Water Park Regulation

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Water Park Regulation Water Park Regulation



Samsung Everland


     ? Water Park General Regulations

     1. Admission

     ---------------------------------------------------- 2

     2. Operating period and hours

    ------------------------------ 4

     3. Admission Fee

    --------------------------------------------- 6

     4. Currency and Payment Type

    ----------------------------- 8

     5. Guest Comments and Complaints Handling ----------- 9

     6. Lost Child

    -------------------------------------------------- 11

     7. Lost and Found Procedure

    ------------------------------- 13

     8. Accidents

    --------------------------------------------------- 15

     ? Water Park Facility Rules

     1. Ticketing

    -------------------------------------------------- 17

     2. Gate

    -------------------------------------------------------- 18

     3. Rental

    ------------------------------------------------------ 21

     4. Information Desk

    ---------------------------------------- 22

     5. Custodial

    --------------------------------------------------- 23

     6. Broadcasting

    ---------------------------------------------- 24

     7. Water play attractions

    ----------------------------------- 25

     8. Food and Beverage

    ------------------------------------- 32

     9. Retail

    ------------------------------------------------------- 32

? Water Park General Regulations

1. Admission

     A. Simultaneous in-park capacity : 5,000 guests limit rule

     1) Reason: to provide pleasant water play surroundings to the guests

     2) Counting Base : turnstile entered attendance figure

     (simultaneous attendance = total entry attendance - exit number of people)

     a) It is not based on the pre-sold ticket numbers

     (For pre-sold tickets : need to inform the entry limit rule on tickets)

     3) If the capacity reaches 5,000 people, the main gate is closed.

     4) Capacity by the attraction

     B. Non-permitted items

     1) In order to maintain the quality of water in the pool and to provide the park guests a

     more pleasant water play surrounding, the following items are not permitted in the park.

     2) No outside food, alcoholic beverages

     a) Mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages, and baby milk are acceptable.

     3) Any glass containers, pets, mats, large personal inflated tubes and scuba gears are not


     a) Large inflatables : Boat, surfing board, large tube(larger than 1m in diameter)

     b) Scuba gear : scuba gear, webbed foot, snorkel

     (? To prevent potential accidents and give more comfort to other guests)

     4) Other items

     a) Sports gear such as roller skates

     b) Musical instrument: guitar and any other noise instrument

     c) Potentially dangerous weapons: knife, gun, etc

     Attraction Area(?) Standard Capa(p) Remarks

    Wave pool 6,100 1person/3? 2,030

    Length 270m Lazy river 1,350 1person/2? 675 Ave. width 5m

    Tot's pool 500 1person/1.4? 350

    450 1person/2? 320 Interactive pool

    Water Play 60(40*1.5) With Tube wait 1p/? 60 Based on queuing area Tube slide 70(70*1) W/O Tube wait 2p/? 140 Phase 1

    Body slide Based on 110(55*2) 1person/0.5? 220 complex queuing area

    estimated seat Restaurant 440 seats 80% seated 350 numbers

    Other access 20% of the total 830 4,145*20%

    Sub total 4,975

    Based on Family ride 240(120*2) 2person/? 480 queuing area

    700 1person/2.5? 280 Adult leisure pool

    Flow ride 40(40*1) 2person/? 80 Based on queuing area Phase 2

    190(95*2) 1person/? 190 Sidewinder slide

    Other access 20% of the total 210 1,030*20%

    Sub total 1,240 Additional Capa.

    Total 6,215

     d) Any hazardous chemical

    Season Period Opening hours Working hours Remarks

    Low season 5/1 ~ 6/30 10:00 ~ 18:00 09:30 ~ 18:30

    High season 7/1 ~ 8/31 09:00 ~ 19:00 08:00 ~ 19:30 Weekends 08:30 Open

    9/1 ~ 10/15 10:00 ~ 18:00 09:30 ~ 18:30

    Low season

    10/16 ~ 10/31 10:00 ~ 17:30 09:30 ~ 18:30

     C. Definition of non-permitted guests

     1) To prevent possible accidents and for the safety of the parks other guests, the following

     category of guests are not permitted to the park.

     2) Children under age 10 without parents or guardian.

     a) The basic assumption is that a child should be at least in the upper grades of

     elementary school to use the facility by oneself.

     3) The handicapped without guardians

     4) People with contagious diseases, skin disease, eye disease and mental illness.

     5) Intoxicated guests(alcohols, drugs)

     6) Guests with hostile action or manner (includes large tattoos)

     7) Guests who are taking pictures for the commercial purpose in the park without prior

     permission by the park management.

     a) Prior permission is required for taking commercial pictures. 2. Operating period and hours

     A. Operating period

     1) Assumption: over 30? day-high temperature days are ideal for water park.

     a) Proper pool water temperature : above 26?

     2) Based on Taiwan's average monthly temperatures,

     a) Opening the park from May to October seems to be suitable.

     (total 6 months)

     b) Average monthly temperature

     In case of Caribbean Bay, outdoor facilities are open to public when day's highest

     temperature reaches 27?(from late May to early September). Please note that

     Koreans are more adapted to cold weather than the Taiwanese.

     B. Operating hours related information

     1) Night operation is not recommended due to safety reasons and dramatic temperature

     drop after sunset.

     a) Slide operation at night is possible but the pools(especially wave pool and lazy river)

     should be bright enough (especially inside the pool) for safety reasons.

     b) Life guard's night watch is very difficult due to reflection of lightings and vibration

     of the water's surface. Strong under water lighting should be installed for support.

     c) Average sun-set time in the high season is around 18:30 and it will not be until

     19:30 before total darkness falls. Which means that actual night operation is done

     only for 1 to 2 hours. In the respect of labor cost for additional staff, and low in-

     park attendance, night operation is not efficient.

