Previous Match Reports Available Here - Ashlett C Match Reports

By Emily Wells,2014-11-25 18:06
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Previous Match Reports Available Here - Ashlett C Match Reports

Match Report October 6 2008 vs Woolston Social D

Result: Ashlett C - 4 Woolston Social D- 1

A great result this week with all players in attendance.

    After the first two frames, with Bernard playing at number two and losing (26-67) while Lloyd played at number five and won (43-27), it was one all.

    Next in were Dave Jr and Jody who both won, with Dave Jr scoring 47 against 29 and Jody 52 against 50.

    This left me in the enviable position of playing the final frame with the match already won. I won my frame (51-6) to give us a 4-1 victory.

My player of the week this week was Jody.

    After struggling for much of the match against a very strong player he finished with some very solid snooker to win by two points.

Well done.

Match Report October 13 2008 vs Nursling Social C

Result: Ashlett C - 2 Nursling Social C- 3

    Not a great result this week, but under the circumstances with difficult tables to play on (very different to what we are used to) it was not disastrous by any means.

    With myself (number 1), after what seemed like a marathon I finally lost on a respotted black (73-66).

    Bernard (number 2) played alongside me and after another very close game lost 38-35, leaving us two frames down, with three to play.

    Next in were Jody (number 3) and Dave Jr (number 4). Jody struggled for most of the frame, as we all did with a very slow table, losing 55-45. Dave Jr also struggled with the table, but did give us something to cheer about by taking our first victory of the evening, winning 58-39.

    Lloyd (number 5) was in the difficult position of playing last with the match already lost. He played well to win 50-11.

    My player of the week was Lloyd. He played the best snooker of us all this week and seemed to be the only one of us to get grips with the difficult tables.

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Well done.


Match Report October 20 2008 vs Hamble Social Club (Cup match).

Result: Ashlett C - 3 Hamble Social - 2

Great result this week, playing Hamble Social - a Div 2 side.

    Myself (1) and Nick (5) were called into action first. I struggled for most of my frame squandering a few chances but after being behind for the entire frame potted the pink and black to win by two points (48-50).

    Nick on the other table was having a better time of it making good use of his chances and played his best snooker this season to win (34-43).

    Next in were Lloyd (4) and Dave Jr (3). Lloyd started a little hesitantly but soon got into his stride, and made the most of some early chances to take a commanding lead and with the colours still on the table his opponent conceeded.

    With Lloyd winning (17-60), this gave us the three frames we needed to win the match to go through to the next round. Dave Jr wasn't having quite such a good time of it on the other table - he struggled against a very strong player and lost 70-21.

    Jody (2) played last and struggled on a table that seemed to be playing incredibly slow. However, he battled hard, trying hard at the end of the frame to snooker his opponent but he eventually lost 57-29.

    My player of the week this week was Lloyd. He played some very strong snooker with good safety and made the most of his chances with breaks of 22, 16 and 15 to secure a good win.

Well done.


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Match Report October 27 2008 Bitterne RBL C .

Result: Ashlett C - 4 Hamble Social - 1

    Fantastic result this week considering we were without Bernard and Jody- two of our main stays.

    Myself (1) and Harry (5) got us underway. I played well winning 60 points against 4 and Harry had an amazing debut for the team winning 55-42.

    Next in were Dave Jr (2) and Lloyd (3). After a difficult start to his frame with few chances, Dave Jr finished well to win 68-48. I did not get to see Lloyd's frame, but interestingly, after 10 minutes of safety both players agreed on a re-rack. Going by the scoreline I would suggest he has continued his consistent form this season, winning 59-11.

    Last in was Nick (4). Unfortunately Nick did not manage to complete the whitewash, losing his frame 21-65.

    Breaking tradition we are having joint players of the week this week. Firstly Dave Jr, who did a sterling job playing at number 2 and struggled early on, but finished strongly with a nice break of 25 to put the frame beyond his opponents reach.

    Secondly, Harry, considering this was his debut performance, he started well with a break of 22 and although the end of the frame was a struggle, he ground out his victory, and won the frame on the black.

Well done


Match Report 3 November 2008 vs Eastleigh WM A

Ashlett C - 3 Eastleigh WM A- 2

    Fantastic result this week, although the match report is a little brief due to my absence!

    Lloyd (4) and Nick (1) were up first. Lloyd romped home to victory (6-52), continuing his run of form and Nick also pulled off a great victory (23-63) playing well out of position and producing by far his best match snooker, probably since records began!

