Negative Balance Report - Negative Balance (INS5300)

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Negative Balance Report - Negative Balance (INS5300)


    _____________________________________ Report Guide

     Negative Balance Report


    Section 1. Introduction

    Purpose of the Report

    The report identifies all levels at which a given item has a negative value. Negative quantities can occur

    at the business unit level, at the storage location level, or for an item-lot combination.


Type of Report

    Structured Query Report (SQR); Format - Portable Document Format (PDF) or CSV (MS Excel)

    Legacy SAAAS/CAS Reports


    Role(s) Needed to Access the Report

     Agency Inventory Reviewer

    Navigation Path to the Report

    Inventory > Manage Inventory > Reports > Negative Balances

    Suggested Run Times

    Ad hoc


Negative Balance

Section 2. Report Request Parameters

    General Notes:

    ; Select an existing Run Control ID or enter a new one

    ; For reports that are run on a regular basis, user should select a Run Control ID naming

    convention that can be easily identified (e.g., Negative_Balance)

    ; An asterisk * preceding the field name indicates input is required

    In This Field Enter Notes

    enter an alphanumeric * Request ID: user defined request name in this field

    type your Business Unit or * Business Unit: user must enter Inventory business unit use the lookup to select

    if Specific Item or Range of Items is

    selected, then a looking glass will appear; * Item Option: click the radio button click the lookup for a list of inventory items

    and select

    optional to open more than one instance click the plus sign of report criteria on a single run control

     push the save button to save reports that you want to run on a Save save report parameters regular basis

     ; click on the select box for report

    ; select server name (PSNT or Run PSUNIX) from the dropdown list or

    push the run control button leave blank

    ; select format format can be PDF OK or CSV (MS Excel)

    ; push the OK button


    Negative Balance

Report Request Parameters

Process Monitor

    In This Field Enter Notes

     ; to view the processing status

    of the report

    ; push the refresh button until the Run Status is “Success and the Distribution Status is Process Monitor “Posted click the Process Monitor link

    ; click the Details link Refresh ; click the View Log/Trace link

    ; click the report name link to

    display results



    Negative Balance

    Section 3. Example(s) of Report Output

    Examples of rows generated for a Negative Balance report with the suggested parameters.

    Figure 1 INS5300 report in PDF format

    Figure 2 INS5300 report in CSV (MS Excel) format


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