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By Betty Miller,2014-10-30 09:10
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Aerosol Research_526

Aerosol Research

     Abstract Aerosol Research in recent years, mainly from the formula research, preparation, quality control, efficacy study and clinical application areas are reviewed. And looked forward to their development prospects.

     Key words aerosol; Review

     Aerosol refers to extracts of medicinal drugs or drug powder with the appropriate propellant loaded in a special pressure valve system, strict sealing containers, when used with the pressure of propellant would be the contents were

    fine mist or other forms spray forms. Can be applied to the respiratory tract, skin, or other cavity of limited effect, or systemic therapeutic effect, which has become indispensable in pharmaceutical preparations as a dosage form. "The United

    States Pharmacopoeia" 22 edition of income contained in the aerosol has reached more than 30 kinds of medicines, China's 2005 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" there are two kinds of income contained in [1], in recent decades, aerosol with quick

    and efficient features , in the treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular system, surgical bleeding, burns, etc. were received remarkable results. Especially in the quantitative inhalation, systemic treatment such as in-depth research to

    fully demonstrate their superiority, it has been increasing in our country a wide range of clinical applications, now in recent years, the research and application of aerosols are summarized as follows:

     1 Formulations

     Aerosol in the formulation design can be based on

    clinical treatment needs, requirements and administration site nature of the drug to carry out set of square. Such as: Select β adrenergic receptor stimulant isoprenaline hydrochloride [2] as an active ingredient, its relaxing bronchial smooth

    muscle have a stronger role in lifting the bronchial spasm, bronchial asthma attending suitable for preparing the aerosol , select the oral spray delivery method.

     The function of Chinese medicine formulations attending primary consideration. Such as: Chuankening Ping aerosol [3], from ephedra, ginkgo, Sophora flavescens, Scutellaria baicalensis and other ingredients. Ephedra King and the temperature of its medicinal drug Xuanfei asthma; sex level of ginkgo Tameomi drug phlegm down and dirty, grabbing the lung

    Dingchuan; with a mixture of cold lung of Sophora In addition to hot-fall from the sky, so in order to bitter cold of the skullcap Xiehuo detoxification of the reactive increase monarch and officials, various drugs were played with the heat

    phlegm, asthma Zhixiao achievements.

     2 Preparation

     Aerosol process of drug preparation is the key point, according to the type of prescription composition and aerosol dubbed decentralized systems required. Aerosol preparation,

    may be appropriate to add according to the nature of the potential drug solvent such as ethanol, additional agents such as Span 80, Tween 80 and so since solubilization or

    emulsification, made solution, Suspension, emulsion

    differentType. Such as drug solubility in the propellant F12 in the poor design of ethanol in a prescription for latent solvent, vitamin C for antioxidant, made of clarity solution [2]. Wang Lishu, etc. [4] using orthogonal design the best clarity aerosol compound Danshen preparation process by adding

    propylene glycol 1.5 ml, Span -60 0.05%. Yang Giessen et al

    [5] on the vagina with herbal foam aerosols orthogonal results show that when the two fluoro-dichloro-7.0 g, aqueous phase is

    21.0 g, the use of Tween 80 0.51 g, Span -80 1.24 g, group

    percent of emulsifier, oil water, emulsifiers (1:3:0.25)

    is the optimal solution.

     Traditional Chinese medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine extracts of aerosol propellants in aerosol containers

    with the compatibility made. Relatively active ingredient a single aerosol medicine, Chinese medicine has a complexity. If he asks for he possesses the dosage is small, high bioavailability, efficacy and strong advantages of traditional Chinese medicine active ingredients extracted and refined the study is bound to become a key link. Chinese herbs commonly used formulations of water, alcohol or water and alcohol references, Shen law process, is also useful and effective part of the organic solvent extraction. Liu Gang et al [6] In

    the compound pairs spend research and development of aerosol extraction process selection of water extraction and alcohol precipitation method, each 12-fold increase of water, boiling

    3 times, 1.5 h / times, this extraction process is most

    reasonable; Concentrate the relative density of 1.09 ~ 1.12, use 60% ethanol, precipitate 16 h. Fang Ephedra percolation optimum process as follows: fine herbs 1 ~ 2 nm, alcohol consumption 8 times the concentration of 60 percent ethanol,

    filtration rate per minute, 4 ~ 5 ml. The best preparation process for the liquid ethanol concentration of 95%, liquid dosage 1 g, projectile dosage 2 g.

     3 Quality+Control">Quality Control

     "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2005 edition of the appendix

    "General Preparation" provides all types of aerosols must be leak rate checks. Should be non-quantitative aerosol spray

    valve rate, the total emission inspection, quantitative aerosol valve should be pressed a bottle of the total times, the amount of spray per actuation, or pushed the main content of each examination, inhalation aerosol with Suspension Check for size. In addition to the provisions of aerosol medicine pharmacopoeia routine screening, but also to make qualitative and quantitative examination.

     Aerosol Qualitative inspection methods are mainly TLC, such as Liu Gang et al [7] on the compound pairs of flowers aerosol prescriptions were seven Chinese herbal medicines all the TLC, the results of stability, spots were clear with good

    reproducibility .