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Junior High School Mathematics Teaching multimedia-assisted_5221

Junior High School Mathematics Teaching multimedia-assisted


     Assisted teaching as a new type of teaching methods, can stimulate students interest in learning, optimization of the classroom structure, improve the quality of learning,

    which enables static dynamic mathematical problems, simplify the complex mathematical problems, which make abstract concepts concrete , dry taste of mathematical knowledge, esoteric theory of visualization, the process of learning to life, help students develop creative thinking.

     With the increasing popularity of multi-media technology applications, multimedia

    technology to bring unprecedented impact on mathematics education. Multi-media

    technology to teaching in various conveniences, it would also bring some negative

    impact, how do we address it? In this paper, there is use of multimedia teaching the strengths and problems and corrective measures are discussed in detail.

     Key words: multimedia-assisted teaching, corrective measures, multimedia,

    mathematical concepts

     Since multi-media with the image of the specific, static and dynamic combination of both sensual, simple operation, numerate a certain degree of interactivity and control features, to fully enhance students perceptual knowledge, help students understand and

    master of knowledge. Multimedia applications, enabling teachers out of a chalk, a book, a mouth of the traditional rigid teaching, making teaching methods varied, novel and interesting. In mathematics teaching, the appropriate use of multimedia

    technology, enabling students to learn and fun, teachers were comfortable teaching, classroom effectiveness and quality of education increases.

     1, multimedia assisted teaching role.

     Over the past decade with its own multi-media support the practice of mathematics

    teaching that the multimedia-aided teaching has the following advantages:

     (A) the use of multi-media guided lesson, the creation of learning environment to stimulate students motivation and interest.

     Create scenarios, lively, clever into new courses, making learning fun for students in the joy of situations give rise to new knowledge, curiosity and desire, thereby enhancing student learning initiative. If we can appropriately use multimedia courseware to complete this process, it more efficiently. Such as: teaching "circle of knowledge", I asked the students: "What is the shape of the wheel?" The students feel that this issue is too simple and I have smiled and replied: "round", I asked: "Why build round it? "when students do not know how to explain that my guide said:" Today the teacher to take everyone to take a look at the animals on the performance of the Games. "broadcast Rally: pig square wheel drive competition, rabbit driving Oval shaped wheel competition, monkey driving wheel of his round competition. When the match

    started, students laughed. At this time, my rescue said: "pig, rabbit car today is how,

    running up and how one high and one low, held too difficult

! Monkey of the most relaxed and open than they are more trustworthy, and the

    speed of is also fast, the students talk about is why? "This created a situation, giving the students a kind of freshness to enable students to experience mathematical problem on our side, but also problems caused by the thought. Inspired students to participate in

    classroom learning to the enthusiasm, to create a good learning atmosphere.

     (B) visual display mathematical knowledge, highlight key points, breaking through difficulties.

     For example, cylinder, cone derivation of the side area of the need to have some room

    for the imagination of students, for junior high school students is a difficult. The previous teaching, used a piece of paper or physical model demonstration, while the print graphics, while three-dimensional graphics, awkward teacher speaks, students

    hear vague, teachers also repeated presentations, explanations, three-dimensional sense

    of poor students, simply do not know where to start thinking, but rather the introduction of multimedia technology, to address these issues a great help. In the

    cylindrical side area formula derivation process, this courseware can be designed: a cylinder along a bus cut, rotate, its dynamic process can be repeated display and retain the cylinder trajectory, and then, through the blinking "cylindrical bottom round

    "and" bus ", so the students noted that" cylindrical bottom circumference of a circle that it carried out rectangular side bus that is the other side of the rectangle, "the substance, thus completing the" cylinder side of the rectangular area that started the

    area of "This transformation process, this is better than physical model demonstration, but also enhance the space for the imagination of students, can increase learning efficiency.

     (C) the use of multimedia to visualize the concept of boring, so easier for students to

    understand mathematical concepts.

     Mathematical concepts to learn basic math knowledge and skills base, can learn mathematical concepts is a boring thing. Use of multimedia for the actual operation, the image shows is a good way. Example: the teaching of parallel lines can be life some parallel between the graphics out of the use of multi-media show, give students a sense

    on the concept of parallel, and then a straight line parallel to each other instead of

    graphic parts. This put a simple abstract mathematical concepts into graphic images, both for the students to understand it is also easily aroused the interest of students to make mathematical concepts easier to understand.

     2, multimedia-assisted teaching problems and corrective measures.

     Practice, Zheng-ming, computer multimedia teaching can be fully mobilized to

    stimulate students interest in learning, encourage students to take the initiative to learn, and comprehensively improve the quality of students. However, through a period

    of teaching and lectures, I also found the use of multi-media teaching, there are still a

    number of subjective or objective shortcomings, the following point with my colleagues for questionable.

     Question one: public class betray oneself, quiz class go into hiding.

