My Favorite Star

By Sarah Rose,2014-10-01 12:12
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My Favorite Star

My Favorite Star

    Everyone has a favorite star.My favorite star is a super boy.His name is Zhang Jie.Many foreigners call him“Jason Zhang”.

    Zhang Jie is 179cm tall.And he is 67kg.He is cool but sometimes he is lovely.He has big eyes.A host said,“Zhang Jie uses his eyes to sing and

    dance.”And he has two dimples in his cheek when he smiles.

    He is a little bit quiet.His favorite place is Canada.Because Canada is quiet.He likes black because he thinks black is a simple color.He likes playing basketball and listening to the music in the free time.He is good at English songs.I’m a dream and Angel are his famous songs.

    He is a sunny boy.He didn’t cry when he failed the competition.He said,he did his best in the competition. Then he thanked his mother and his teachers.Though he isn’t the winner,he is a crownless king in my heart.

    He always says,“You must work hard,if you want to success.”He is not only a good singer,but also a top dancer.He danced very hard in Strictly Come Dancing.The dancers called him“Dancer in the


    He has a lot of fans include the foreigners.They have a common name,“Stars”.It means everyone is a star.Even a small star shines in the darkness.Zhang Jie hopes his fans can shine in the future. This my favorite star,Zhang Jie. Let’s work hard like him.And you’ll

be wonderful in the future.

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