Module 4 Great inventions

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Module 4 Great inventions

     B. accepted, accept A. received, receive Module 4 Great inventions

    C. received, accept D. accepted, receive

    Unit 1 Paper and printing have been used for ages. (A)19. Foreign languages can be used a tool.

     A. as B. for C. by D. in

    (B)20. The 2010 Asian Sports Meeting in November in Guangzhou. 第一课时

     A. will be held B. has been held ?. 根据句意和首字母提示补全单词。

     C. was to be held D. would be held 1. My father bought a digital camera last week.

    ?. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子;每空一词。 2. Could you do me a favour to carry the box to the office?

    21. Is the online magazine the same as(和……一样)a normal magazine? Its my pleasure.

    22. Please turn off() all the lights when you leave the classroom. 3. The next issue of our school newspaper will be published on September 1st.

    23. From now on(从现在起)we teenagers should help out more at home. 4. It was an ordinary day. Nothing special happened.

    24. The battery in the camera hasnt been charged for about a couple of(两个) weeks. 5. George replaced David as captain of the team while David was away.

    25. Dont worry. I will see/look to/after(照顾) your dog while you are away. ?. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

     6. The radio doesnt work because the batteries(battery) are dead.

    第二课时 7. Printing(print) is one of the greatest inventions of China.

     8. What beautiful scenery! Would you like to take(take) some photos. here?

    ?. 选词填空;并注意用适当的形式。 Of course.

    Turn off; for ages; see to; favour; read; publish; 9. I dont think Mr Browns new novel has been published(publish) yet. Advantage; from now on; a couple of; promise 10. Daming tried his best to make everyone laugh(laugh). 1. Please turn off the lights before you leave the room. ?. 选择正确的单词或短语并用其正确形式填空。 2. Every things has its advantages and disadvantages.

    borrow lend 3. The issues have been published for two weeks. 11. I can lend you the book, but you should return it to me next Monday. 4. Paper and printing have been used for ages.

    12. Do you often borrow books from your school library? 5. Can I ask a favour?

    be used for be used to be used as 6. Its doesnt matter. I will see to that.

    13. Do you know what the tool is used to do? 7. Much information can be read on computers. 14. A canteen is used for dining in a school or a factory. 8. Lets try our best to realize our dreams from now on. 15. Tents can be used as classrooms after an earthquake. 9. He promises that he will get up early and wont be late of class. ?. 单项选择。 10. My father will stay in Wuhan for a couple of weeks. (D)16. We often see Sam standing outside his own house because he often the key in the ?. 单项选择。

    house. (A)11. I remember she came a fine spring afternoon.

    A. forget B. forgets C. leave D. leaves A. on B. in C. at D. to (C)17. Stamps are used for letters. (B)12. What do you think of the new movie?

    A. send B. to send C. sending D. sent It’s good. But the one we saw last month is even than it. (C)18. She your invitation, but she refused to it. A. good B. better C. bad D. worse

(D)13. Several students came to the meeting. 8. You know fish cant live without water.

     A. thousand B. thousands C. thousand of D. thousands of 9. Little Tom is learning to write words on paper.

    (D)14. A Disneyland Park(迪斯尼乐园) in Shanghai Pudong New Area in the near 10. In a way your idea is good, but Tonys is better.

    future. ?. 单项选择

     A. builds B. has built C. will build D. will be built (A)11. I prefer to stay here rather than with him.

    (D)15. Are you going to the party? A. go B. to go C. went D. going

     No, because I . (D)12. Her daughter isnt to go to school.

     A. have asked B. havent asked A. allow B. to allow C. be allowed D. allowed

     C. have been asked D. havens been asked (A)13. Whats the Tshirt ? Cotton.

    ?. 情景交际;从方框中选择恰当的问句或答语完成下列对话;其中有两项是多余的。 A. made of B. made in C. made from D. made by A~Whats that? (A)14. The naughty boy is made his homework before 9:00 every night. B~ 16 A. to finish B. finishes C. finish D. finishing A~When was it invented? (A)15. Look! The tree is growing well. When ? Three years ago. B~ 17 A. was it planted B. did it plant A~How did it work? C. will it be planted D. is it planted B~ 18 They pushed the pedals (踏板) down hard with their feet. 19

    A~What was it made of? 第二课时

    B~It was made of wood. 20

     16. F 17. B 18. C 19. E 20. A

    ?. 根据句意用所给单词的适当形式完成句子。

    1. Most of the Earths surface is covered(cover) by water.

    2. While I was on holiday, my camera was stolen(steal) from my hotel room.

    Unit 2 Books could be produced more quickly and cheaply. 3. Telephone is used for talking(talk) to friends though they are far away from us.

    4. The teacher is pleased(please) with what we have done in class. 第一课时

    5. He worked hard and succeeded(success) in his business at last.

     ?. 单项选择。

    ?. 根据首字母句意写单词。 (C)6. Go and find out there will be a train for Shanghai today. 1. The tea garden produces black and green tea. A. that B. what C. when D. where 2. Shakespeare created many famous characters. (B)7. I havent seen your grandfather for several years. 3. Which of Edisons inventions do you think is the greatest? Oh, he for two years.

