Dare To Dream

By Rhonda Knight,2014-06-26 02:34
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Dare To Dream

Dare To Dream (

    By Khoo Swee Chiow Friday, 7 July 2006, 3 - 4.30pm @ LT79

    Enjoy your success for 5 minutes. Endure your failure for 5 minutes. After that, move on.

     stHow does a guy from IT become the 1 professional adventurer in Singapore?

    Taking courage and seizing opportunities!

1989 No experience in climbing mountain

Highest mountain in Singapore- Bukit Timah (163m)

    Highest mountain in World - Mount Everest- 8850m

Effective team / leverage on each other’s strengths.

    To reach a common goal

    Is important to team that how to communicate effectively and comeback alive. Request focus and concentration

    Need to be peak performance

    High risk venture requests planning / eye for detail / preparation

Mission VS Competition

    1. Focus on challenge- not the competition

    2. Focus on competition- in Relative mode, playing catch and you will always

    follow your competitors. Improvement is small. (tend to be bound by constraint)

    3. Focus on the challenge- proactive, quantum leap. Be the leader. e.g. game- play

    your style!

    4. Game within your game

    5. Know your strength & weakness

Collaborate to Win

    1. TRUST- foundation of teamwork

    2. Trust derived by honesty, transparency, fair-play

    3. Risk taking level is proportional to

    4. ATTITUDE is more important than aptitude. (If u bring negative attitude, it will

    spread like wildfire)

    5. A team is as strong as the weakest member. (The last guy is part of the team.

    Overall success level depends on weakest member)

Experience in Mount Everest, 1998

    Before going to the Mount Everest, the team met the president Ong Teng Cheong and he told them ‘Do it right at the first time’. So, it creates such a great pressure for them because they are the first Singapore team to climb the world’s highest mountain.

    Khoo realized that his dream is going to make it when they are just 1 hour away from the summit. He dreams for 9 years and now is so close to fulfill it but the incident happened. One of their team members forgot to bring the ropes and caused them to abort the mission. At that time, they are 40 people which come from different countries wait and argue with each other because of one person’s mistake. Eventually, they decided to call off the day and went back to camp to think about the solutions on whether they want to give up or move on.

    The never say die spirit always there to tell him that he wanted to continue to pursue his dream and he decided to launch a second attempt but he faced some crisis like food, oxygen etc. Then the crisis management set up to ensure that the problems been solved and the responsible of decision fall on his hand.

    6 days later, he overcame all the barriers and finally reached the summit of Mount Everest with tears of joy. It is such a great achievement and pride for him to become the first Singapore team to reach the peak of the highest mountain in the world.

Winning Team

    1. STRONG BOND via a common goal. E.g. trip Antarctica. (people who can share

    a common passion)

    2. Trust & openness

    3. FLAT organisation structure. No hierarchy.

    4. Highly motivation member.

    5. Highly efficient & effective

    6. Goal-driven & task-oriented

    7. Learn from people better than us (they tell you what to do / not to do, so learning

    is no longer incremented, quantum leap. By is for people, know where to gather


Leaders Go First

    1. Leadership is neither democracy nor dictatorship.

    2. Leader- vision

    3. Mark of a leader- INSTINCT (gut feel, successful people rely a lot on instinct),

    faith for self belief

    4. Leaders take risks

    5. Leaders make mistake. But they do not repeat it.

    6. In crisis, the leader must be in charge. (whether you’re trembling, you still need to


    7. The right decision may not be the popular one.

    8. Do not overly micro-manage but empower.

    9. Leaders do not force, lead by example, they INSPIRE!

How do you handle suffering?

    I will step back and see the big picture, telling myself that how long the suffering will be? 1 hour? 2 hours? Or even 1 day? Anyway that time is just a small part of my life.