Who you love

By Curtis Simpson,2014-06-22 12:29
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Who you love

    Who you love

    John was waiting for the girl whose heart he knew, but whoseface he did not ,the girl with the rose thireen months ago,in a florida library he took a bookoff the shelf and found himself intrigued (激起„„的兴趣)with the

    notes in the margin,边缘,页边的空白!.the soft handwriting reflected

    a thoughtful soul and insightful ,富有洞察力的!mind.

    In front of the book ,he discovered the previous ,早先的,前面的!

    owners name ,Miss Hollis Mayenell. Hewrote her a letter introducing himself and inviting her to correspond.,通信,书信来往!

    During the next year and one-month the two grew to know each other through the mail. A romance was budding,发芽,萌芽! .John

    requested a photogrph,

    But she felt that if he really cared, it wouldnot

    Matter what she looked like.Later they scheduled,确定的时间!

    their first meeting-7:00pm at Grand Central Station in New York.

    you will recongnize me,she wrote,“by the red rose I will

    be wearing on my lapel,衣领!, So at 7:00 he was in the station

    looking for the girl with the red rose.

    A young woman in a green suit was coming toward him,her figure long and slim and hereyes were blue asjlowers.Almost uncontrollably he made one step closer to her, andjust at

    thismoment he saw Hollis Maynell-woman well past40. The girl was walking quickly away.He felt as though he split in two,so keen was his desire tofollow her, and yet so deepwas his longing fir the woman whose spirit had truly companioned,陪伴,与„„

    同行! him and upheld,支持,鼓舞! his own.

    He did not hesitate,犹豫不决,优柔寡断!. He squared ,挺直

    身子,挺起胸膛!his shoulders and said,lam john, and you must

    be Miss maynell.I amso glad you could meet me(may Itake you

    to dinner?

    The woman smiled,Idontknow what this is about,son,she

    answered,but the young lady in the green suit begged me to wear this rode on my coat.And she said if you were to ask me out to dinner, I should tell you that she is waiting for you in the restaurant across the street.She said iit was some kind of test!

    Its not difficult to admire Miss Maynells wisdom. The true

    nature of a heart is seen in its response to the unattractive.

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