    4. My new shirt is made of cotton cloth. A. has died B. has been dead C. died D. was died 5. Wood can be made into paper. (A)8. While she , she cut herself.

    ?. 用适当的介词填空。 A. was cooking B. cooked C. had cooked D. cooks 6. My father sometimes buys his breakfast on his way to work. (D)9. of the students in the class would like to go to school by bike in such terrible

    7. Look at the poster with a photo of Yao Ming on the wall. weather.

    A. All B. Both C. Neither D. None (B)8. The students are all looking forward to .

    (B)10. Our P.E. teacher us try very hard in the running practice of 800 meters. A. go hiking B. going hiking C. go to hike D. going hike ?. 根据汉语提示完成句子;每空一词。 (A)9. I will go home to watch TV rather than this film.

    11. 我想我们应该去散步;而不是呆在家里。 A. to see B. seeing C. seen D. saw

    I think we should go for a walk rather than stay at home. (D)10. We will go to the collage .

    12. 早期的书是手工制作的。 A. any time B. in a hurry C. some time D. some day

    The early books were produced by hand. ?. 完形填空。

    13. 你经常上网浏览吗? Many objects that people use each day started with a simple(简单的) idea. These objects

     Do you often look through the Internet? have often 26 the way we live. Some help us to do a job more 27 . Others help us to fill a 14. 陶陶梦想有朝一日能成为著名的画家。 need or 28 a problem.

    Taotao dreams of becoming a famous artist one/some day. In 1858 Lipman had such an idea. One day he took 29 a pencil, a piece of paper, and 15. 每次你可以从图书馆借两本书。 an eraser. Then he began to write. Sometimes he 30 to change a word. Each time be had to

    You can borrow two books from the library at a time. 31 under his books and papers to find the eraser. I wish my eraser would stay in one

     32 ! he thought to himself.

     Then Lipman had his simple idea. He cut a 33 in one end of the pencil. He

    Unit 3 Language is use glued() the eraser into this groove(沟槽). Later he thought that others might 34 to

     have such a pencil. So he sold his invention. Soon pencils 35 erasers came into use.

     (C)26. A. shown B. Found C. changed D. pointed ?. 单项选择。 (A)27. A. easily B. clearly C. luckily D. carefully (C)1. Luckily, I as one of the players this time. (D)28. A. discuss B. study C. offer D. solve

     A. choose B. chose C. am chosen D. choice (B)29. A. back B. out C. away D. off (B)2. To make our city more beautiful, rubbish into the river. (D)30. A. began B. failed C. refused D. needed

    A. neednt be thrown B. mustnt be thrown (A)31. A. search B. see C. hide D. move

    C. cant throw D. may not throw (C)32. A. side B. box C. place D. space (B)3. E-books in the 1990s. ( B)33. A. hole B. groove C. mark D. crossing

     A. appear B. appeared C. was appeared D. have been appeared (C)34. A. agree B. forget C. like D. mean (B)4. I saw you came to school on foot this morning. (A)35. A. with B. without C. or D. and

     Yes. My bike . ?. 书面表达。

     A. is mending B. is being mended C. is mended D. is being mending 请你根据下面表格提供的信息;写一篇6080词的短文;短文的开头已给出。

    (D)5. I was surprised that the strongest team . invention when who be used for

    A. won B. was lost C. was won D. was beaten camera 1827 Joseph Nicephore Niepce taking photos

    (C)6. They cant go out to work the heavy rain. abacus,算盘: in the sixth century Chinese people counting

    A. because B. since C. because of D. for chips 1853 George Grum eating

    (B)7. He get up early he could get there on time. There are many great inventions in the world. Here is a short introduction:

     A. in order to B. in order that C. so as to D. such that

    For example, camera was invented in 1827. It was invented by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. (D)15. You can begin with turning the lights when you leave the house to save energy.

    It is used for taking pictures. Abacus was invented in the sixth century. It was invented by A. up B. on C. down D. off Chinese people. Its used for counting. Chips was invented in 1853. They were invented by ?. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子;每空一词。

    George Grum. They are used for eating. 21. Come on(快来)There is a dolphin show here.

     22. I always pay attention to(注意) my spelling when I do my English homework.

     23. Mr Wang is our English teacher, and he is our friend as well().

     24. Shall we take photos(照相) together in the park?

     Good idea. Module 5 Museums

    25. Tao Zhe sings quite well. No wonder hes so popular.

    Unit 1 You mustnt touch it.


    Unit 2 Theres no shouting and no running.

    ?. 根据句意和首字母提示补全单词。 第一课时

    1. Look at the sign No entry, so we mustnt go there.

    2. Jackie Chan is a familiar/famous film star from Hong Kong. ?. 根据句意和汉语提示写单词。

    3. We students should give our full attention to what we are learning. 1. Chemistry is my favourite subjects, because I can do many interesting experiments(试验). 4. There are two guards at the gate of our school to watch over us. 2. The children had an unusual(不同寻常的) experience when climbing Mount Tai. 5. Maybe either of the twin sisters is coming. 3. Physics(物理) is a new subject for the students in Grade Two. ?. 用所给单词的形式填空。 4. Which runs fastest, a car, a truck(卡车) or a bus?