    Next in were Harry (5) and Bernard (2). Harry unfortunately played Eastleigh's number 3 and was probably over powered due to his lack of experience, losing 60-11, but this game will at least add to his knowledge of match play.

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    Bernard was also unfortunate. Due to a lack of match play Eastleigh's usual number 1 had been dropped to number 2 and presumably played very well to beat an in-form Bernard 67-39.

    Last in was Jody (3). With the scores tied at 2-2 the last frame was effectively worth 3 points to the winning side. Jody struggled through most of the game but once again finished strongly on the colours to win on the black 47-49.

My player of the week this week is again two players.

    I felt after talking to the other players that the father and son duo of Nick and Jody had both produced exceptional snooker, and it was due their pure determination and commitment to the team that we came out victorious on this occassion.

Hats off to them both.


Match Report 17 November 2008 vs Testwood WM A

Ashlett C - 3 Testwood WM A- 2

Another good result this week, continuing our string of away wins.

    Myself (1) and Lloyd (4) were up first, playing in a room which was quite cold. The tables seemed particularly slow, and the cushions lifeless.

    Lloyd seemed to be potting quite well, but points were hard to come by for both him and his opponent. By the time they reached the colours Lloyd had a few points in his pocket, but his opponent did come back at him with some good safety, and the odd snooker. But Lloyd pulled through to win the frame 21-47.

    I started a little better and after a few shots found myself with a 20 point lead, but this was short lived. I soon found myself a few points behind, and with blue, pink and black safe amassing any points seemed impossible. With all the reds gone we were neck and neck, but I eventually found myself needing blue and pink. I knocked in a long blue and was left with a fairly easy pink to win the frame 34-48.

    Next in were Jody (3) and Nick (5). Jody was seemingly the only one of us to get to grips with the slow tables. He was potting as well as I have seen him with some good breaks and good safety. His frame was over in the blink of an eye. With a 40 point lead and only the colours left he looked certain to win, but did have a little waver giving away a few fouls, slightly bumping up his opponents score, but with a good finish he won 28-68.

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    Nick's frame on the other hand was quite the opposite. In fact, when Jody's frame finished they still had more than half the reds left on the table, so much so that Jody jokingly muttered "Have they had a re-rack?". The first ball wasn't potted for at least 10 minutes with both players playing very good safety. Once the frame had opened up both players were able to pot reds, but colours were hard to come by. With only the colours on the table both players were in a position to win the frame, but as so often happens in Nick's frames, he did not get the rub of the green (no pun intended!). However, his opponent did finish well on the colours to win the frame 61-29.

    Last in was Dave Jr. Again, the frame started very slowly with lots of safety from both players, but it was very noticable to all that Dave was getting no luck at all. His opponent however was getting the run of the ball but Dave did hang in there and was still in with a shout with the colours left. Again with absolutley no luck, and constantly coming to the table finding himself in a snooker, he did not get a single chance and eventually lost 47-21.

    My player of the week this week is Jody. With some fantastic potting and a lovely break of 24 to my mind he completley showed us all up.

Well done


Match Report 24 November 2008 vs Swaythling A

Ashlett C - 1 Swaythling A- 4

Our first disappointing result so far this season.

    Having had a string of away wins, it was nice to finally play at home, and playing the team that we were heading the division with, I must admit I came into the match on a high, expecting nothing but a comfortable win. Unfortunately the evening unfolded rather differently to my expectations.

    Getting the match underway were Jody (3) and Bernard (2). Jody was a little the worse for wear after a rather difficult and draining day, and even with all his strength and commitment it was obvious to see after his first few shots he was finding it difficult to focus on his snooker. However, hats off to him, he somehow stayed in it and finished well on the colours to tie the game to take it to a respotted black where he was unlucky to loose 46-53.

    Bernard, on the other hand, went off like a steam train. After a run of losses he looked to be playing well and before long had a very commanding lead. His opponent had other ideas and slowly started to make in-roads to Bernard's lead. With only the colours left it still looked odds on that Bernard would win, but after missing the green over the corner pocket and his opponent now potting well somehow Bernard found himself losing on the black 52-57.

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    Next in were Lloyd (4) and Nick (5). After a long run of wins it came as quite a shock to see Lloyd struggling, although I would have to say his opponent did look very handy and had pulled out a nice lead before Lloyd had even had a sniff of a chance. With only the colours left Lloyd was in big trouble but battled on, eventually losing 11-57.

