Acupuncture and cupping, and with 90 cases of acute lumbar sprain treated_389

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Acupuncture and cupping, and with 90 cases of acute lumbar sprain treated_389

    Acupuncture and cupping, and with 90 cases of acute lumbar sprain treated

     Author: Liu Huanjiang, Lei Shu Yan, Jiao Guang-


     Abstract Objective To investigate the treatment of acute lumbar sprain with acupuncture and cupping, and results.

    Methods 150 patients were randomized to treatment group, 90 cases of use of acupuncture needles to stay cupping therapy, the control group, 60 cases treated with oral administration of western medicine. Results after 3 d treatment group

    statistics, cured 46 cases (51.1%), improvement in 42 cases (46.67%), total effective rate was 97.78%; the control group 3 d after treatment statistics, cured 23 cases (38.33%), improvement in 27 patients (45.00%), total effective rate was 83.33%. Treatment groups there was significant difference (P <0.01), and cured in the same cases, the treatment group and giving of treatment significantly lower than the number of days the control group. Conclusions Treatment of acute lumbar sprain with acupuncture and cupping, and has good curative effect.

     Key words acute lumbar sprain; acupuncture; retaining needle cupping

     Lumbar sprain refers to a sprained lower back immediately after the appearance of the lower back pain, psoas tension,

    limited mobility, the main symptoms of the disease [1]. I used needle acupuncture plus cupping left 90 cases of acute lumbar sprain treated, results were satisfactory. Are reported below.

     A clinical data

     1.1 General information on 150 patients were treated,

    both in our hospital patients, according to the order of treatment patients were randomly divided into treatment group (needle acupuncture and cupping left) and control group (oral administration of western medicine group). The treatment group

    90 cases, male 58 cases, female 32 cases; and the youngest 20 years old, maximum 55 years of age; the shortest duration 1 d, up to 27 d; Chinese Qi stagnation and blood stasis Syndrome is a certificate 61 cases, 29 cases of damp-heat intrinsic card.

    The control group, 60 cases, male 38 cases, female 22 cases; and the youngest 21 years old, maximum 56 years old; the shortest duration 0.5 d, up to 25 d; TCM is Qi stagnation blood stasis card 41 cases, 19 cases of damp-heat intrinsic

    card. Two groups of patients in the clinical manifestations, gender, age, duration, etc. The χ2 test was no significant

    difference (P> 0.05), comparable.

     1.2 Diagnostic criteria based on "Chinese disease treatment standards" [1] formulation: Clinical manifestations were significantly lower back sprain history, one or both sides of the waist pain, limited mobility, can not stand up, standing and sitting and walking. Often forced to maintain a certain position in order to reduce pain, lumbar, and gluteal muscle spasm, palpable cord-like debris and damaged parts of a

    clear point of tenderness. X-ray and CT radiography of lumbar

    addition to physiological changes or a degree of bending scoliosis things no other abnormalities. All patients were observed X-ray or CT diagnosed, excluding vertebral fracture

    lumbar intervertebral disc embolism.

     Two treatment

     All patients were not treated with any medication, just to stay needle acupuncture cupping. The treatment group after the main points to take River (double) penetration Hegu

    (double), shen (double), Mingmen, A is the cave. Qi stagnation with blood stasis card Sanyinjiao (double), Yang Ling Quan (double). Intrinsic card equipped with hot and humid waist Yang Guan, Venezuela (double). Operation Method: shillings

    patient was standing position, two-handed micro-fist

    acupoints, with Hua Tuo card 30 cents 2 ~ 2.5 inch needle, after routine disinfection, followed by the latter to take his hands Creek Point Penetration Needling Hoku (hypodermic needle is not in the Hoku pierce), line twisting reducing method was air. Needle in patients with a strong sense of time in order to pin a sense of overwhelming pain. And then encourage patients to maximize the activities of the waist as far as possible to the direction of the activities of limited. Note

    that the start of the activities of magnitude should not be too large, with the sense of strengthening the needle can be gradually expanded the scope of activities. In this process, such as acupuncture points after the river weakened, and then

    twist-pin-to-back gas to continue to promote activities in the waist. This repeated several times, until the waist so easily, or improved after a needle. A needle with reducing method, slowly shaking big pinhole does not push out the needle. To

    take out the needle and then make patients prone position, take Shenshu (double), Mingmen, Ah yes Rhadinosa points raised from 0.5 to 1 inch insert Twist was gas, with the flash fire cupping method left needle, leaving tank 10 min, cans from out of needles, dry with dry sterile cotton balls out of the congestion, and then use a small hand press can be a moment. The treatment of 1 / d, 3 d for a course of treatment, were evaluated after one course of treatment efficacy.