    6. It was amazing(amaze) that the boy was able to solve the problem so quickly. 5. When did you begin to ride a bike without training wheels(车轮)?

    7. Lets go(go) to the Science Museum, shall we? 6. Jim got there very early so that he could get a good position/place(位置) to see the match. 8. Jim is looking forward to getting(get) a ticket to the football match. 7. Most of us know Yao Ming is playing for Houston Rocket(火箭) in America. 9. No shouting(shout)! All the pupils are having a rest. 8. Which country would you like to travel,旅行:to?

    10. The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest wonders of the natural(nature) world. America, I think.

    ?. 单项选择。 9. Everyone should obey(遵守) the traffic rules. (B)11. Now lets take a photo this model plane. 10. Its human(人类的) nature to want to become successful.

    A. to B. of C. for D. about ?. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

    (A)12. Can you work out this problem your own? 11. Is there anything special to see(see) in the museum? Of course.

    A. on B. by C. to D. with 12. Visiting(visit) the Science Museum is fun and great. (D)13. I cant speak French, and he cant, . 13. Its interesting for the little boy to fill a bottle with falling(fall) sand.

    A. too B. also C. as well D. either 14. In most museums, there is no shouting(shout) and running(run). (D)14. Do you like writing a composition after your visit to the museum? 15. No one visiting in the science museum is allowed to touch(touch) the exhibits.

     No, its boring. ?. 根据汉语提示完成句子;每空一词。

    A. kind B. kindly C. a kind D. kind of

    16. 我自己算出了一道非常难的数学题;真开心。 A: Do you have class rules in your classroom?

     Im so happy to work out a very difficult maths problem by myself. B: 6

    17. 洒害怕尝试不同的方法。 A: Can you eat or drink in class?

     Dont be afraid to try out different ways. B: 7 Teacher says 8

    18. 除了集邮;你还喜欢别的吗? A: Oh, I see. 9 Can you wear hats in the classroom?

     What else do you like as well as collecting stamps? B: No, we cant. Its not polite to the teacher. 19. 在去乡下的途中;我爸爸顺道拜访了一下老朋友。 A: Then can you listen to the music?

     On his way to the countryside, my father dropped in on his old friends. B: No, we cant. 10

    20. 月球上的一个白天相当于地球上的两个星期。 A: And are there any more rules?

     One day on the moon is as long as two weeks on the earth. B: Yes. 11 because it can disturb(打扰) others. We cant sleep, 12 We have

     many rules, and our teacher thinks the rules are just like rulers, 13

    6. E 7. F 8. A 9. C 第一课时

    10. D 11. G 12. B 13. H

    ?. 单项选择。

    (A)1. I think students shouldnt to go outside on school nights.

     A. be allowed B. allow C. allowed D. allows

    Unit 3 Language in use (B)2. Tom always has new ideas and he wants to his new ideas.

     A. try on B. try out C. try to D. try his best to

    (C)3. If you are not , you will be caught by a lion. ?. 完型填空。

    A. quickly enough B. enough quickly Homesick is a compound,复合的:word made up of HOME and SICK. You know what

    C. fast enough D. enough fast each 26 means on its own, of course. But do you know the meaning 27 they are used (A)4. The question is quite difficult. Nobody can . together? The definition(定义) of homesick is SICK FOR HOME. It means you miss your

    A. work it out B. work out it C. work it up D. work up it home.

    (D)5. Which one is better, the blue one or the red one? Now think for a minute 28 SEASICK. If you change the word HOME in the

     I think the blue one is the red one. definition to the word HOME in the definition to the word SEA, would the definition to the

    A. as well B. as better as C. as well as D. as good as word SEA. Would the definition 29 SEASICK? Does seasick mean SICK FOR SEA? ?. 补全对话。 It means something quite 30 . Seasick means SICK BY THE MOVEMENT ON

    从方框中选择恰当的句子完成下面对话。 THE SEA. When you are 31 , the only place you want to be is at home. When you are

    A. Don’t eat in class. seasick, 32 you want to be is at sea.

    B. Its not polite to the teacher too. Have you ever 33 a person being heartsick? Heartsick doesnt mean that something

    C. What about hats? is wrong with a persons heart. People are heartsick when they are 34 deep inside as

    D. But we can listen to it in the music room. if(好像) their hearts are broken.

    E. Of course, we do. And we also have other compound words. Such as handshake and 35 . Perhaps you F. Of course not.

    may write definitions for them. It must be helpful to know something like this in your English G. We can’t talk loudly.

    study. H. It can make us better.

    (A)26. A. word B. phrase C. sentence D. passage (C)27. A. how B. why C. when D. where (C)28. A. for B. from C. about D. like (B)29. A. get B. fit C. read D. have




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