    Nick, on the other hand, looked in good form. He looked in complete control from start to finish. With some very nice potting and some very tidy safety, he left his opponent very few chances and won comfortably 46-14.

    Last in was myself (1), and I must admit I had found the evening rather draining, and for the first time I can honestly say the job of captain affected my game. Although after finding myself a few points behind I did pull a break of 20 out of the bag, but found myself constantly squandering good chances that would have secured the frame, finally losing 37-48.

    My player of the week this week is Nick. Not difficult this week as he was the only winning player, but taking nothing away from him he looked to be very focused, both during practice and in his match - obviously inspired after his weekend of tuition!

Well done


Brief summary of 2nd round Peter Marchi

    Needing to win 3 of the 5 frames to go through to the next round, and having beaten them 4 - 1 at home we were fairly confident of going through. We made only one change to the side that beat them previously, swapping Nick for Bernard.

    Knowing that their No 2 player was very strong, having beaten Bernard at home, we decided after a a brief captain to vice captain discussion to play Nick in at No 2 to help ensure a win for the rest of us.

    With myself and Jody putting us two up we had a good start. Nick and LLoyd up next. Lloyd cruised in fairly comfortably giving us the all important third frame. As we expected Nick struggled, he started well but eventually a good chance fell to his opponent and with a break of 36 the frame was all but over.

    Last in was Dave Jr. After a fairly difficult frame he finally won on the pink giving us a good 4 - 1 win.

Pat on the back for all of us. A job well done.

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Match Report 1 December 2008 vs Bishops Waltham A

Ashlett C - 3 Bishops Waltham A- 2

    Home game again this week, hoping to put right our poor result from last week.

Starting us off were Bernard (2) and Lloyd (4).

    Lloyd began well but struggled to accrue points with some early chances, allowing his opponent to stay in striking distance. With only the colours left Lloyd was in the difficult position of being 27 points up with 27 on and all the colours were in good positions. His opponent made good use of a chance on the yellow to close the gap. With blue, pink and black left it was anyones game. After both having a bit of a bang around Lloyd finally potted a great blue to win the frame 59-30.

    Bernard once again this week seemed to be struggling against a player that, in all fairness to his opponent, he would normally beat nine times out of ten. Bernard just didn't seem to be able to make the most of some early scoring opportunities but after a struggle on the colours he came through to win 37-24. We are all now hoping this is the start of a winning streak for Bernard.

    Next in were Nick (5) and Jody (3), and I must admit after finding ourselves 2-0 up I had high hopes of a 5-0 win.

    Nick started well finding himself with a fairly comfortable lead, but with a few missed chances and his opponent scoring steadily, he soon found himself a few points behind. From there he barely scored any more points, eventually losing 27-54.

    Jody's frame was very similar. He started well, but, in fairness, his chances did dry up, constantly finding himself in a snooker or with nothing to have a go at, finding himself needing snookers with all the reds gone. However his opponent did finish strongly, with Jody losing 34-80.

    Last in was myself (1). It being 2-2 this frame was effectively worth 3 points to the winning team. With my opponent winning the toss he left me a good chance straight from the break off, which I capitalised on with a break of 20. From there I never looked back. With each visit to the table I seemed to be left with a chance, and within a short amount of time I was a good 50 points in the lead. With my opponent conceeding with the colours left I won 72-5.

    Player of the week decision this week was taken out of my hands, with Nick (Vice Captain) insisting that I should be the player of the week.

    I must admit after playing poorly last week and then finding us in a 2-2 position I had pumped myself up to the point where by hook or by crook I was going to win! Unfortunately my opponent, who had seemingly been sacrificed in the number one position, took the full brunt of my determination but this definitely gave me the easiest frame of the match.

Thank you to NIck and the rest of the team.


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Match Report 8th December 2008 vs Shirley Conservative C

Ashlett C - 0 Shirley Conservative C- 5

Well what can I say? A 5-0 whitewash and Ashlett C's worst result.

    Not going to bore you all with individual frame reports this week, just a summary for the entire match.

    The players making up the team this week were myself (1), Bernard (2), Jody (3), Lloyd (4) and Nick (5).

    It is not unusual for players to get lady luck / rub of the green / run of the ball - call it what you will, but usually through a five frame match it equals out across the teams. This night was an exception to the rule.

    From the very first shot of the night to the last shot, it must have been almost embarrassing for our opponents to continually profit from our misfortune. I have never seen the white ball disappear down the pockets so often.

