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Unit 1 Are you a good detective

    P1, 1b

    1. What is standing on the round table? 2. What is written on the notice beside the door? 3. What is the time shown on the clocks? 4. Why is the shop closed from 12:00 2:00? 5. How many rings are there in the shop? P2, 2a

    6. Can you see the notice on the door any more? 7. What kind of jewel did not interest the burglar at all? 8. Which necklace did the burglar take away? 9. Why did he take all the rings?

    10. Where is the silver cup now?


    1. A silver cup.

    2. DO NOT SWITCH OFF THE LIGHT 3. Four O’clock.

4. For Lunch.

    5. Five

    6. No

    7. Earrings

    8. The one with the most diamonds.

    9. The rings are easy to take away and of great value 10.On the floor.

Unit 6 Open Day

    P33, 2a

    1. Computer demonstration is repeated at _____________________ 2. The head speaks to parents in _____________________ 3. Display of gymnastics lasts ______________ minutes. 4. School orchestra-concert is held in _____________________ 5. Poetry reading starts at _____________

    6. The first computer demonstration finishes at ______________ 7. Choir concert is held in _________________

8. Parents have to go to _____________ for Poetry reading,

    Parents may go to sehool orchestra-concert at

    9. either ____________

    10. or ____________


    1.3.15 pm

    2. the gymnasium

    3. 30

    4. the music hall

    5. 3.00 pm

    6. 2.30

    7. the main hall

    8. the library

    9. 3.30 pm

    10. 5.00 pm

Unit 8 Favourite cities


Complete the following sentences using the information from the text:

    6. If you go to visit the United States at the right time, you may see the leaders of different countries at _____ .

    7. The symbol of the United States is _____ .

    8. Shopping at Greenwich village can be _____ .

    9. Visitors can _____ the fast lifts to go up to the top of the Empire State Building.

    10. There is a _____ in the left hand of Liberty.


    6. The General Assembly

    7. The Statue of Liberty

    8. fun

    9. take

    10. torch

6. You can go to visit _____ all week round because it is open every day.

    7. The Museum of Modern Art is a _____ where you can see paintings

by world famous artists like Picasso.

    8. The Headquarters of the United Nations stand by the _____ .

    9. There is famous _____ on the Staten Island the Statue of Liberty.

    10. You can see many people doing their morning exercises in the _____ .


    6. The Children’s Zoo

    7. gallery

    8. East River

    9. statue

    10. Central Park

Unit 11 Holiday weather

    P67, 4a

    In October 1987, a weather man 11 British television received a phone

    ca11 from viewer. She told him that there was a hurricane on the way towards Britain. The weatherman told her not to worry. The story she had heard was not true. That evening, on television, the weatherman told

    viewers 12 the phone call and then gave the forecast as "sea breezes,


    That night, Britain was hit by a huge hurricane ---- the worst 13 living

    memory. Thousands of trees were uprooted, telephone lines were cut, all rail services in the south were stopped, and a quarter 14 the country lost

    its electricity.

    15 some time after the hurricane, a lot of people didn’t believe what the weather men predicted. And, whenever there were strong winds, the weathermen told television viewers to be careful because they might be



    skim the passage In part 2 to get a general idea first and then try to fill in each of the blanks (11 - 15) with an appropriate preposition. (20 points, 2 points each.)填介词


    Read the passage again try to find out which word or phrase in the passage might mean the same as described. The paragraph in which the word or phrase appears is indicated in the brackets.找出含有以下意义


    16. people waching TV (paragraph 1)

    17. very strong wind (paragraph 1)

    18. having a short period or light rain (paragraph 1)

    19. left the country in dark (paragraph 2)

    20.said what might happen in the future (paragraph 3)


    11. on

    12. about

    13. in

    14. of

    15. For

    16. viewers

    17. hurricane

    18. showery

    19. lost its electricity

    20. predicted

    Unit 14 Famous Faces in Motor Racing P84, 4a

    11. Christian Fittipaldi was born in spring, wasn"t he? 12. Did he have an uncle who was also a famous kart racer?

    13. What is the first name of his famous uncle?

    14. In which year did Christian Fittipaldi start his karting career? 15. When did he win the F3000 International Champion?


    11. No, in winter.

    12. Yes

    13. Emerson

    14. 1981/ at the age of ten

    15. 1992/ at the age of twenty

p84, 3

    11. What did Johnny Herbert start to do when he was 10? 12. When he became the British junior Karting Champion, how old was

    he then?

    13. How old was he when he won the British senior title? 14. Was he seriously hurt in a car accident in the spring of 1988? 15. Before he worked for Team Lotus, which team did he work for? Key

11. He started his racing career.

    12. 14 years old.

    13. 18 years old

    14. No.

    15. Beneton.

Unit 16 Choosing a job

    P96, 1a

    1. Where does Chris work?

    2. When did he start his job?

    3. Did he enjoy his work when he started it? 4. Is he happy about his work now?

    5. What does he do besides helping the customers? 6. Who like to talk about books?

    7. Do all the customers know much about books? 8. Can Chris answer all the custumers’ questions? 9. What is he learning to do now?

    10. Is it easy to work in a bookshop?


    1. in a bookshop.

    2. when he left school.

    3. No.

    4. Yes

    5. he helps to order new books.

    6. Some customers.

    7. No

    8. No

    9. to learn how to use the ordering system on the computer. 10. No

P99, 4a: 从文中找出含有以下意义的单词

    1 the control and organizing of a business or other organization

    (paragraph 2)

    2 outside in the fresh air rather than in a building (paragraph 3)

    3 a different form of something (paragraph 3)

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