Alpinia galanga Granule Preparation Process and Quality Control_111

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Alpinia galanga Granule Preparation Process and Quality Control_111

    Alpinia galanga Granule Preparation Process and Quality Control

     Authors: YE Juan, GAO Wen-Yuan, SUN Li Ya, Liu

    Xinqiao, Tie-Jun Zhang, Hai-Xia Chen, Wang Shujun

     Abstract Objective To determine the best Alpinia galanga

    granules preparation process, the establishment of Alpinia granules in eucalyptol method for the determination. Methods steam distillation Alpinia galanga medicinal herbs in the volatile oil, design L9 (34) orthogonal experiment to determine the optimum inclusion volatile oil process, the water extract of dried concentrated formula is made with the inclusion particles, using gas chromatography , FID detector determination of granules in the content of eucalyptol. Results will be 10 times the amount of medicinal water

    extracted 5 h, to collect extracts and volatile oils. Optimum inclusion volatile oil process: volatile oil and β-

    cyclodextrin ratio of 1:9, inclusion temperature is 45 ?,

    inclusion time was 1 h. Determination of the regression equation y = 2 635 4 x - 0.040 4, r = 0.999 8, average

    recovery was 100.72%, RSD of 2.58% (n = 5). Conclusion Alpinia granules preparation process is stable and feasible evaluation index a reliable and reasonable.

     Key words Alpinia granules; eucalyptol; volatile oil; gas


     Abstract: ObjectiveTo optimize the preparation process of Alpinia officiarum formula granules and establish a determination method of eucalyptol in the formula granules. MethodsThe volatile oil was extracted with steam

    distillation method and included with β cyclodextrin to

    avoid its volatilization. The granule was prepared by mixing the water extracts, volatile oil and starch. The content of eucalyptol in the granule was determined with the GC method.ResultsThe optimum extraction condition was as follows: the crude drug was extracted with 10 times amount of water for 5 hours to collect the volatile oil. The optimal inclusion condition selected by the L9 (34) orthogonal design was as follows, the ratio of volatile oil to β cyclodextrin was

    1: 9 (ml / g), the inclusion time was 1h and the temperature of the inclusion was 45 ?. The regression equation was y = 2 6 354 x 0.040 4, r = 0.999 8. The average recovery was 100.72% and RSD was 2.58%. ConclusionThe preparation process

    of Alpinia officiarum formula granules is stable and feasible. The GC method for quality control is accurate and suitable.

     Key words: Alpinia officiarum; Formula granules; Eucalyptol; Volatile oil; GC

     Galangal is a plant Zingiberaceae Alpinia Alpinia Alpinia

    officiarum Hance dry roots, the main produced in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan and other places, with a warm stomach cold-dispelling, digestion analgesic

    efficacy, clinical commonly used in the treatment of Zhongwan

    abdominal Leng Tong, Wei Han vomiting, belching Tunsuan other diseases [1]. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that Alpinia galanga has a strong analgesic antiemetic [2], anti-

    ulcer, gallbladder, anti-diarrhea [3], antibacterial [4],

    anti-oxidation [5], anticancer [6] and so on.

     Alpinia Galangal Pieces formula particles by the extraction, concentration, drying and granulation processes such as traditional Chinese medicine made from a single-flavor

    granules. Pieces traditional Alpinia changed granules, can

effectively remove the plant fiber and other non-active

    ingredients, to increase stability, easy to store, easy to take. Granule its production automation, production conditions, constant, small man-made factors are widely used

    in clinical advantages. Coptis formula, such as particles, regardless of whether the same lot number, its berberine content are within the scope of the requirements in the determination of [7]. At present, about Alpinia galanga granules and determination of the preparation process have not been reported in this paper using gas chromatography control of particles in the cineole content. Are reported below.

     An instrument and reagent

     Agilent 6820 gas chromatograph (Agilent, USA); KQ218 ultrasonic cleaner Kunshan Ultrasonic Instrument Co., Ltd.; DZG 401 electric vacuum drying oven, Tianjin Tianyu instrumentation laboratory; Sartorius BS210S Electronic Balance Tianjin Ott Sainz Instrument Co., Ltd..

     Alpinia Pieces (Pieces by Tianjin Traditional Chinese

    Medicine Factory to provide), in line with "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" in 2005 edition of requirements; eucalyptol reference substance (Lot No. 110748 200507) purchased in

    China pharmaceutical and biological products. N-hexane, for

    chromatography pure cyclohexanone, ethanol, β

    cyclodextrin, starch, and other reagents were of analytical grade.

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 Alpinia granules volatile oil extraction process to take Galangal 200 g, plus 10 times the amount of water extraction, measuring equipment used to collect volatile oil (light method) volatile oil, obtained at intervals of 1 h the amount of volatile oil volume, examining the rate of extraction time and out of the oil the relationship between the results in Table 1. From Table 1 we can see, the former 5 h out of the oil has reached 95.1% of the total. Therefore,

    extraction time of 5 h. Extraction time of the study in Table 1 (omitted)

     2.2 The volatile oil from Alpinia galanga β

    cyclodextrin inclusion

     2.2.1 Volatile oil inclusion process orthogonal experimental design pre-test results showed that the volatile oil and β cyclodextrin ratio (A), inclusion temperatures (B), inclusion time (C) that affect the outcome of the major