Afghan Business Council in Dubai (UAE)

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Afghan Business Council in Dubai (UAE) ...


    Afghan Business Council in Dubai


    [ About Afghan Business Council ]


The Afghan Business Council (ABC) was established in April 2005 to promote

    commerce and investment in Afghanistan. The ABC is located in the United Arab Emirates, the gateway to Afghanistan and central hub through which ideas, people

    and business flow.

    Led by a committee of elected members from the Afghan Community in the United

    Arab Emirates, the Afghan Business Council Seek to:

    ? Provide a forum for members to exchange ideas and information about


    ? Foster open dialogue between the private sector and the afghan government.

    ? Facilitate meeting between Afghan Executives in the United Arab Emirates and

    other Executives interested in doing business in Afghanistan.

    ? Organize events and seminars with senior executives, entrepreneurs, and

    government officials.

    The drive to establish the organization stemmed from the need to incorporate the

    ideas, interest and influence into one uniform body for the Afghan business community in the United Arab Emirates based in Dubai, the ABC is private non-profit organization representing Afghan Businessmen. The strength of the Afghan business community in the United Arab Emirates has

    grown commensurably with the United Arab Emirates realizing its position as a key

    regional player. The Afghan Business Council in Dubai Consists of more than 170

    members and representative a diverse and broad group of businessmen across a

    range of sectors.

    Since being granted the license to operate by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and

    Industry in June 2005, the ABC organized a number of seminars in the United Arab

    Emirates and attracted immense interest. The inaugural event, “Defining Trade and

    Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan” will mark the formal opening of the Afghan Business Council in Dubai.

[ABC Head office in Dubai:

    Office No.303, Al Tayer Commercial Building (1) - Bur Dubai, Dubai UAE. Tel: +971-4-3932704 Fax: +971-4-3932705 E-mail: website: ]

    Afghan Business Council

     Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Afghan Business Council Honorary Members

    01. Mr.Amin Arsala

    02. Mr.Zalmy Khalilzad

    03. Mr.Ronlad Neuman

    Executive Committee Members

    01. Mr. Haji Obaidullah Sader Khail (Chairman)

    02. Mr. Haji Ali Khan (Vice Chairman)

    03. Mr. Abdul Wahab Kefayat (Treasurer)

    04. Mr. Nisar Ali Tawhidi (Secretary)

    Board of Directors

    01. Mr. Haji Obaidullah Sader Khail (Chairman)

    02. Mr. Haji Ali Khan (Vice Chairman)

    03. Mr. Abdul Wahab Kefayat (Treasurer)

    04. Mr. Nisar Ali Tawhidi (Secretary)

    05. Mr. Abdul Rahman Alokozay

    06. Mr. Sher Khan Farnood

     07. Mr. Abdul Hakim Omerzay

     08. Mr. Haji Abdul Bari

     09. Mr. Haji Mohammad Tahir Zahir

     10. Mr. Naimat Khawaja

     11. Mr. Dawood Naseeb

     12. Mr. Abdul Rahim Safi

     13. Mr. Ibrahim Mohib

     14. Mr. Habibullah Gulzar

     15. Mr. Sunder Malang


    01. Mr. Haji Obaidullah Sader Khail (CHAIRMAN)

     Company Name: Sader Al Khail General Trading LLC

     Mobile: Dubai 050-5055111

     Afghanistan: +93-706666555

     Phone: 04-3932704

     Fax: 04-3932705

     E-mail Address:

    02. Mr. Haji Ali Khan (Vice Chairman)

     Company Name: Momin Oil Industry

     Phone: 04-8819717

     Fax: 04-8819725

     E-mail Address:

    03. Mr. Abdul Wahab Kefayat( Treasurer)

     Company Name: Kefayat General Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04-2252025

     Fax: 04-2254131

     E-mail Address:

    04. Mr. Nisar Ali Tawhidi ( Secretary)

     Company Name: Al Hassan Motors

     Phone: 04-3337750

     Fax: 04-3338806/ 06-5328365

     E-mail Address:

     05. Mr. Abdul Rahman Alokozay

     Company Name: Alokozay FZE

     Phone: 04-8871155

     Fax: 04-8871077

     E-mil Address:

     06. Mr. Sherkhan Farnood

     Company Name: Shaheen Exchange LLC

     Phone: 04-2266488

     Fax: 04-2255253

     E-mail Address:

     07. Mr.Abdul Hamkim Omarzay

     Company Name: National Development Trust LTD.

