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    Act ?

Place: shop

    Time : at dawn

    (Frank is standing at the gate , his peaked cap pushed back on his head and his hair tumbled forward over a face of bronze . Just as usual ,he is waiting for Eveline . But today , he has a bunch of flowers in his hand . He seems a little anxious ,looking at his watch again and again and looking into the shop stealthily . Eventually , Eveline came out .)

    Frank : (rush up to Eveline )Oh ,honey , how happy to see you ! (bring out the flowers from back)This is for you . In my heart ,you are as beautiful as these flowers . Eveline : (joyful and shy ) a , thank you ,Frank .

    Frank :Lets go to see The Bohemian Girl . A really wonderful film . Come on , its

    going to start .

    (pulling at Evelines arm and running towards the theatre)

    Eveline : But I Frank .Frank

    Act ?

    Place : town road

    Time : evening

(Frank and Eveline are walking shoulder to shoulder.)

    Frank : (looking into her eyes )Do you like it ? So interesting ,right ? Eveline : Yeah , it’s good . I like it .

    Frank : Haha , great !So let’s watch more films in the future . Eveline ,you know ,I love to be with you .You are so lovely .Now ,I think it’s time to have a good dinner . You must be hungry .

    Eveline : Thank you ,Frank . You are so kind . But ,I am afraid I have to go home now .Because my dad , you know ,he must be waiting for me to cook dinner . If I came back too late ,he will …

    Frank : um, ok ,I know ,I know . Don’t worry ,Eveline . We can cut corners ,then you will reach home on time .Oh,what a pity . Time is limited . So ,let me share my experience on the sea with you . The sea ,is very very vast ,broad, no ending . In sunny days ,it’s blue and peaceful ,just as a blue diamond . Flops of see gulls flying across the sky ,singing songs . Lying on the deck ,watching the blue sky ,the cotton-like clouds , you know , it’s really really cozy .However , sometimes , usually at night , terrible rainstorm may come . Growling thunders , glaring

lightings ,whistling winds …(pretending to threaten Eveline )

    Eveline : (very frightened and covers her face with her hands ) Oh ,no,my God !God ! Frank : Hahahaha … Don’t worry, Eveline .I am here .I will protect

    you ,anytime .(pulling Eveline into his hug)

    Eveline : (shy) Thank you ,Frank .Thank you . I am ,you know ,I am so happy to hear you say this that I don’t know what to say now . Except my poor mother ,who has died ,nobody has cared about me so much . My father , he is always ill-tempered .He got angry easily .And then ,he will shout at me just like an angry lion . Some times, he even threaten me that he will beat me but for my died mother’s sake .

    Frank : (patting Eveline) Ohhoney ,darling .Poor girl .

    At this moment , Eveline’s dad appears .

    Dad : What are you doing ? You rascal!(pulling them apart and pulling Eveline behind him)

    Frank : Oh ,hello . Evening ,sir .Don’t be so emotional.

    Dad : You ,I know you sailors . Get away from my daughter ! Remember ?!(dragging Eveline toward home) (grabbing the bunch of flowers from Eveline and stamping it ) FrankEveline! Eveline! Eveline!

    The End

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