International Finance Syllabus

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International Finance Syllabus

    International Finance

    FIN 332

     Dr. Thomas H. Payne Office: BA 109

     Horace and Sara Dunagan Chair of Excellence in Banking Phone: 587-7324

     Associate Professor of Finance Fax: 587-7323

     University of Tennessee at Martin E-mail:

Course Description:

    International Finance (FIN 322) will introduce students to global financial markets and operations of multinational firms. The course will be taught on-site in London and students from several universities will benefit from their visits to some of the world’s

    most important financial institutions. Background information will be provided prior to the London trip via Internet links and electronic correspondence. Topics to be discussed will include foreign exchange markets, international financial markets, international banking, currency derivative markets, euromarkets, risk management, and investment decisions in the global marketplace.

Course Objectives:

    ; Provide students with a basic knowledge of how international financial markets work. ; Provide students with an understanding of exchange rates and why currency values


    ; Explore methods used to manage risk in the global markets.

    ; Support student learning through site visits to cultural and financial centers. ; Provide an in-depth understanding of the process and techniques used to make

    international investment decisions.

    Prerequisites: Managerial Finance (FIN 301 or equivalent) or permission of instructor

Texts and Course Materials:

    Capital Markets: A Global Perspective, Thomas H. McInish, Blackwell Publishers, 2000. The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times (selected editions during trip)

    Course Format: International Finance (FIN 322) is offered as a guided learning/experiential course through the University of Tennessee at Martin in cooperation with the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad. This special version of International Finance is built around a two-week trip to England. Every student is expected to complete a series of reading, research, and writing assignments and actively participate in discussions and site visits.

Class Policies and Requirements:

    A. Applied International Financial Markets Assignment (20% of Course Grade) A brief Internet research assignment will be completed prior to the trip. This assignment will be e-mailed to you in on November 1, 2000 and should be returned prior to December 15, 2000. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with a basic knowledge of international financial markets and some of the institutions that we will visit.

B. Cultural and Financial Institutions Assignment (25% of Course Grade)

    Each student must submit two (2) essays due on or before December 15, 2000. The papers should be between 400 and 500 words in length (approximately 3 double-spaced pages). One of the papers should be written about a cultural, social, or governmental location or institution of your choosing. Topics for the second paper should be selected from the Bank of England, Lloyd’s of London, the London Stock Exchange, and the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE). The papers should be written in your own words and include a list of references. Points will be deducted for papers turned in after 12/15/00.

C. Notebook Projects (35% of Course Grade)

    Each student will be provided with a Travel Course Workbook prior to departure. A series of short assignments, including both financial and cultural issues, will be completed during the trip. These assignments are designed to encourage questions and reinforce learning during our visits to the Bank of England, LIFFE, Bath, Parliament, and other locations.

D. Participation (20% of Course Grade)

    Students will earn a participation grade based upon their cooperativeness, punctuality, collegiality, and inquisitiveness demonstrated during the trip.

    Applications for the London course are available from Dr. Payne or on-line through the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad ( prior to

    October 6, 2000.

    To obtain course credit for International Finance (FIN 322) you may register through The University of Tennessee at Martin. For more information please contact Dr. Tom

    Payne at or at (901) 587-7324.

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