     The control group with oral administration of

    indomethacin tablets (Size: 25 mg), dexamethasone tablets (Size: 0.75 mg), vitamin B1 tablets (Size: 10 mg), an envelope pain tablets, each 2 / time, 3 times / d . 3 d for a course of treatment, were evaluated after one course of treatment


     3 Treatment outcome

     3.1 Clinical criteria are based on "Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome treatment standards" [1] formulation, waist pain, normal activities as a cure for spinal; lower back pain reduced the activities of normal for the improvement in the spine; lower back pain and relieve the symptoms without improving healed. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     3.2 Treatment of Results The results in Table 1. Cured cases the number of days used in Table 2.

     Table 1 Comparison of the treatment groups (omitted)

     Compared with the control group by chi-square test

    treatment, χ2 = 10.67, * P <0.01

     Table 2 Comparison of two groups of cured cases and giving of treatment time (omitted)

     Compared with the control group by chi-square test

    treatment, χ2 = 6.9, * P <0.01

     After statistical analysis, treatment outcome, compared two groups, P <0.01, significant effect. Needle acupuncture and cupping that left a good therapeutic effect of acute lumbar sprain; giving of treatment compared with the number of

    days, P <0.05. Especially in the first 1 day, 2 days a very significant effect straight away. Tip cured in the same cases, acupuncture and cupping therapy to stay needle was less than

the number of days of oral medication group.

     3.3 Follow-up of treatment in 46 cases were cured by one year of telephone follow-up no recurrence; control group, 23

    cases cured, there are four cases of recurrence in 6 months by using acupuncture needles to stay Cupping cured after treatment.

     3.4 A typical case of male, 46 years old, in 2001 06

     03 treatment. Chief Complaint: 3 d ago to move heavy objects sprained lower back, pain, serious, can not stand up and sit, move the pain. Repeated oral administration of a local hospital in western medicine is invalid. Search: waist

    in patients unable to straighten their pitching problems Zhuance flexion and extension. Lower back pain, particularly at night or in the right side, local micro-swelling,

    tenderness Shenshu caves obviously, to the two Xiexia radiation. X-ray showed scoliosis. Western medicine diagnosis: acute lumbar sprain. TCM is a stagnation of qi stasis. Which adopts the standing position, feet slightly separated shoulder width, routine after disinfection to take both sides thoroughly Hoku pierce straight into the hole after the River, into both sides at the same time, after row pin needle, strong stimulation in patients after 3 ~ 5 min swelling feeling Suanma . At this point, so that the activities of patients all around the waist, movements from slow to fast, small to large

    amplitude, activity 10 ~ 30 min, during which intermittent line of needles, until he heard the slight waist activity, "Gurkha clatter" sound so far out of reducing method needle. Patients after taking out the needle prone position, in the

    Shenshu (double), Mingmen Venezuela (double) caves were air Across the needle acupuncture cupping, stay out of tin cans from 10 min-pin. Patients will be able to stand up and bend over when walking and other normal functional activities. 1 cured without recurrence.

     4 Discussion

     Lumbar sprain is the result of strenuous exercise or weight-bearing waist, inappropriate, or servant, as well as traction injury caused by excessive torsion. The disease was experiencing, local congestion resistance, gas lines impeded,

    venae translucent or damp heat evil and folders. Incidence of multi-site and full sun, in the Governor Vessel Bladder, pathogenesis focused on congestion resistance venae unreasonable. Expelling blood circulation of qi, meridians

    pain. After adoption of this therapy River (double)-Point

    Penetration Hegu (double), after the river because of the small intestine through the hole for the hand of the sun, lose points, hand and foot the sun by the sun with the same name, with the same name meridians gas similarities "lose-weight

    section of the main trace" [ 2]; after the intersection of River Point also points to one of Ba Mai Tong Du channel, Hoku is the original hand-Yangming Large Intestine Meridian Points, the original cave was the original gas through the organs and remain only the location, the original air conduction of the original in the renal agitated [2], kidney and bladder relative to table, "meridians are over, the head reach of." Therefore, after the river thoroughly Hoku acupuncture,

    enabling the gas to the disease, while the flow of qi and blood lines, so that functional recovery of damaged tissue to normal. Shenshu, Mingmen governance psoas tonic; waist to help Yang Guan Yang and cold-dispelling dampness; A is the cave is

    a lesion in the surface of the positive points; Venezuela and clear enough to the sun through the gas treatment for low back pain Yao Xue [ 3]. Zhu hole match, acupuncture and cupping, and with and reinforce each other, as well as strengthening pass through the rolling, Qi blood circulation, reduces swelling, pain, expelling wind and cold-dispelling [4] of

    power, so that the waist to ease muscle spasm and pain disappeared.


     [1] Dai Shen, XUE Jian-guo, Yue Pei-ping. TCM disease

    treatment standards, version 1 [M]. Beijing: People's Health Press, 2001:971.

     [2] Young, A. 3. Acupoints, 1st edition [M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 1984:9.

     [3] Yang Chang-Sen. Acupuncture Therapy, 1st edition [M].

    Shanghai: Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 1985:91.

     [4] SHI Xue-min. Acupuncture Therapy, 1st edition [M]. Beijing: China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press, 2002:165. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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