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    TSS ACCOUNTS CAN Cochrane Automotive

    REDEEM E.Y. POINTS 44 Chauncey Ave. AND CO-OP DOLLARS Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 2Z4

    Bob Greenwood’s

     4 Day Business Development Course

     (once a month for 4 consecutive months)

     for the Automotive Service Provider

     For more information: email:



    This business development course provides

    quality garage management instruction on how to

    operate a highly profitable business in today’s challenging climate.

     Here are just some of the topics that will be covered: (see complete 4 day agenda attached)

    ? How NET PROFIT is calculated and measured on each work order BEFORE it’s closed off. That’s

    right, I mathematically prove that 60% of the work performed in the bays only produces “sales” and

    “gross profit” NOT “net profit”. This can be the road to bankruptcy if it is not turned around.

    ? How to get out of the Accounts Receivable game…and increase the bottom line of the shop. ? How to set & obtain the right labour rates, the right labour mix at the right efficiency within the shop. ? How you can pay yourselves a professional income from your “current” business. ? How to work with your Parts Supplier to build a professional business relationship that is a

     win\win for both.

     thCourse Dates: Thursday, February 7, 2008

    Thursday, March 13, 2008 thThursday, April 10, 2008 thThursday, May 8, 2008

    Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Location: Holiday Inn, Guelph Exact Address TBA

    Cost: $1,195 per person + 5% gst = $1,254.75

    Includes 4 manuals with all information covered;

    coffee breaks and a working lunch

    Contact Person Name: Leah Cochrane Tel. #416 236-1763 thRSVP By: January 15, 2008

    Please complete the attached registration and return to contact person.


Bring the following information to the course (for your personal use only)

    1. Your last year end financial statement as prepared by your accountant.

    2. An interim financial statement with revenue separated by categories if you have it

    3. The number of work order\invoices you had for the previous year

    4. Total labour dollars billed for the last full year..(maintenance and diagnostic if broken out)

    5. If possible, total dollars in part sales split into aftermarket and dealer parts for the past year

    6. Total number of tire and battery UNITS sold for the past one year period if possible

    7. 5 completed work orders sampling 5 different types of jobs.

    8. The number of days, on average, it takes to collect your receivables age your receivables

    9. Top 3 charge accounts purchase and payment history along with copies of 4 of their most recent invoices

    10. Portable calculatorvery important

By the end of the course each student will have 4 manuals.

The instructor is available for personal, confidential, help if required during the 4 month process.

    If you have any questions regarding this course before you register, Bob has invited you to give him a

    call at 1-800-267-5497.


A shop Business Management Course that allows the shop owner/manager to slowly engage the topics covered

    as the course is covered 1 day a month for four consecutive months. The student is fully supported by the

    instructor during the course period and for 1 full year after the course has been completed. Also the student

    receives full access to AAEC for 1 year after completing the course. There is no course in Canada today that

    has this much shop management depth and support to it.

Day 1

    ? Overview of the Independent sector in terms of future trends and concerns that must be addressed

    ? Understanding global development of the aftermarket parts industry and its effect on shop profitability

    ? Understanding the competitions strategies that are forcing the Independent to change the business model

    ? Examining the new business model required to build and sustain shop profitability

    ? Change in shop business relationships required to meet the new world order that affects shop profitability

    ? Breakout session: Prioritizing relationships to be addressed strengths and weaknesses

    ? Recognizing common traits of shop owners who are in financial trouble

    ? Reviewing business management terms used in today’s business world

    ? Reviewing the Formal Financial Statement sent to the bank. What does the 7 page document tell the bank

     about your Management skills?

    ? Examining the analysis that many banks use to rate your business success

    ? Breakout session: analyzing my statement from a bankers point of view

    ? Listing the steps required to improve the weaknesses of my Formal Financial Statement

    ? Recognizing early warning signs that shop financial failure is a real possibility

    ? Setting shop financial goals and objectives for 1 to 15 bay operations required to achieve, and sustain a profitable


    ? Breakout session: comparing my numbers to the objectives set

    ? Gross Profit definition, analysis of a business and establishing Management guidelines

    ? Breakout session: Managing a gross profit strategy that maximizes the shops profitability.