     Phone: 04-3323391/ 04-3470434

     Fax: 04-3323392/ 04-3470678

     E-mail Address:

08. Mr. Haji Abdul Bari

     Company Name: Special Food Company

     Phone: 06-5260620

     Fax: 06-5260520

     E-mail Address:

09. Mr. Haji Mohammed Tahir Zahir

     Company Name: Zahir Ramin Co.

     Phone: 04-2278614

     Fax: 04-2278615

    10. Mr.Naimat Khwaja

     Company Name: Shekeeb Gulf FZE


     Fax: 04-8817634

     Countries of Operation: Middle East, Central Asia, West Africa, USA.

     Sector: Electronics, Toiletries, Frozen Food.

11. Mr. Ghulam Dawood Naseeb

     Company Name: G.D.Naseeb Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04-2224848

     Fax: 04-2276410

     E-mail Address:

     12. Mr. Abdul Rahim Safi

     Company Name: Safitex General Trading LLC

     Phone: 04-2256515

     Fax: 04-2256809

     E-mail Address: /

    13. Mr. M. Ibrahim Mohib

     Company Name: Marco Polo Gulf Trading FZE.

     Phone: 04-8872002

     Fax: 04-8872001

     E-mail Address;

    14. Mr.Habibullah Gulzar

     Company Name: Habib Gulzar International LLC

     Phone: 04-2255077

     Fax: 04-2254044

     E-mail Address:

15. Mr. Sunder Malang

     Company Name: Green Continent LLC ( Commercial Broker)

     Phone: 04-2714994

     Fax: 04-2717977


     Countries of Operation: Afghanistan, China, India, UAE.


16. Mr. H. Hayatullah Achakzai

     Company Name: Al Hayat General Trading Co.LLC

     Phone: 04-3537171

     Fax: 04-3533022

     E-mail Address:

17. Mr. Abdul Zahir Bashiri

     Company Name: Abdul Zahir Bashir Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04-2238253

     Fax: 04- 2230464

     E-mail Address:

    18. Mr. Haji Mohammad Ismail Ghazanfar

     Company Name: Ghazanfar General Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04-2351880

     Fax: 04-2258219

     E-mail Address:

19. Mr. Gulbahar Habibi

     Company Name New : Gulbahar Tobacco Int’l FZE

     Old Name: Concord Tobacco International FZE

     Phone: 04-8814800

     Fax: 04-8814900

     E-mail Address:

    20. Mr. Merwiss Abdul Aziz Hotak

     Company Name: Azizi Hotak General Trading Group, LLC

     Phone: 04-3322460

     Fax: 04-3322470

     E-mail Address:

21. Mr. Qushqar Morad

     Company Name: Qader Najib General Trading

     Mobile: 050-4622328

     Phone: +93 799 883140

     E-mail Address:

     22. Mr.S. Saddat Naderi

     Company Name: Insurance Coopration of Afghanistan

     Phone: +93-799-134234 / +93-786-134234


     23. Mr. Hayatullah Kokcha

     Company Name: Afghanistan Trading LLC

     Phone: 04-2237477

     Fax: 04-2236394

     E-mail Address:

     24. Mr. Mohammad Saleh

     Company Name: Mohd. Saleh Abdul Gani Trading (LLC)

     Phone: 04-2283190

     Fax: 04-2283190

     E-mail Address:

     25. Mr.Haji Besmillah Nasim

     Company Name: Hikmat Mojib Gen Trading LLC.

     Phone: 04-2222938

     Fax: 04-2234073


     Countries of Operation: Import from South Korea and China to Dubai.

     26. Mr. Habib ur Rahman Dastukhil

     Company Name: Yokohama Used Cars Exhb. LLC

     Phone: 06-5538428

     Fax: 06-5539414

     E-mail Address:

     27. Mr. Abdul Qayom Samim

     Company Name: Kansas Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04-2224464

     Fax: 04-2243282

     E-mail Address:

     28. Mr. M. Kabir Arghandiwal

     Company Name: Scimitar Global Ventures

     Phone: 04-4037100

     Fax: 04-3329919

     E-mail Address:

     29. Mr. Haji Sayed Shir Hassan

     Company Name: Haji Shir Hassan Transport

     Phone: 04-2258876

     Fax: 04-2267441

     E-mail Address:

     30. Mr.Ghulam Rahman Amanzada

     Company Name: Ghulam Rahman Amanzada Trading LLC

     Phone: 04-2263888

     Fax: 04-2262435

     E-mail Address:

     31. Mr. A. Hossain Faheem

     Company Name: Zahid Walid Co.Ltd.

     Phone: +93070277205

     E-mail Address:

     32. Mr. Nesar Ahmad Sofi

     Company Name: Sunrise Co.Ltd.