     2) Closing time means the closing of all attractions.

    Rain ?) Average temp.(

    Wind speed Month sun-set Precipitation (m/sec) Highest lowest Rainy days (mm)

    Jan 21.4 10.9 17:30 1.0 9 32

    Feb 22.0 10.8 17:50 0.8 11 117

    Mar 24.9 15.1 18:10 0.9 12 119

    April 27.4 18.3 18:20 0.7 13 216

    May 31.0 20.2 18:30 0.7 8 165

    June 32.7 23.0 18:50 0.7 10 227

    July 33.4 23.0 18:50 1.4 8 150

    Aug 33.1 22.8 18:30 1.2 12 134

    Sep 31.6 21.6 18:00 1.6 10 113

    Oct 27.8 18.1 17:30 2.4 2 11

    Nov 25.9 14.5 17:10 1.9 1 9

    Dec 23.8 13.0 17:10 1.6 5 36

     a) Guest's exiting time(including showers and clothes change) is usually

     30 minutes to 1 hour after the closing time.

     3) Extended operation hours(30min earlier opening) on weekends are needed only in the

     high season.

     4) Due to the bad weather conditions such as storms, heavy rains with lightnings, park

     should close early.

     a) Early closing decision should be made by the Water park Attraction Manager

     b) In case of early closing, re-admission ticket should be given to the guests who

     entered the park within two hours before the closing time .

     Example : Guests who entered the park after 14:00 are given the re-admission

     ticket if the park closes early at 16:00.

     5) All employees should come to work at least 30 minutes before the opening

    Park Peak Season(US$) Low Season(US$) Rate(%) Remark

    Caribbean Bay 25 17.5 30 $1=\1,200

    Wild Blue(JPN) 35.5 29.1 18 $1=110

     time and leave work 30 minutes after the closing time.

     a) Employees working at Food & Beverage carts in the rental booths, Greeting, Main

     Retail Shop, Central Plaza, Entry Areas should close after all guests exit the park so

     they should leave work an hour later than the other posts.

     6) Water Park Operating Hours at other international parks

    3. Admission Fee : Pricing system shall be determined in the future.

     A. Pay One Price system is recommended

     1) Game arcade, rental items are not included in pay one price.

     B. Price difference by the season (suggestion)

     1) Discount in low season

     a) 20~30% discount compared to the high season's(July and August) price

     b) Sample Case

    Park Type(size) Operating hour Remarks

    35,000ping Caribbean Bay(KOR) 08:30 ~ 21:00 Outdoor 08:30~20:00 Indoor+Outdoor

    Wild Blue Yokohama(JPN) Indoor 5,000ping 10:00 ~ 21:00 night operation(indoor)

    Ocean Dome(JPN) Indoor 16,500ping 09:00 ~ 21:00 night operation(indoor)

     Typhoon Lagoon, Outdoor 36,000ping 10:00 ~ 19:00 Blizzard Beach(USA)

    Wet'n Wild(USA) Outdoor 36,000ping 09:00 ~ 23:00 night operation

    Adventure Island(USA) Outdoor 34,000ping 09:00 ~ 20:00

     C. Ticket Type

     1) Decided by age or height

     a) General Ticket : over 140cm in height

     b) Children Ticket : 110cm~ 140cm in height, Students, Seniors(over age 60),

     the handicapped

     - Free admission to the children under height 110cm

     - Children under 110cm, the seniors and handicapped should be accompanied by

     guardians to use the wave pool and lazy river and are not allowed to use slides.

     2) Group discount is applied to groups with 30 people or more.

     Discount rate should be higher in low season than in the high season.

     3) Evening discount ticket

     a) Admission after 16:00 in high season and 15:00 in low season.

     - The guests should be able to use the park at least 3 to 4 hours to uplift the park's

     turnover rate.

     - The entrance control due the overflow is expected to be removed at 15:00 in the

     high season. By entering the guests waiting between 15:00 and 16:00, then applying

     the evening discount rate from 16:00, the entrance revenue will increase.

     4) Other Discount Tickets

     a) Year-round membership : ticket that could be used throughout the year

     b) Combination ticket : a discount ticket that could use both the theme park and

     the water park

     c) Mileage ticket : a discount ticket that has a set number of (3,4, or 5 times) visits.

     4. Currency and Payment Type

     A. Credit card

     1) Acceptable only in the ticketing booths, retail shops, restaurants.(with the minimum

     amount set for payment in cards)

     a) Accepting payments in cards in the rental place and carts will cause following


     - small amount of transaction

     - fast transaction

     - card transaction fee(4% of the total amount(even in the deposits))

     B. Foreign Currency

     1) Acceptable currency : US$, Japanese Hong Kong $

     2) Foreign currency is dealt only in Arrival Plaza and Information.

5. Guest Comments and Complaints Handling

     A. Collection of comments and complaints

     1) guests' direct participation : suggestion box, PC e-mail, mailed letter,

     or direct visit to guest service office

     a) location of the suggestion boxes(9 locations)

     - ticketing booths

     - retail shop

     - restaurant(one in each)

     - rental place(2ea),

     - game arcade

     - Information Desk(2ea)

     (Designated staff in charge should collect the information every week)

     2) complaints or comments collected by employees

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