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1. 3:10 to Yuma Christian Bale Western

    2. A Passage to India Judy Davis

    3. A Christmas Carol Patrick Stewart

    4. A Tale of Two Cities Ronald Coleman

    5. Alexander Anthony Hopkins - Action/History 6. Batman Returns - Christian Bale Action/Fantasy

    7. Braveheart Mel Gibson -Action/History

    8. Chariots of Fire (Story of Scottish Olympic Gold Medal Runner Eric Liddell)

    9. Chocolat Johnny Depp, Judy Dench, Juliette Binoche 10. Crash James Spader, Holly Hunter - Action 11. Dante’s Peak – Pierce Brosnan

    12. Darby O’Gill and the Little People – Sean Connery (Walt Disney) Comedy About Leprechauns 13. Dragonheart Sean Connery

    14. Elizabeth: The Golden Age: Cate Blanchett 15. Empire of the Sun Christian Bale as a boy actor --Japanese History

    16. Entrapment Sean Connery/Catherine Zeta-Jones - Action 17. Excalibar Liam Neeson -- History (King Arthur’s magical sword)

    18. Finding Forrester Sean Connery

    19. First Knight Sean Connery --- Action/History 20. Four Weddings and a Funeral Hugh Grant - Comedy

    21. Hearts in Atlantis Anthony Hopkins

    22. Highlander Sean Connery

    23. Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

    24. Instinct Anthony Hopkins

    25. Intolerable Cruelty Catherine Zeta-Jones - comedy 26. Just Cause - Sean Connery ---Murder Mystery/SuspenseVery good

    27. Laws of Attraction Pierce Brosnan --- Comedy

    28. Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) Any Three

    29. Love Actually - Liam Neeson -- Comedy 30. Miss Potter Biography Drama of Beatrix Potter Renee Zelwiger

    31. Mrs. Doubtfire Pierce Brosnan - --Comedy

    32. Notting Hill Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant

    33. Oliver! Mark Lester

    34. Partition (British Influence on India’s Society)

    35. Peter Pan (animated Disney) or other ---- Fantasy 36. Peter Pan (many versions) Walt Disney has an animated version 37. Pride and Prejudice 2007

    38. Pride and Prejudice Anne Hathaway

    39. Rising Sun Sean Connery

    40. Rob Roy Liam Neeson --- Action/History

    41. Robin Hood (animated Disney Version or others) 42. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Kevin Costner --- Action/Legend 43. Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare

    44. Schindler’s List – Liam Neeson

    45. Shattered Pierce Brosnan Suspense/Thriller

46. Slumdog Millionaire

    47. Star Wars Ewan MacGregor/Liam Neeson Science Fiction 48. Swing Kids Christian Bale Action/History 49. The Birds Alfred HITCHCOCK film

    50. The Bounty Anthony Hopkins/Liam Neeson Action/History 51. The Dark Knight (Batman) Christian Bale

    52. The Duchess Kiera Knightly

    53. The Edge Anthony Hopkins Action

    54. The English Patient - Ralph Fiennes

    55. The Machinist Christian Bale

    56. The Mask of Zorro Catherine Zeta-Jones (Wales) 57. The Namesake India Culture Movie

    58. The Quiet Man John Wayne - Irish Culture 59. The Rock Sean Connery Action

    60. The Scarlet Pimpernel Anthony Edwards/Jane Seymour 61. The Secret of Roan Innish Irish Family Movie about all the Irish legends

    62. The Silence of Lambs Anthony Hopkins --- Action/Suspense 63. The Silence of Lambs: Anthony Hopkins 64. The Sound of Music Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer 65. The Waterhorse Scottish Legend “Loch Ness Monster”

    66. The World’s Fastest Indian – Anthony Hopkins

    67. To End All Wars Robert Carlyle

    68. Treasure Island (Walt Disney Version) Fantasy

    69. Waking Ned Divine - HILARIOUS Irish Comedy one of my favorites 70. Wuthering Heights Laurence Olivier

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