love is a game

By Ramon Brooks,2014-10-02 00:34
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love is a game

Love is a Game

    Some people will grow angry when I claim that love is a game. In truth, I am not among love-players who consider love not reliable. Oppositely, I value love very much and am always seeking authentic love. By game I

    don‟t mean that we can have more than one

    boyfriends or girlfriends at a time. What I mean is that sometimes, love and game really share a lot in common. There are some rules in love as in a game. Within the rules, love is controllable and enjoyable. In cases of feeling lonely and being abandoned, love is a game‟ is the very

    attitude we should adopt.

    Different phases of love can be compared to different types of games. Searching your Mr. or Ms. Right is the first phase of love, which is very much like picking a share in the stock market. There are thousands of shares owned by various companies in the stock market, some

    being good and the other being bad, some being stable and the other being risky. You will always find better shares possessing upward trends. With various girls and boys around you, you always choose one who brings you

    benefit---helping you grow, shining your road ahead, and warming you in cold. Occasionally, the abandoned share, contrary to what you expect, begins to rise while the one in your hand begins to fall. Lured by the profit, you might probably give up the current one and pursue a more promising share. Similar to the stock market, people are constantly changing. You can never expect to make a thorough investigation into corners of world and a perfect selection of love is impossible. All that you can do is to find somebody in your limited world and try

    establishing a relationship. Nevertheless, it by no means guarantees that this choice will become your life-long partner. As life moves on, ideas change and new dreams appear. There are always better women and men waiting

    on your way to future. Therefore, it is not uncommon that people replace their naïve choice by a more sensible one.

    Courting is second phase of love, which is very much like fishing, a game involving a wide range of strategies, including timing, place choosing, using bait and exerting power and so on. Timing and place choosing are the two preliminary considerations you have to go through before your sitting down to fish without which it would be a zero-catch day. Sometimes patience is needed. Acquaint yourself with the fact that fish is a softhearted species. Bait usage is also very important for the simple reason that fish can never resist the temptation to try what they love and curious about. With regard to the exertion of power, either holding the line to too tight or too loose will result in the fishs escape.

    Don‟t you think these are all identical with man‟s


    Marriage is third stage of love in which love can be compared to the game „tug-of-war‟, the

    maintenance of which entails the effort of both sides. Any carelessness of either side would conclude the game. Is it true for mans love?

    Lovers‟ divorces and break-ups sometimes

    really depress them or even push them towards the edge of committing suicide. They take love so seriously that they think they can not afford to lose the lover. Viewing from this prospective, treating love as a game can save you from the great pain.

    To sum up, the rules and strategies in game will also work in the context of love. Therefore, love, to some extent, can be regarded as a game.

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