Previous Match Reports Available Here - Ashlett C Match Reports

By Emily Wells,2014-11-25 18:06
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Previous Match Reports Available Here - Ashlett C Match Reports

Match Report October 6 2008 vs Woolston Social D

Result: Ashlett C - 4 Woolston Social D- 1

A great result this week with all players in attendance.

    After the first two frames, with Bernard playing at number two and losing (26-67) while Lloyd played at number five and won (43-27), it was one all.

    Next in were Dave Jr and Jody who both won, with Dave Jr scoring 47 against 29 and Jody 52 against 50.

    This left me in the enviable position of playing the final frame with the match already won. I won my frame (51-6) to give us a 4-1 victory.

My player of the week this week was Jody.

    After struggling for much of the match against a very strong player he finished with some very solid snooker to win by two points.

Well done.

Match Report October 13 2008 vs Nursling Social C

Result: Ashlett C - 2 Nursling Social C- 3

    Not a great result this week, but under the circumstances with difficult tables to play on (very different to what we are used to) it was not disastrous by any means.

    With myself (number 1), after what seemed like a marathon I finally lost on a respotted black (73-66).

    Bernard (number 2) played alongside me and after another very close game lost 38-35, leaving us two frames down, with three to play.

    Next in were Jody (number 3) and Dave Jr (number 4). Jody struggled for most of the frame, as we all did with a very slow table, losing 55-45. Dave Jr also struggled with the table, but did give us something to cheer about by taking our first victory of the evening, winning 58-39.

    Lloyd (number 5) was in the difficult position of playing last with the match already lost. He played well to win 50-11.

    My player of the week was Lloyd. He played the best snooker of us all this week and seemed to be the only one of us to get grips with the difficult tables.

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Well done.


Match Report October 20 2008 vs Hamble Social Club (Cup match).

Result: Ashlett C - 3 Hamble Social - 2

Great result this week, playing Hamble Social - a Div 2 side.

    Myself (1) and Nick (5) were called into action first. I struggled for most of my frame squandering a few chances but after being behind for the entire frame potted the pink and black to win by two points (48-50).

    Nick on the other table was having a better time of it making good use of his chances and played his best snooker this season to win (34-43).

    Next in were Lloyd (4) and Dave Jr (3). Lloyd started a little hesitantly but soon got into his stride, and made the most of some early chances to take a commanding lead and with the colours still on the table his opponent conceeded.

    With Lloyd winning (17-60), this gave us the three frames we needed to win the match to go through to the next round. Dave Jr wasn't having quite such a good time of it on the other table - he struggled against a very strong player and lost 70-21.

    Jody (2) played last and struggled on a table that seemed to be playing incredibly slow. However, he battled hard, trying hard at the end of the frame to snooker his opponent but he eventually lost 57-29.

    My player of the week this week was Lloyd. He played some very strong snooker with good safety and made the most of his chances with breaks of 22, 16 and 15 to secure a good win.

Well done.


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Match Report October 27 2008 Bitterne RBL C .

Result: Ashlett C - 4 Hamble Social - 1

    Fantastic result this week considering we were without Bernard and Jody- two of our main stays.

    Myself (1) and Harry (5) got us underway. I played well winning 60 points against 4 and Harry had an amazing debut for the team winning 55-42.

    Next in were Dave Jr (2) and Lloyd (3). After a difficult start to his frame with few chances, Dave Jr finished well to win 68-48. I did not get to see Lloyd's frame, but interestingly, after 10 minutes of safety both players agreed on a re-rack. Going by the scoreline I would suggest he has continued his consistent form this season, winning 59-11.

    Last in was Nick (4). Unfortunately Nick did not manage to complete the whitewash, losing his frame 21-65.

    Breaking tradition we are having joint players of the week this week. Firstly Dave Jr, who did a sterling job playing at number 2 and struggled early on, but finished strongly with a nice break of 25 to put the frame beyond his opponents reach.

    Secondly, Harry, considering this was his debut performance, he started well with a break of 22 and although the end of the frame was a struggle, he ground out his victory, and won the frame on the black.

Well done


Match Report 3 November 2008 vs Eastleigh WM A

Ashlett C - 3 Eastleigh WM A- 2

    Fantastic result this week, although the match report is a little brief due to my absence!

    Lloyd (4) and Nick (1) were up first. Lloyd romped home to victory (6-52), continuing his run of form and Nick also pulled off a great victory (23-63) playing well out of position and producing by far his best match snooker, probably since records began!

    Next in were Harry (5) and Bernard (2). Harry unfortunately played Eastleigh's number 3 and was probably over powered due to his lack of experience, losing 60-11, but this