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    Job Description

    This is a new Director post, which will be one of nine Directors forming the third tier of management in DFID. This will be a high profile post involving extensive work across with other Government Departments, particularly the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Ministry of Defence (MoD), and Ministers, with a potentially high media profile. He/She will have a major role in:-

    ; the expanding agenda of humanitarian and conflict policy and

    institutional partnerships, overseeing the Conflict and Humanitarian

    Department (CHAD). CHAD seeks to reduce the incidence and impact

    of violent conflicts, manmade and natural disasters;

    ; our partnership with the United Nations development agencies,

    overseeing United Nations and Commonwealth Department (UNCD);

    UNCD's overarching aim is to drive a coherent and strategic approach

    to strengthening the UN and Commonwealth systems for development,

    in order to improve their effectiveness in contributing to the

    achievement of the Millennium Development Goals;

    ; the setting up of the Post Conflict Reconstruction Unit (PCRU) working

    closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of

    Defence. The PCRU will include staff from DFID, FCO and MoD. It

    will plan and implement strategies, including civilian deployment, for

    post conflict reconstruction and military to civilian transition, which will

    involve the recruitment, training, deployment and management of

    skilled civilian staff and appropriate resources. A Senior Officials’

    Steering Group will provide strategic policy and operational direction.

    Staff will mainly be located in DFID headquarters in London and East Kilbride but there are also two small offices in Rome and Paris with a total of 5 staff.


The Director will:

    ; Identify and lead on the relevant aspects of the current International

    Division Director’s Delivery Plan (DDP) relating to conflict and

    humanitarian work and the United Nations, and develop and implement

    a new Divisional DDP;

    ; Deliver a successful relocation of UNCD to East Kilbride from London,

    which will include the recruitment of new staff;

    ; Work with likeminded states to optimise the partnership with UN

    development agencies targeting capacity building and reforms;

    ; Oversee the work of our offices in Rome and Paris, which are

    responsible for UN agencies in these locations;

    ; Oversee the work of CHAD and UNCD working closely with the Heads

    of these departments;

    ; Assist the PCRU in its initial stages which will include recruitment of the

    new Head and then work closely with the new Head to set up the Unit

    in line with an agreed expansion strategy;

    ; Responsibility for around 140 staff in the three departments/units and a

    budget of around ?350 million;

    ; Contribute to - and lead for his/her Division - on DFID corporate


    The Director may be based in London or East Kilbride, but there will be a busy global travel schedule, which will also include frequent visits to either location.

Personal Qualities

    ; Experience of working with UN organisations and in developing

    countries, particularly those affected by conflict;

    ; Understanding of what makes aid effective;

    ; Strong track record of personal achievement;

    ; Works well in partnership situations with strong representational skills

    as the job will require significant high-level negotiations internationally

    and across UK Government Departments and the co-ordination of

    different groups within DFID;

    ; Personal credibility in the international system.

    Within the six Senior Civil Service competences (which are included in the Application Pack), there will be a particular emphasis on “giving purpose and direction” and “getting the best from people”. The management challenge will include the need to develop unified teams from a group of staff drawn from very diverse backgrounds in the case of the PCRU; to achieve an effective transfer of UNCD from London to East Kilbride, and to ensure CHAD continues to contribute effectively to DFID’s Public Service Agreement



    The Director will report to the Director General Policy and International. She/He will work closely with the DFID Policy, Europe Trade and International Financial Institutions and Regional Directors.


    June 2004

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