Course Summary

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Course Summary

    Course Summary

    一?The major newspapers and magazines in American and British

    1. The New York Times

    The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded, and continuously published in New York City, since 1851. The New York Times has won 106 Pulitzer Prizes. The newspaper is organized in three sections.

    ? News: Includes International, National, Washington, Business, Technology, Science, Health, Sports, The Metro Section, Education, Weather, and Obituaries.

    ? Opinion: Includes Editorials, Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor.

    ? Features: Includes Arts, Movies, Theatre, Travel, NYC Guide, Dining & Wine, Home & Garden, Fashion & Style, Crossword, The New York Times Book Review, The New York Times Magazine, and Week in Review. When referring to people, The New York Times generally uses honorifics, rather than unadorned last names (except in the sports pages, Book Review and Magazine). The newspaper's headlines for major stories tend to come with subheadings giving further details, although it is moving away from

this style.

    2. The Times

    The Times is a British daily national newspaper published in London since 1785, when it was known as The Daily Universal Register. The Times was founded by publisher John Walter on 1 January 1785 as The Daily Universal Register, with Walter in the role of editor. Walter changed the title after 940 editions on 1 January 1788 to The Times. In 1803, John Walter handed ownership and editorship to his son of the same name. The Times features news for the first half of the paper with the leading articles on the second page, the Opinion/Comment section begins after the first news section; the world news normally follows this. The business pages begin on the centre spread, and are followed by The Register, containing obituaries, Court & Social section, and related material. The sport section is at the end of the main paper.

    二?The knowledge of news writing

    The forms of news writing have three types which are news, feature and editorial &commentary. The language of newspapers always has characteristics which are contracted, fashionable, innovation, quotations, and rhetoric thick

    color. In newspapers, there is the majority of informal written language. What’s more, the language should be brief without prejudice on the basis of understanding in order to save the layout.

    .Background information

    1. Politics

    There are major differences between the political system of the United States and that of most other developed democracies. These include increased power of the upper house of the legislature, a wider scope of power held by the Supreme Court, the separation of powers between the legislature and the executive, and the dominance of only two main parties. The United States is one of the world's developed democracies where third parties have the least political influence. The federal entity created by the Constitution is the dominant feature of the American governmental system. However, most people are also subject to a state government, and all are subject to various units of local government. The latter include counties, municipalities, and special districts.

    2. Economy

    The United States central bank cut interest rates again

    this week. The Federal Reserve reduced its major, short-term rate to two percent -- the lowest level in forty years. It is the tenth time that the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates since January First. Officials hope the rate cuts will get Americans to spend more money. They say the cuts also will help businesses to launch projects delayed since economic activity began to weaken earlier this year.

    3. Education

    American education offers a rich field of choices for the international student. From abroad, and even from within the U.S.A., there is such an array of institutions, programs and locations that the choices may overwhelm the student. To simplify the choices, a student must carefully study how each program and location can fulfill the student's goals. In order to make informed decisions, a student will need to know how the U.S. education system is organized.

    4. Judicature

    The Federal Government of the United States is the central current reigning United States governmental body, established by the United States Constitution. The federal

    government has three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. Through a system of separation of powers and the system of "checks and balances," each of these branches has some authority to act on its own, some authority to regulate the other two branches, and has some of its own authority, in turn, regulated by the other branches.[1] The policies of the federal government have a broad impact on both the domestic and foreign affairs of the United States. In addition, the powers of the federal government as a whole are limited by the Constitution, which, per the Tenth Amendment, gives all power not directed to the National government, to the State level, or to the people. .Basic reading methods

    Firstly, you should read the newspaper article titles that are equal to the newspaper's eyes. We often can quickly know what the contents of the article. It can help us saving a lot of time. When we read some important reading material, we should use the way of intensive reading. It should be refined word for word, paragraph by paragraph, and section by section to chew carefully to understand its contents, ideas and so on. Fast reading is mainly to expand knowledge, to capture required intensive articles.

.The harvest and experience In the course

    Firstly, we have learned a lot of background information about American and British. The course helps us to broaden our horizons. I think that it is a good way to improve our English. Secondly, it is obviously that our vocabulary has been apparently expanded. We know about many useful expressions and fashionable words. Thirdly, we know that the knowledge of news writing and find out the forms of news writing. Finally, I just want say that this course can practice our reading skill. Now, we have mastered many useful reading way. And we can deal with different articles very well using these useful reading ways.

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