    ? Listing business objectives to obtain by the next session


Day 2

    ? Review of Day 1

    ? Breakout session: Understanding gross profit and gross profit mix in a modern shop and how it affects the

    ? bottom-line profitability

    ? Breakout session: examining my shops gross profit mix and improving it

    ? Measuring specific shop productivity how is the bottom line changed? ? Breakout session: examining my shops productivity

    ? The mathematics behind shop pricing the effect on commodities and the labour component of the shop ? Breakout session: pricing in my business doing the math first to calculate my results I expect ? Determining the sales potential of the shop operation

    ? Determining the shops capability to maximize its marketplace potential

    ? Managing the Shop’s image and daily functions to attract the right customer/client base

    ? Marketing the business tools to use that can measure your effectiveness

    ? Focusing on preventative maintenance outlining the procedures at the front counter and in the bays ? Analyzing the profitability of preventative maintenance

    ? Building a shop business profit plan that provides above average personal income

    ? Breakout session: Building your own profit plan with daily objectives by revenue category

    ? Listing the business objectives to obtain by the next session

     Day 3

    ? Review day 2

    ? Analyzing the cost of hiring employees

    ? Breakout Session: Calculating each employees true cost per hour in my shop

    ? Building an effective employee benefit package what can my shop afford? ? Measuring technician efficiency and what it tells you about the shop

    ? Breakout session: measuring my shops efficiency Building a plan to achieve 80% efficiency in my shop ? Labour rate analysis calculating what am I really earning in my shop

    ? Breakout session: Calculating the profitability of my door rate planning the strategy to maximize my labour


    ? Reviewing the process of implementing a tier rate system into my shop

    ? Calculating the net profit per repair order

    ? Breakout Session: Calculating the net income on my repair orders where are my strengths and weaknesses

    ? Analyzing technician productivity to maximize bottom line profitability

    ? Breakout session: What must I change or address in my shop to maximize technician productivity

    ? Listing the business objectives to obtain by the next session

     Day 4

    ? Review Day 3

    ? Analyzing Accounts receivable profitability do fleet account contribute to the bottom line of the shop ? Breakout session: analyzing my A/R

    ? Inventory Management in today’s automotive environment to maximize the use of my dollars

    ? Supplier Guidelines: understanding how to work together to maximize bottom line profitability

    ? Shop expense guidelines and review

    ? Technician payroll analysis setting up the right plan for your shop

    ? ROI what is it? How is it measured? How do I improve it?

    ? Breakout session: Analyzing my own ROI and building a plan to improve ROI in my shop

    ? How to use the E-Learning Centre within my shop

    ? Establishing Shop E-learning groups

    ? Measuring my progression where do we go from here and how?

    ? The potential value to Shop Management of a shop Focus group

    ? Summary and conclusion


     Fax to: Leah Cochrane Fax # 416 236-1764


    Bob Greenwood’s 4 DAY Business Development Course

Delco Distributor Cochrane Automotive

    Contact Person Leah Cochrane Tel. # 416 236-1763 Course Dates Thursdays, 2008: Feb. 7, March 13,

     Apr. 10 May 8 Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Course Cost $1,195.00 + 5% gst = $1,254.75 Person Includes 4 manuals, lunch, coffee breaks

     Bill to Acct. Chq. Visa M\C Cash Payment Options Pay up front and you will be reimbursed through ACDelco ACDelco Co-Op $ one ACDelco E.Y. Points: EY Card #

    Make Cheque Payable to above Delco Distributor

    Course must be paid in advance to secure your seat

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     First Last

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Telephone: Res (_____)______________________ One Registration form per student


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