Analysis of the charity HelpAge success factors for medical card_3225

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Analysis of the charity HelpAge success factors for medical card_3225

    Analysis of the charity HelpAge success factors for medical card

     Key Words older papers; medical card; Charity

     Abstract charity to help the old medical card project, aimed at improving the health of the elderly poor and help them solve their

    problems of coverage. Medical Card for over a year in the implementation process, in the community has achieved good results. The successful experience is worth learning from. In this paper, the medical charity to help the old card in Chaoyang District, Beijing, the successful

    implementation of the factors that were analyzed. In the analysis process, it is inevitable a bit biased. Please to hearing.

     In June 2007 with the Humane Society of Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District Health Board, after consultation jointly launched "Chaoyang Charity Love" - Charity to help the old medical card project. The purpose is to improve the health of the elderly poor and help them solve their problems of coverage.

     In 2007 the project wrap-up session, you play a leading role in the project gave full affirmation. Agreed that the "charitable health care card" to a certain extent, ease the implementation of poverty, vulnerable groups such as the chronically ill elderly medical care difficult and

    expensive problems.

     Why is this project can achieve such good effect? This article made the following analysis.

     Adequate pre-investigation

     In October 2006, Chaoyang District, part of the Humane Society of the project department officers to the streets Xiaguang Maizidian, Chaoyang District, where residential and three bedrooms Shuangqiao road district on the survival of the situation of vulnerable groups, grass-roots research.

    Research using the forum, individual interviews, and visits to households

    in the form of.

     The purpose of research to understand the plot through the survival of vulnerable groups and social status of relief work to explore how to better do a good job under the new situation charitable project

    development work, reflect the characteristics of charitable work. Research in the streets as office and district staff, with the entire research has made great gains. The survey found that over 65 years of poor elderly people who suffer from chronic diseases are mostly to help them get rid of

    disease, distress to solve their problems of coverage and ultimately determine the relief for the project object, on this basis, has conducted a thorough feasibility study.

     Leadership at all levels attach importance to

     Chaoyang District, the District Government has always attached great importance to charity and concern, in accordance with the District, the district government "five guarantees" and "Share Change" guiding ideology, the spirit of helping the poor to help alleviate the hardship of very old principle of the development identified the item.

     The operation of the project, the Humane Society and the Health Department's leadership attaches great importance. Has held many coordination meetings set up for this purpose by the Humane Society of Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District Health Board to participate in aid of charity to help the old leadership group, from the Chaoyang District Humane Society's president, Wang Lin, and Yin Chaoyang District, Bureau of

    Health Qing as the team leader. Pro-active with the various chapters,

    making the project implementation process of all work smoothly.

     Pilot first, to point, and to promote comprehensive

     Implementation of the project implemented as a pilot first, to point, and comprehensively promote the strategy. Pre-order wheat stores, three

    rooms and Gaobeidian for the pilot branch in personnel know the real situation and related data collection and so on have done a lot of work,

    the association strongly with the project department and screening of the final identified as the first batch of 187 elderly people Relief object, which has 21 stores of wheat, Gaobeidian 40, and three elderly people benefit from the 126 rooms. The first project funding is expected to 95.7 thousand yuan.

     2007 in October, through the remaining 21 chapters of the poor elderly people to know the real situation, the health bureau of the 19 chapters review the applicant's condition, and finally 1597 to become the

    second batch of relief for the elderly poor objects, of which 200 yuan 48 , 300 yuan 333, 400 yuan 94, 500 60, 600 1062, a total of 206,775 yuan with project assistance payments.

     Together, a sound mechanism

     Chaoyang District, 19 chapters and the District Health Bureau in strict accordance with "charity program to help the old implementation of the project (for Trial Implementation)" the purposes of strict auditing checks. The first branch of strict customs, through the district would be

    consistent with the object submitted to the various charitable relief Branch, Branch audit seal collected and sent to District Humane Society. District Health Board to review the list of charitable associations rescuer condition to determine the amount of charitable relief funds, timely onward transport of a Community health service centers, centers (stations) to provide quality medical care and sincere service.

     Mechanism be set up on the implementation of this work, Chaoyang

    District, all the centers and stations for business year-end appraisals

    and in recognition of the General Assembly, through the recognition of outstanding units of the General Assembly to introduce their own experience and advanced management methods, so that all centers have

    carried out an in-depth exchange of and learning from each other,

mobilizing zeal for work.

     Of summation and reflection, and actively improve the

     The operation of the project's work among all staff and consider the

    operation of edge problems are discovered in time with the branch, the health bureau of communication to resolve. Summing up the work in a timely manner, and actively improve.

     Branch, president of a charity, said: "For the elderly with chronic

    diseases, the annual 200-600 million to control disease although the most basic protection can only play a role, but is also an important supplement to the social welfare system and, more importantly, is to give sick and the elderly care and spiritual consolation, it won the needy elderly

    welcome. "reposted elsewhere in the paper for free Download Center http://

     Chaoyang Charity Association in his concluding remarks, said: " 'Charity Medical Card' implementation of the project reflects our idea of

    co-ordination, integration of resources and systems to implement ways and means of work, involving advocacy, reporting, screening, auditing, management, billing, etc. number of links, are a charitable association, health stations, and other multi-sectoral closely with the civil affairs

    department of the systems engineering. "

     Charity to help the old health card project has been implemented for over a year in the community to achieve good results. In my opinion, and how we can extend medical assistance to populations, gradually cancer, organ transplants and other major diseases included in the scope of medical assistance, so that more people enjoy the fruits of reform is the top priority. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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