Positive and Negative Feedback Mechanisms

By Patrick Lee,2014-11-25 19:08
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Positive and Negative Feedback Mechanisms

    Positive and Negative Feedback Mechanisms.

    Learning Objectives

    By the end of the tutorial , the student should be able to :

     Appreciate the different levels of organization in the human body.

     The different body systems of a human body.

     Appreciate extracellular fluid and the internal environment

     Define homeostasis and its example

     Understand the origin and removal mechanisms of the ECF

     The pivotal role of two body systems in the maintenance of homeostasis

     Homeostasis control systems

     Feedback loops types with examples

     Example when positive feedback loop causes death

    Levels of Organization





     System Level

     Organismic Level

    Cells as the living units of the body Cells as the living units of the body

    Body Systems

     Basic living unit of the body is the cell

     Each organ is an aggregate of many different cells held together by intercellular

    supporting structures

     Red blood cells, numbering 25 trillion in each human being, transport oxygen from

    the lungs to the tissues

     The entire body contains about 100 trillion cells.

    Body Systems

     Groups of organs that perform related functions and interact to accomplish a common activity essential to survival of the whole body

Do not act in isolation from one another

Human body has 11 systems

    Body Systems