Container House Specification

By Eddie Sullivan,2014-10-23 15:30
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Container House Specification

    Container House Specification


    Accommodation container house is a revolution from international shipping container and gains great development in the recent years. It is accordance with ISO standard of external dimension, also with constructional characteristics(stand out the nature of flexibility. It suits for

    sipping, land-carriage, and also for temporary or semi-permanent buildings, such as office, army sentry or residential. The dimension of the package is according to ISO international standard and owns various connections, such as lift on/off, fix or assemble.

    The main structure of container house----base frame, top frame and side wallboards to form a light weight structure, good drainage compounding of individual container house is transverse or longitudinal directions without limits, and can also be 2 or 3 stories, thus enlarging the space and function. The top, bottom and around of the container temperature for the internal house. All the material used is green and recycle.

    For saving the transportation cost, every four units will packed into a standard 20ft container house size, and each dimension is 6055*2435*648 which can be moved by forklift, but after four units packed as a container house size, only can be moved by crane.

?.Dimension (ISO1161 Standard)

    ASI103 size 20 standard container (length*width*height0

    Exterior: 6.055*2.435*2.591m/2.790m

    Interior: 5.855*2.235*2.326m/2.500m

?. Frame Construction

    1. Material: Cold-formed steel profiles in a thickness of 1-4mm. Steel standard: GB/T700-2006 carbon structural steel

    2. Surface working:

    Put the steel into the acid pool to clean rusts and create protection vela men on the surface; Sprays 10um antirust lacquer; finally, sprays 60um protective vela men. Note: color can be changed according to the customer’s requirements.

    3. Corner fittings: 8 strengthened corner fittings (dimensions according to ISO 1161 standard), the standard: GB/T 1835-1995.

    4. Forklift openings: Opening for a fork-lift truck in the floor framework, dim 85*315mm in a distance of 1835mm


    Constitution: External wainscot: 0.5mm color-bond steel sheet. Insulation filling: 50mm

    polystyrene insulation panel insert to the gap of the beam. Standard: GB/ 10801.2-2002

    Vapor barrier: PE foil in a thickness of 80um. Base panel: 18mm thick high quality plywood. Standard: GB 18580-2001E1 Floor: glued 1.5mm PVC floor covering. Standard:

    Q/320217GAH01-2003, Q/320217GAH06-2003. Permitted loading: 3.5KN/m2 Thermal

    transfer coefficient: 0.45W/m2.K

?. Ceiling

    Constitution: External wainscot: 0.5mm color-bond steel sheet. Standard: GB/T 12754-2006 Insulation filling: Mineral wool in a thickness of 90mm among steel beams.

    Standard: GB/T11835-1993 Inner wainscot: PVC ceiling panel in a thickness of 18mm with a foil in white color, Standard: GB4454-84 Meteor water outlet: 4 each of PVC rainwater pipes, diameter 32mm in corner pillars.

    Permitted loading: 1.5KN/m2

    Thermal transfer coefficient: 0.45W/m2.K

?.Facade walls

    Side panels width: 1145mm; total panel thickness:60mm. Five panels fit into the long side and two panels fit into the short side of container and they are fully interchangeable, joining of panels with PVC concavo-convex profiles.

    Constitute: External wainscot: 0.5mm color-bond steel sheet. Standard:GB/T12754-2006 Insulation filling:

    Option 1: XPS board in a thickness of 50mm Standard: GB/T 10801.2-2002

    Option 2: EPS board in a thickness of 50mm Standard: GB/T 10801.2-2002

    Option 3: Mineral wool in a thickness of 50mm Standard: GB/T 11835-1993

    Inner wainscot:

    Option 1: MDF panel in a thickness of 9mm with foil in wood pattern. Standard: GB11718-89 Option 2: 6mm fiber-cement board+2mm aluminum plastic panel

    Meteor water outlet: 4 each of PVC rainwater pipes, diameter 32mm in corner pillars. Permitted loading: 1.0KN/m2

    Thermal transfer coefficient: 0.45W/m2?K

?. Door

    External door: Steel security door which is single fold, filled door with opening dimensions of 810*2000mm, furnished with door handle and the lock with 2 keys. Doorframe is made of galvanized steel sheet, with overall dimensions of 830*2050, 75mm thick.

?. Window

    Window are made of: PVC, white color, with dimensions 800*1100mm glazed with double layer glass in a thickness of 4/15/4mm, with tilt & swing or sliding mechanism, supplies with external

    Alum. Rolling shutters in AL guides.

?. Standard: according to CCC regulations Voltage: 220/380V?50HZ Network connections:

    CEE-connection plus/socket, 3-pole 32 A, 220V), mounted on the top frame in upper corners of

    shorter side wall. Inner distribution system: NyM-J cables of suitable dimensions Flush-mounted Protection?Protective current switch (40/2E-0,03A), automatic fuses (B-characteristics) of suitable power (10A, 16A) Earthing: Galvanized connector with a steel plate with dimensions of 30x80mm welded on the bottom frame.

?. Fittings

    Electric distribution box?1x40/2E-0,03A (protective current switch)

    1x10A &2x16A (automatic fuses) Single fluorescent lights:

1x40W 2 each Flush-mounted sockets: 220 V 4 each

    Flush-mounted switches: 220 V 1 each

    Remark: Number and arrangement according to the enclosed drawings of standard container

?. Warranty

    Complete container, equipment and installations: 12 Months

    ?. Possibilities of Container Mounting On a flat solid surface (asphalt, concrete, etc) On point foundations?concrete cubes, dimensions 30/30/30cm, 6 pcs/20 container? On band foundations (concrete band, 30cm wide, on the

    container circumference)

    XIII. Optional Components (Paid Separated) 1. PVC floor?3mm thick

    2. 0.5-1mm Epoxy primer

    3. Bamboo floor

    4. Composite flooring

    5. Telephone socket + cable

    6. Internet socket + cable

    7. Socket + 2.5m wires

    8. Switch + 4.5m wires

    9. Smoking alarm

    10. Security window

    11. Fire proof door locker

    12. Heating-system

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