Journal of the brand Web site Construction_5035

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Journal of the brand Web site Construction_5035

Journal of the brand Web site Construction

     Abstract title Digital Publishing


     The information revolution is sweeping the whole world on the Internet to re-

    position a brand for each journal, the second can be described as pioneering. In the

    capital injection is limited, there is no Web site operational experience, no professional networking skills, how will the field of traditional publishing brands extended to the Internet, how to use the site to promote the continued development of paper-based

    magazines, as well as how to coordinate between the website and magazine paper The relationship is a need to explore the long-term problems.

     Brand journals to establish their own web site without delay

     Internet and everyone's lives getting closer. As of June 30, 2005 CNNIC statistics, China's Internet users reached 103 million people, ranking second in the world. It can be said that in modern society, any kind of forms of media can not ignore the existence of the Internet to obtain sustainable development.

     From the Journal of the sustainable development of the brand, building your own website, first of all will greatly facilitate the exchange between the editor & reader is conducive to improving the quality of magazines and enhance the competitiveness in

    this field. The interactive nature of web publishing in other media can not match. In the traditional media, the reader is the audience, reading the thoughts, think, the sense of taste can only be alone; in network publishing, readers really active, and give their

    thoughts and feelings to share with others via the Internet widely. Although the print media has its unique advantages, and not going to disappear, it is undeniable that, in the powerful impact of online media, traditional media market is shrinking. According to the United States "Connection" magazine in April 2005 report, the TV audience since 1985, a decrease of 1 / 3; radio listeners had reached the lowest in 25 years; and newspapers in 1987 after having reached the highest circulation been going down;

    magazine, the maximum period of circulation in 2000, now down to the level released in 1994. The network media are an annual growth rate of 19% increased year by year, the paper-based non-mainstream media may not be as we imagined so far.

     Brand journals have the largest two resources are the content and readership of the magazine, the former control by the magazines, while the latter approach because of

distribution restrictions, not for the direct control of the magazine. In modern society,

    customer data is a very important resource, both as a strong guarantee for its own development, but also to attract advertising and other business activities of the foundation. As you are well known, the journal has a secondary "trafficking" features:

    first of all to sell the contents of readers, then readers are "sold" to advertisers. In fact, in a multi-form media, customer base is the development of multiple use of the brand value chain, an important means, therefore, the media competition is the customer base to some extent the struggle. Judging from the current situation, the new site after another, all in order to achieve a certain click-through rate and resorted to all the

    stops. Many of the Internet brands such as Sina, Sohu, Netease, Baidu are creating a

    network with one another myth, the creation of these brands have a common characteristic is the short cycle. The brand most favorable factor journals already have a large number of readers, there is mature content, have a greater influence and appeal

    directly to the journal's Web site named in the short term it will have a large number of readers, get a higher click-through rate, this advantage is the establishment of other new sites can not compare. Has been to form a stable style of the brand journals, can provide an endless attractive web site content, and good content is a site for its existence. Through the coordinated development of the database and website features to help users to control their own journals and accumulate customer data, while the

    effective information analysis and management can bring enormous benefits for the journal. If you do not have a website, brand journals of these resources should be impossible to demonstrate its value, brand value chain, the lack of effective


     Brand Series how to build your own website

     China's current journals on the market, the vast majority of journal editors in the traditional manner based on the construction site involved in small, does not have the

    direct construction and maintenance of a comprehensive Web site capabilities. Science and technology journals because of their own characteristics, an early start in the electronic context. Such as domestic earlier there PubMed Result NCBI database,

    Wanfang database and Chinese periodicals net. This is not only science and technology journals of their own development needs, but also the development and popularization of the Internet needs. The way they are bonding with the Internet is mainly to co-

    operate with the professional services, providing them with content, to build a large database for easy access. Some authoritative journals have their own websites, but because the quality of personnel and funding issues such as its web site functionality is

    limited to general publicity and presentation, with a mature site there is a great distance.

     Build network platform. It is clear that the nature of social science journals in class brand decided that they can not carry on this mistake. Advantages from the use of its

    own brand perspective, the website must build itself. Since the web site construction, management and maintenance is only in their own hands, we will not result in the loss of the brand; only own hands the ownership of the brand, can be converted to the value

    of this intangible asset. This does not exclude, and other network operators co-

    operation because of the limited staff magazines, many of the inexperience of specific projects must be in collaboration with specialized operators can be in operation on a

    variety of ways to achieve value maximization. In layman's terms, the brand platform on the network must be built by themselves, but the brand's usage can be flexible, so that can either expand its influence, but also profitable as soon as possible.

