page 5 of 6 C:\convert\temp\100925867.doc

    5. Please specify what new technology development you require in the area of

    Conventional Heavy Oil?

    ; High temperature lift equipment

    ; Wormhole/foamy oil threshold/expectations for fields

    ; Produced fluid handling

    ; Vent gas utilization

    ; As discussed/presented

    6. Are you or your organization interested in obtaining additional information on

    Conventional Heavy Oil

    ; 4 50% responded yes 1 13% responded no


    ; Yes, meetings as this one

    ; Yes, Tank Design, Gas Gathering, Fluid Handling

    ; Yes, Wormhole, sand production, thermal (recovery, design)

7. Were the time and timing of the session satisfactory?

    ; 99% said yes 1% said no


    ; Seemed long perhaps not longer than necessary

    8. Please suggest ways in which future sessions could be improved.

    ; It was important to get update for content, but we lost most producers in p.m.

    ; More concrete results

    ; Encourage producers

    ; Start no sooner than 9:00 am (travel)

9. Please suggest topics for presentations at future Forums.

    ; Have operators present actual experiences (or at least 1 or 2) similar to CHOA’s seminar

    “Reintarnation” I’m thinking more of presentations like Ranger’s where they discussed

    restarting wells at Lindberg. Maybe use as a springboard for like PTAC/CFER JIP’s

    10. Would you or your organization be interested in PTAC sponsoring a Technology

    Information Session for your organization?

    ; 1 responded yes

11. General Comments

    ; Good session overall

    ; A lot of researchers from Edmonton/Regina to talk to a very few Calgary producers

    ; We have to find a way to get more producers to participate in the brainstorming sessions

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