     Mobile: 050-6569726


     E-mail address:

     33. Mr. Abdul Ghafar Dawi

     Company Name: Abdul Ghafar Bin Abdul Qawi General Trading ( Dubai )

     Dawi Group of Companies ( Afghanistan )

     Phone: 04-2663215

     Fax: 04-2661912

     E-mail Address:

     34. Mr. Lekh Raj

     Company Name: Actco Gulf Freight LLC

     Phone: 04-3533992

     Fax: 04-3533991/ 04-3539965

     E-mail Address:

     35. Mr. Haji Arief Ali Akbar

     Company Name: Zemendar General Trading (LLC)

     Phone: 04-2276702

     Fax: 04-2276704

     E-mail Address:

    36. Mr. Haji Mohammed Arif Zarif

     Company Name:Helmand Global FZE

    Phone: 04-8813351

    Fax: 04-8813352

    E-mail Address:

37. Mr. Muzaffar Shah

    Company Name: Sea Sunrise Shipping Co. LLC

    Phone: 04-2280881

    Fax: 04-2280889

    E-mail: /

38. Mr. Haji Taher

     Company Name: Prima Gold Jewelries LLC

     Phone: 04-2950497

     Fax: 04-2950382/ 04-3511297

     E-mail Address:

39. Mr.Farid Maqsoudi

     Company Name: ARC CO.LLC

    Mobile: 050-5534261


40. Mr.Saif Zahir

    Company Name: Zahir Group of Industries.

    Phone: 04-8839191

    Fax: 04-8839121


    41. Mr. Haji Ahmad Shah Shahab

     Company Name: Olympia Lube Oil.

     Phone: 04-8817334/04-2231173

     Fax: 04-8817335


     Sector: Blending & Re-packing of Lube Oil & Grease, Autoparts &

     Components Trading.

42. Mr.Abdul Wali Rasool

     Company Name: G.R Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04-2250003

     Fax: 04-2259091


     Countries of Operation: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, &


     Sector: Trading ( Distributors of Tobacco and also dealing Food Stuff,

     Property Business and in Construction field)

    43. Mr.Haji Barat Ali

     Company Name: Barat Ali Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04-2235831

     Fax: 04-2235837


44. Mr.Haji Habib U Rahman Amanzada

     Company: Mohd Ali Malallah Trdg.

     Phone: 04-2263929

     Fax: 04-2259411


     Countries of Operation:

     Sector: General Trading.

     45. Mr. Haji Jalat Khan

     Company Name: Haji Jalat Trading Co.LLC

     Phone: 04-2351851

     Fax: 04-2351875


     Countries of Operation:

     Sector: Para-Pharmaceutical Products Trading/Perfumes & Cosmetics Trading.

     46. Mr.Abdul Kabir

     Company Name: West Land General Trading (LLC)

     Phone: 04-3337055

     Fax: 04-3337058


     Countries of Operation:

     Sector: Import & Export Gen.Trading.

     47. Mr.Haji Mosawer Nasim

     Company Name: Midtronics/Baharistan Group of Companies

     Phone: 04-2272844

     Fax: 04-2272815


     Countries of Operation:

     Sector: General Trading.

     48. Mr.Akram Sadeqi

     Company Name: Jami General Trading Co.LLC

     Phone: 04-2255170/2253990

     Fax: 04-2253410


     Sector: General Trading.

     49. Mr. Atiqullah Ahmedy

     Company Name: Atiqullah General Trading Co. LLC

     Phone: 04- 2726404

     Fax: 04-2725405

     E-mail Address:

     50. Mr. Mustafa Sadiq

     Company Name: Malik Bahar Gen Trading LLC

     Phone: 04-2210922/04-2210944

     Fax: 04-2210988


     Countries of Operation: Afghanistan

     Sector: Food, FMCG Sales & Distribution.

     51. Mr. Amir Jan Zardan

     Company Name: Paktiya Gold LLC - Importers, Exporters & Wholesaler , All

     kinds of Gold Jewellery

     Phone: 04-2266881

     Fax: 04-2266108

     E-mail Address:

     52. Mr. Nik Zad

     Company Name: Arasto Company

     Phone: 04-2266609

     Fax: 04-2295404


     Countries of Operation:


     53. Mr. Qazi yasin


     Phone: 04-2272887

     Fax: 04-2276595

     E-mail Address:

     54. Mr. Haji Rajab Andishmand

     Company Name: Challenger General Trading

     Phone: 06-5330260 / 06-5323398 / 06-5332899

     Fax: 065329610


     55. Mr. Ghulam Abbas (Haji Mohammad Hussain)

     Company Name: Lucky Star Co.

     Phone: 04-3332290

     Fax: 04-3332159


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