Negative Stress Cycle Chart

By Harold Lopez,2014-11-25 19:01
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Negative Stress Cycle Chart

    To: QXCI-EPFX-SCIO Community. Let’s use these charts/info as a “straw horse” to build upon with all our areas of expertise around stress and relaxation. Mary Morrin

How RELAXATION may help relieve stress and up to 90%-95% of stress-related illnesses (*American Institute

    of Stress [ ]), (thank you John Gilbert for "wording") (* Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD, "Biology of

    Belief,” of “What the Bleep Do We Know” conference fame.

    2) American Institute of Stress (MDs, PHDs and Herbert Benson of “The Relaxation Response”) has good information packets/statistics/quotes (e.g. Stress and Subtle Energy Medicine packet).

The Stress Network Cycle Chart

Is an attempt to show how stress, almost simultaneously, goes to our heart-brains-gut and adrenals/kidneys,

    and our sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system which is our “fight or flight” and the adrenal stress

    response “hormonal cascade drip” of nerve-hormonal-bio-electro-chemical events. Mostly “on,” hardly ever

    “resting and digesting.” As indicated by the scales picture. And easily puts the heart in incoherence (jagged lines) vs. coherence (smooth lines)*.

    Note in the ParaSympathetic column, “adrenal fatigue” should read: adrenals slowed (affects willpower).

Negative Stress Cycle Chart

Self-explanatory. We have a chance for Relaxation Intervention at each section. The 10 Triggers are the

    “causes” as mentioned by Dr. Nelson. And the Selye Gauge is, of course, the Hans Selye, MD GAS general adaptation syndrome of the adrenal stress disorder in three stages. ( has a great

    Adrenal Stress Disorder pamphlet showing the Adrenal Cortex,Medulla and related illnesses ).


    *Heart-brain connection, Institute of HeartMath research ( )the FreezeFramer

    biofeedback software I use before each Quantum session.

     Heart usually is “incoherent” erratic lines, or “coherent” smooth lines.

*Gut connection, “Stress & Gut’s Second Brain,” Worcester Telegram and Gazette, 8/29/05, U.S.,

    “Neurogastroenterology, Dr. Michael Gershon, Chair, Columbia, NY.

*Stress proven to go to our DNA “60 Minutes” U.S., 8-26-05, Drs. Eppel & Blackburn.

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