     Brand journal's Web site can rely on their reputation within this area, according to the characteristics of readers some business activities, and related products to attract the cooperation of providers, the development of the site is a positive

advantage.瑞丽女性网is a more successful example of this.瑞丽女性网(rayli. com. Cn)

    is China's largest women's professional vertical portal site, was founded in 2001, 2004, implementation of the "concentric development strategy" to make Web ads and

    magazine ads fully integrated. 2004 "Ruili" "4 published a network" ( "Ruili Fashion Beauty," "Ruili Yi people fashion", "Ruili fashion pioneer," "Ruili home", "瑞丽女性网"), the creation of the advertising revenue of 3 billion yuan, One Web site

    for the first time a profit of 500 million; day more than three million views, with 85 million registered users and effective. The organization with its strong brand appeal Ruili line of women to participate in various activities, gathering information in various

    forms of business products, were adopted after the event瑞丽女性网, "Ruili" series of

    magazines and other fashion media coverage of activities in the article published to maximize the expansion of activities, publicity, build brand image; detailed and

    accurate database information, so that product advertising can be quickly and effectively reach the target population.瑞丽女性网existing staff 30 people, is a media

    category the better-run website. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     From this we can see that the site plays an important role. Modern business-

    disciplinary approach has been to become increasingly accurate, more detailed directions, Web sites are taking an important role as a bridge.

     Web site positioning and objectives. Brand positioning journal website construction is a question worth exploring. In the United States ranks among the top 300 magazines already have their own website, a number of well-known national journals have also

    established their own websites, such as "soulmates", "girlfriend", "family" and so on. But the Web publishing and traditional publishing are very different concepts, it forms, audience, mode of transmission, management strategies, etc. have their own characteristics, which should be fully recognized.

     In the expressions, the Internet can provide a new mode of interaction, including online games, quizzes, online polls, forums, e-commerce, but also the extent permitted

    by the copyright law to provide music downloads, PDF file download, send greeting

    cards, electronic journal subscriptions, relational database such as indexing, personalized services. In the audience, the site's readers can not be confined to the original audience, only the contents of the paper magazine on the web site is not

    desirable, there must be new content to add. The popularity of Internet search technology, innovation and development will greatly expand the magazine living space. In May 2005, the International Union for the International Journal 71 kinds of well-

    known and popular journals Web site statistics report: 84% of the magazine through the building site has attracted a large number of new online readers; 81% of the site at the same time as the paper-based magazine to attract new readers; 76% of the site over

    a longer period of time to develop, acquire new revenue and profits; 67% of the site goals is to build a community of readers around the brand for the target audience to build a convenient, unobstructed communication环境. Based on Web online audience

    behavior, the reader behavior, readers and other databases of information analysis and management, will bring tremendous information resource magazine, which policy-

    makers to develop business strategies have a strong guiding role.

     The nature of personalized Web sites for each brand positioning journal can not have a fixed pattern, only according to its own brand characteristics, out for their own way.

     Website of the capital investment. Website of the capital investment is the focus of the magazine to consider. Today, the rapid development of the network, in order to

    build a web site there are many ways to invest in from a few hundred million, million yuan range, depending on the positioning of the magazine and purpose built site. But for a brand journals, if only for effort, save money and give up the platform to build their own future is bound to contain, or can not be extended by others to affect its development, not only will not bring any development to facilitate the journals, but also become a bottleneck for development of periodicals for the brand image is also a damage. "Channel to those who have the world", if the traditional media distribution, most magazines do not take advantage, then the Internet should not discard their own platform.

     Practice has proved that the site built in the hardware inputs for inadequate accounting for the pace of development has been affected to different degrees of constraint. Therefore, the brand-building journal on the site to make a full estimate

    inputs, outputs and inputs are directly related. The existing mode of operation, has served more mature profitable models, such as to develop a variety of messaging services, etc., so the site's location and services provided must be a higher standard, so that there is a good starting point for Web site , leaving room for future expansion.

     Site's content. Brand journal website construction must have the characteristics of both the journals to retain the original style, but also take many forms. Such as setting

    up online submission, you can greatly enriched is the source, but can also accumulate material, at the right time to publish online magazines; implemented system for registered members, organizing various activities can not only gather popularity, but

    also has broad business prospects; open forum on the contents of the publication, focusing on articles, discussions and other social hot spots, both also active in the web site to attract popular atmosphere; online subscriptions, so that readers can subscribe

    without going to the magazine, the magazine readers have mastered the detailed personal information for Next, personalized service and communication to establish a foundation; electronic subscription, eliminating the need for traditional media, printing, distribution and other sectors in order to lower costs and faster time to the reader to the latest electronic version of a magazine. Blog, the Internet, the promoter of the Second Revolution, which not only allow any expression of an ordinary Web users

    realize personal publishing, while paper-based magazine provides a wealth of material.

     In addition, you can also consider the magazine published pictures and text for content and SP co-development, tailored specifically for mobile phone users cell phone

    magazine, set up mobile phone forum, mobile dating community, rich form of communication with readers, while the brand extension to mobile phones this "fifth media." These specific methods are in practice remains to be further enriched to make website building a bang at the same time for the magazine to bring new economic growth point.

     In short, brand building is a journal's website should be discussed in greater depth, as an influential media, which itself has a great advantage, you can not take a very long

    time, you can not invest a lot of money can create a general site to operate a very long time to some effect. At the same time, if the position are not allowed to, or weak enforcement, will harm the brand image for a negative impact on the development of

    journals. The success of a Web site can not do without clear goals, adequate funding and staff input, the Internet is an opportunity and challenges of the emerging industry in this industry, everything is full of variables, we must dare to continue to try, like the

    Internet was once fashionable to say: to try and may fail, but do not try you will never be successful!

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