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    Examiner Recruitment - Appendix 1

    A Guide for Applicants to IELTS Examiner Recruitment

    This guide is intended only for individuals who wish to become IELTS Examiners and have responded to an advertisement for IELTS Examiner recruitment.

    There are a number of stages in the process of becoming an IELTS Examiner the aim of this guide is to make them

    clear. What follows is a summary of the main stages if you require any further information, please contact the IELTS centre which is recruiting Examiners / where you plan to submit your application.

    Please note that if at any point during the recruitment stage you do not meet the requirements to become an IELTS Examiner, you will be informed in writing that your application will not be progressed. 1. Recruitment information pack

    All applicants receive a recruitment information pack which contains the following:

    ; This guide.

    ; The IELTS Examiner application form.

    ; The IELTS Examiner Minimum Professional Requirements (MPRs). The MPRs contain information on what

    minimum level of qualifications, experience and professional attributes and interpersonal skills is required to

    become an IELTS Examiner. Only those applicants who fully meet the Minimum Professional Requirements will

    be considered.

    ; Other centre-specific information, as required.

    2. Application form

    All applicants must complete an application form electronically and submit a signed hardcopy document. It is important that you check that all aspects of the application form are complete before you submit it. You will need to submit supporting documents with your application form. The documents required must be original or verified copies and are listed in the checklist on the application form. Your original documents will be returned when they have been checked. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain any verification of supporting documents required, and cover the costs of verification.

    In exceptional cases where an original document cannot be provided at the time of applying, the PSN Manager at IELTS Australia Pty Ltd or British Council will advise.

    Assessment of English language competence

    IELTS Examiners must be the equivalent of an IELTS band 9 this is an ‘Expert User’ on the IELTS Band Scales and

    is described as follows: Has fully operational command of the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with complete understanding. This is an essential requirement for all Examiners in order to be able to examine effectively and an Examiner can be identified at any time to sit the test.

    There is a section of the application form covering English language competency. On the basis of this, or your performance in the interview or in the training workshop, you may be required to take the full IELTS test to demonstrate your equivalence to band 9. The recruitment process cannot continue until the results of the IELTS test have been released. All applicants who are required to take the IELTS test must sit the Academic module and are required to pay the full test fee.

    3. Approval or rejection of application forms

    Decisions on the approval or rejection of application forms are made independently of the IELTS centre by an Examiner Trainer. Application forms are assessed against the Minimum Professional Requirements those who do

    not meet the minimum requirements cannot be accepted.

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    Examiner Recruitment - Appendix 1

    4. Interview

    Applicants whose application forms are approved are invited to attend an interview. The interview may take place at the IELTS centre or by telephone. Short listing decisions are taken by the interview panel. Only successful interviewees will be invited to continue with the recruitment process.

    5. Induction

    Applicants short-listed after interview are required to attend induction prior to training and certification. Induction is intended to give applicants a general introduction to IELTS examining and outlines centre specific requirements. Induction takes place at the IELTS centre self-access induction outside of the centre is available only in exceptional circumstances for remote applicants.

    6. Training

    You are required to sign a Confidentiality Undertaking before the training workshop begins. In order to become a certificated IELTS Examiner you must attend and successfully complete training and certification. Training covers how to mark the Speaking and Writing modules of the IELTS test. Training lasts one and a half days for each module. Training equips applicants with the information they need to assess IELTS candidates for the Speaking and Writing modules. The Examiner Trainer screens out applicants at any point during the training session if the applicant is not meeting the requirements for an IELTS Examiner.


    Certification is a tool to assess whether the Examiner applicant has understood and is able to apply the marking criteria applicants make individual assessments of Writing scripts and Speaking tests which are sent to the British Council or IELTS Australia Pty Ltd for assessment. Certification may take place directly after the training workshop or at a separate time within 2 weeks of the date of training. Certification is held at the IELTS centre under strictly controlled test conditions.

    Only when the centre has been notified of successful certification does an applicant achieve certificated IELTS Examiner status.

    7. Communication

    The IELTS centre will inform successful and unsuccessful applicants in writing at each stage of the recruitment process. Unsuccessful applicants will receive written notification no more than 2 weeks after a decision has been made at each stage.

    8. Summary

    In order to become an IELTS Examiner, an applicant must successfully complete the following stages of the IELTS Examiner recruitment process:

    ; Application form approval

    ; Assessment of English language competence if identified as necessary by an Examiner Trainer ; Interview

    ; Induction

    ; Training

    ; Certification

    ; Sign the IELTS Examiner documents: Invitation to Examine, Code of Practice, Confidentiality Undertaking If you wish to continue with your application, please complete the application form and return it to the IELTS centre, with all the required original supporting documents.

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