By Alex Austin,2014-07-01 12:18
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    In Support of Dormitory Politics

    Most of us will agree that a dormitory just likes a small society. Then we don’t have reasons to deny that everything in a dormitory can go well without dormitory politics in the “small society”. Therefore, to curb some indecencies, dormitory policies---agreement put forward by all the dormitory members, have become more and more

     popular on college campus. And I think college students can benefit a lot from it.

     Firstly, making dormitory policies is the best way to curb some unexpected things. Take my college dormitory for example. Every night when we were near to go to sleep, one of my roommates began to call his girlfriend, and it would last hours sometime. We were

     all unhappy about it. However, none of us would asked him to stop the call after several time’s useless reminding. Because if I continued insisting that he should stop the call immediately, he was probably angry with me. To solve the problem, we had a dormitory meeting and made a policy on the time schedule, which did not allow any call after eleven o’clock at night. So the problem got solved

     without hurting anybody.

    Secondly, dormitory policies can help us get rid of bad habits. Many things we do which can annoy our roommates probably are your

     bad habits. We can have a large number of examples besides mak

    ing a call at deep night, such as never wash shoes and clothes in time and don’t push the toilet after using it. If you do according to

     dormitory policies, it will help you get rid of these bad habits. Don’t you benefit a lot?

    Finally, it can help you learn how to build a good personership, which I think is the most important. In our society cooperation is very common and important. If you have a good personership, you are easy to cooperate and be welcomed by your colleagues. It will be one of your advantages when hunting for a job after graduation.

    According to above mentioned, we can see easily that making dormitory policies is significant. And it will contribute to your successful college life in a large degree, just like society policies contribute to our colorful life.

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