     In the normal mathematical teaching, some teachers are accustomed to the traditional one of chalk, a blackboard, a book "conquer" that the traditional teaching to more direct, more practical, more saves time and effort on weekdays prohibitively difficult to multi-media classroom technology, only in the discussion before class and even ask for people to do the job are busy making courseware, so that became the so-called multi-

    media teaching demonstration lessons, concepts will be appraised of patent classes,

    becoming a "vase-style", "decorative" as well as with the multi-media technology

    "show . "

     Corrective measures: in the information society and study the development trend of the society, who can grasp the multi-media technology, this "high ground", who will be

    able to in the new century of education in a privileged position. Living in curriculum reform as a first line of educators, should quickly change the traditional concepts of education, to be creative, and actively take up the challenge, and strive to learn multimedia software design and production, use it as teachers, lesson preparation, teaching the tools of reform, so that the computer, network , CD-ROM and other

    modern media are becoming like a blackboard, chalk like handy tools appropriately

    applied to everyday classroom teaching, we truly teaching service. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Question 2: re-form, not actual results.

     For a long period of time, in order to promote the application of computers, a number

    of educational administration departments and schools on academic instruction in computer-aided instruction has made some mandatory, for example: participation in high-quality mathematics classes and competitions, reports on the use of multimedia

    math must be technology. This writer some time ago to participate in the city's middle school math classes appraisal of quality lectures and found that all participating teachers have produced a multimedia courseware, and some teachers will also textbook

    illustrations, teaching charts, physical aids are made by scanning the courseware, and teacher explore this issue, the majority of teachers considered that the "no multi-media

    teaching grade class is not enough", "if that is not multi-media, the concepts will be

    appraised lesson is absolutely unable to get a good ranking," is really so? Depends on whether the use of multimedia can help students learn to be a result of the teaching content of the.

     Is a teacher in the teaching "1 / 2 knowledge", the use of multimedia technology show "1 / 2" origami animation process. Consequently, many students read at a loss, how could you have this situation? Although the original use of multimedia technology to create realistic two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, but in the end, when

    projected onto the screen, students can see only two-dimensional animation. The

    process of origami is actually a process of three-dimensional animation, multimedia,

    animation, origami paper-folding process relative to the real process is too abstract, so

    led to the above situation from occurring. In fact, this process can directly origami demonstrations by teachers. So, do not need all the teaching process through multi-

    media courseware implementation, selection of suitable teaching methods, not only to help teachers optimize the teaching process, but also help students understand the nature of knowledge.

     Correction measures: in teaching, select the media should follow the "low cost, high-

    efficiency" principle, and that many teachers just ignore this principle, some conventional methods can achieve the purpose of teaching content but also the use of computer-aided instruction, exclusion the other, such as wall charts, physical aids, projectors and other physical characteristics, and possess different skills and other media, resulting in excessive and indiscriminate use of multimedia. In my last "volume and size of unit" hours on the deep feeling, I have two classes, with different methods,

    finally, there are two different results: one in six (1) the class when talking about 1 cubic centimeters, a cubic decimetre, 1 cubic meter, I borrowed a volume of units of the relevant kind, to enable students to use eyes to see, touch his hand to personally

    experience the size of units of varying sizes, and then give another life different objects, ask students to estimate their size, the time students were able to accurately tell the size of their size range, while the enthusiasm of students can be high. Unit volume than

    would be made of relevant courseware play more aroused interest in learning. However, in 6 (2) class, I have to produce their own courseware to on this lesson, the last move in life different objects, ask students to estimate their size, there were a

    number of students can not be more accurate to say the size of their size. Thus, the multimedia courseware is not the non-use can not be, the key is to make reasonable use

    of real use, expressive of its value.

     Issue 3: public "body" were ousted nearly exclusive emphasis on multimedia.

     Multimedia applications can not go extreme. Now part of the teachers or the education authority of some leaders believe that "no media is not a good lesson," and "not a public multi-media class", resulting in the abuse of multi-media situation, advanced

    teaching equipment and sometimes only play the traditional teaching of the small blackboard function or slide function, on the one hand resulted in a tremendous waste of resources, on the other hand makes the multi-media teaching a mere formality,

    become superfluous.

     Corrective measures: everything has its strengths are also its short. While the media has many advantages, but it also can cover everything. Like the teacher's blackboard, encouragement, caressing, students with school operations, the Sub-traditional means

    and methods of cooperation, sometimes has its own advantages, the traditional teaching, teachers, vivid language and proper posture is more action than the screen affinity than the exchange between teachers and students for exchanges between

    students and the screen should be harmonious, there are infectious. In addition, teachers in the writing on the blackboard, drawing board at the same time can not only give students a visual stimulus, but also to enable students to get a short-term thinking,

    nostalgia, rest time. Therefore, teachers should be based on teaching needs choose a suitable media, multimedia and other conventional media, so that an organic tie, "peaceful coexistence" and only under the guidance of teachers, a variety of teaching

    methods, mutual coordination and promotion, the advantages of multimedia-assisted

    teaching can be truly able to play. Multimedia does not mean independence, the media, should pay attention to multimedia technology and traditional teaching methods and


     In short, the use of multi-media teaching methods, which greatly expanded the space

    mathematics teaching enriched mathematics class teaching methods and teaching resources for teaching in a lively new situation. However, no matter how perfect

    computer technology, it can not completely replace the traditional math teaching methods. This requires that we not only have solid math teacher mathematical knowledge and basic skills, but also must be familiar with and master the multi-media

    teaching, multimedia technology and traditional teaching methods will be an organic combination of the use of multimedia in the classroom pinpoint the best time to grasp the good " degree "and" quantity ", give full play to multimedia functions, so as to

    further optimize the classroom teaching of mathematics, in order to comprehensively promote quality education in mathematics to play a strong role.


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