Amendments to Parking Standards

By June Franklin,2014-06-16 22:55
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Amendments to Parking Standards ...

1 10) Chapter 18.52 Amendments to Parking Standards


    3 Statement of Issue

    4 The city’s current parking code has permeated an oversupply of parking in many parts

    5 of the City of Washougal, dedicating too much of our precious land to the automobile

    6 and its temporary locations.


    8 There are simply better uses for land than a parking space. Look at a grocery store for

    9 example, maybe one or two days a year the lot is full. However, the other 363 days of

    10 the year only ? to ? of the spaces are used. Look at all that impervious surface!


    12 Discussion 13 A green or sustainable parking code should:

    14 ? Reduce impervious surface (storm water runoff)

    15 ? Require that new or redeveloped sites encourage easy walking access and 16 connectivity between spaces over convenient access to auto parking (at least put 17 it under the building)

    18 ? Reduce number of required parking spaces by 1/4 to 1/3 and establish a 19 maximum permitted.

    20 ? Reduced parking requirements also ease entry for investors and/or developers 21 who might otherwise build elsewhere.

    22 ? Provide incentive for providing bicycle parking areas.


    24 Goal

    25 Environmental sustainability potential to reduce impervious surface resulting in less

    26 runoff into public storm systems, reduction of damage to watersheds (due to tainted

    27 runoff), heat islands, and vehicular trips


    29 Potential Obstacles

    30 Reducing parking supply could be contrary to current public sentiment. People love

    31 their cars.



    34 Proposed Changes


    36 Set a maximum amount of parking spaces permitted and reduce the required minimum

    37 parking by approximately1/4 to 1/3 of current requirements as follows:


    39 18.52.040 Minimum number of off-street parking spaces required.

    40 The minimum number of required off-street parking spaces for each type of 41 permitted use shall be as indicated at Table 18.52-1. For uses not specifically listed, the

    42 off-street parking requirements shall be those of the most similar use as determined by

    43 the community development director. When the application of these parking

    44 requirements results in a fractional space requirement, the fractional space requirement

    45 shall be construed to mean one additional space. A lesser parking requirement may be

    46 accepted by the community development director upon demonstration by the applicant


    47 that a lesser requirement is warranted and meets parking demand for the use or uses 48 designated.

    49 In case of a use not specifically mentioned in this section, the requirements for

    50 off-street parking facilities shall be determined by the director as applicable to the type

    51 of application process. Such determination shall be based upon the requirements for the

    52 most comparable use listed, or as demonstrated by the applicant that the parking

    53 demand is met.

    54 Whenever a building is enlarged or altered, or whenever the use of a building or

    55 property is changed, off-street parking shall be provided for such expansion or change

    56 of use. The number of off-street parking spaces required shall be determined for the

    57 square footage of the expansion and/or the parking required for the new use. However,

    58 no additional off-street parking space need be provided when the number of parking

    59 spaces required for such expansion, enlargement or change in use is less than 10

    60 percent of the parking space specified in the zoning code. Nothing in this provision shall

    61 be construed to require off-street parking spaces for the portion and/or use of such

    62 building existing at the time of passage of the zoning code.


    64 Table 18.52-1 Off-Street Parking Space Requirements

    Use Required Number of Off-Street Parking Spaces

    Art gallery One for each 375 300 square feet of gross floor


    Automobile service/repair Three Four per bay

    Auditorium, stadium, One space per five four fixed seats in largest

    assembly hall assembly room or area

    Automobile sales new/used One per 500 400 square feet of gross floor area

    Auto parts store Three and one-third spaces for each 1,250 1,000

    square feet of gross floor area

    Bank, financial institution One space for each 500 400 square feet of gross

    floor area plus one per employee

    Barber or beauty shop One space for each operator or chair

    Basketball, volleyball court Nine spaces per court

    Bed and breakfast inn One space per guest room plus one space for

    each permanent resident

    Billiard hall/amusement One space for each 250 200 feet of gross floor

    arcade area

    Boarding, rooming house One space for each guest room plus one

    additional space for each manager or resident


    Bowling alley Three spaces for each alley plus one space for

    each employee

    Church or place of worship One space per maximum fire code occupancy of

    the largest assembly room for churches without

    fixed seating or one space per 75 square feet of

    gross floor area in the largest assembly room

    with fixed seating as applicable.

    Clothing store One per 500 400 square feet of gross floor area


    Community center multi One per five four seats maximum occupancy use

    Convenience store One space for each 250 200 square feet of gross

    floor area

    Dance hall or school, bingo One space for each employee plus one space hall, electronic game rooms, per 75 square feet of gross floor area and assembly halls without

    fixed seats

    Drug store First 5000 square feet = 13 17 spaces, plus one

    per additional 1500 square feet Elderly housing .25 .33 per unit


    Funeral home, mortuary One space for each five four seats in largest

    assembly room

    Furniture/appliance store One per 600 500 square feet of gross floor area Gasoline service station Two spaces per gasoline pump at the pump plus

    three spaces per service bay Gasoline station with mini-One per nozzle, + one/250 square ft of gross floor market area

    Golf course Six spaces per hole and one per employee Golf driving range One space per tee or 15 feet of driving line,

    whichever is greater

    Hardware store Three spaces per 1,250 1,000 square feet of

    gross floor area

    Health club, spa One space for each 150 feet of gross floor area Hospital One per two beds

    Hotel, motel One and one-quarter spaces for each guest room

    plus one space for each two employees on

    largest shift, plus spaces required for restaurants

    or assembly rooms, when applicable. Industrial, manufacturing Two spaces for each three employees on largest

    shift, or one space for each 625 500