    Our despair finally ended with our last hope of a point lying with Bernard. He had, like the rest of us, been playing against a strong opponent and battling against the run of the ball, and found himself with a chance to win with only the black left. But, as had been happening for the rest of the evening, his opponent fluked the black to end any chance of us salvaging something from the evening.

    I have to say I am already preparing myself for round two, and, on the evening of the 6th of April 2009, I will be doing everything in my power to reverse this result!

    Player of the week - strangely enough it was not difficult this week to decide. We are all players of the week. Each one of us played sound snooker and against a lesser side I am sure we would have taken some points away from the evening. It has to be said this was a very formidable side, and with all the will in the world we needed some luck to even the odds.


    We are now very nearly half way through the season, and having been battered by the top two teams I think we need to be realistic, at least in the short term, and set our sights on finishing 3rd.

    I suspect Swaythling A and Shirley Cons C are going to run away with positions 1 and 2, but from what I have seen, we are definitely capable of a top three finish.


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Match Report 15th December 2008 vs Botley Institute A

Ashlett C - 1 Botley Institute A- 4

    Well, it was another disappointing week for Ashlett C, losing 4-1 to Botley Institute A, who are bottom of the table following our 5-0 defeat to Shirley Cons C.

    The team this week was myself (1), Bernard (2), Jody (3), Lloyd (4) and Nick (5).

    Carrying on in the same vein as last week, with terrible luck and a snooker room that was bitterly cold, it was no surprise that we struggled.

    Jody and Bernard played first. Jody struggled with both his game and against the run of the ball, but, in fairness, his opponent did play well to win 56-26. Bernard started well, looking back to his old self, scoring well from some early opportunities and found himself 20 points or so in front. However, his opponent did come back at him, pulling back to within 4 points, but Bernard pulled through on the colours to win 42-56.

    Nick and Lloyd played next. Both had difficulty in the cold conditions, Nick especially, returning to the warm radiator between shots to try to keep his hands warm. Both players struggled to get in to their frames, Nick losing 74-41 and Lloyd losing 38-19.

    I played last and started well, putting myself 20 points in front, but after that had next to no chances to compile any points, although my opponent did play well on the colours, and I lost 50-40.

    Player of the week this week is Bernard. The only player to win this week, he played very well under the circumstances. A deserved player of the week, it has been a while coming, but I am sure it will be the first of many.

Well done.


    We now have our Christmas break and it has come at just the right time, following two poor results and hopefully we will come out of this break having ended our run of bad luck, and start next year afresh.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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Match Report 5th January 2009 vs Bitterne RBL A

Ashlett C - 4 Bitterne RBL A- 1

    A Happy New Year to all, and a good start to the New Year, as well as a good end to the first half of the season with a comfortable 4-1 win at home to Bitterne RBL A.

    The evening started well, with Bitterne arriving before 8.30, so we were able to get the matches off to an early start.

    Carrying on with our normal routine, Bernard (2) and Lloyd (4) got us underway. Lloyd started well, making the most of some early chances and soon found himself with a comfortable lead. Although his opponent did do well to stay in contention against an in-form Lloyd, and was still in with a chance with the colours remaining, Lloyd finished well to win 59-28.

    Bernard, from what I saw, played well, potting some good balls and playing some very good safety to keep his opponent under the cosh. With one red and all the colours left, and having only scored three points, his increasingly frustrated opponent conceeded the frame, giving Bernard his second win on the trot (57-3).

    Next in were Nick (5) and Jody (3). Nick gave a good, solid performance with what I would now describe as his "steady eddie" approach. Always well focused, he rarely plays the wrong shot. Nick, in this frame of mind, is a formiddable opponent, and he won the frame 47-26.

    Jody, from the start, seemed to be cueing well but was not quite firing on all cylinders, so he did struggle against an opponent that would usually be well within his sights. Although it was closer than the score suggests with Jody hanging on til the end, but he eventually lost 32-61.

    With the match now won at 3-1, I was last in. Not a vintage frame by any means, my opponent seemed a little annoyed at playing last with the match lost. Without a doubt he was a good player but, in this mood, he did give me an edge. It didn't feel like I was cueing great but did pot what I needed to and won 47-18.

    Player of the week this week is Nick. He did start well with his oppenent coming back at him, but Nick seemed to be in complete control for the whole frame.

Well done


    Brief summary of 3rd round Peter Marchi away to Cue World A 8 January 2009

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