GMF v1.0

By Zachary Tucker,2014-06-22 11:20
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GMF v1.0

     Good morning, ladies and gentlemen;thank you for giving me this opportunity

    to give my speech here today. Im zhang dan, a member of Information school. Has

    anybody here has ever heard something called genetically modified food or GMF? What Id like to do today is to talk about genetically modified food. This brief talk will hopefully act as a springboard for discussion. Im going to look at the topic from

    three points of view: firstly, some advantages of GMF; secondly, in order to protect our environment persuade give up GMF; and finally, in order to keep health, persuade people dont eat GMF. If you have any questions, you can interrupt me as I go along. Your point of view may well be different, Wed like to hear from you.

    You know, GMF is the food which is introduced a foreign gene into the genome of organism, theses include GM plants, GM animals and GM microorganism in food. Actually, it appears in our view gradually in recent years. It has some advantages, for example: genetically modified crops were used mostly to replace and enhance chemical pest control, and can contribute to increased yields and agricultural growth in those situations.

    Even so, the benefits are negligible compare with the potential harm. GMF is imposing harm to environment. For instance, a laboratory study was published in Nature

    showing that pollen from B.t. corn caused high mortality rates in monarch butterfly caterpillars. Unfortunately, the results of this study show that, B.t. toxins kill many species of insect larvae indiscriminately; it is not possible to design a B.t. toxin that would only kill crop-damaging pests and remain harmless to all other insects. However, the result is contradict with the claimed

    advantage. GMF destroyed the biological diversity, but we all know the biological diversity is very very important to the balance of environment. So the less GMF the less damage to our environment, we must give up GMF. Another concern is that Gene

    transfer to non-target species, The "superweeds" is an example. This is because other introduced genes may cross over into non-modified crops planted next to GM crops. GMF changed the natural way in environment, sometimes it is so bad. Many of the claimed benefits of GMF

    have not been realized, while many of the anticipated problems (such as glyphosate-resistant weeds, disruptions of soil ecology, and negative effects on crops), had been confirmed. In summary, the influence that GM crops give to the ecological environment is not good at all, it’s unsustainable.

    As GMF has many bad influence on environment, there are also many bad influence on human beings. A survey show that many children have developed life-threatening allergies to peanuts and other foods. There is a possibility that introducing a gene into a plant may create a new allergen or cause an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals. Here is an example, it is said that, a proposal to incorporate a gene from Brazil nuts into soybeans was abandoned because of the fear of causing unexpected allergic reactions. Many people consider the most terrifying thing in the world is ghost, why? Because you can’t see it, and you are not familiar with it. Now a

    new ghost comes, it is GMF. This is what talking about, the unpredictable GMF is the most terrifying thing in the world. So in order to keep our health, we must dont eat


     Although I agree that there may be a couple of advantages in using the GMF, I feel that the disadvantages are more serious. There are so many defects and undefined problems that we should hold the prudent attitude towards GMF. You can imagine that someday a huge mushroom and other strange species around us, they may eat people, then what can we do? In conclusion, GMF should not be used extensive without comprehensive test.

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